About Me


My collection of girls for the past 5 years or so…

名前: レイズ
Name: Rayz
男、23歳、 シンガポールに居住, 弱気, 社会的に厄介な.
Male, 23, Chinese, Half-Hokkien Half-Teochew Ancestry, residing in Singapore, shy, socially awkward and a pessimistic kuudere.

Fav color: Purple

Type of waifu: Meganes. Preferably with Ponytails

I run this blog, a Twitch streamer, now an Affiliate.

Heyo, welcome to my blog. I go by the alias Mirror Purple or Illusion Purple. You can call me by my real name if you think my alias are pretty… you know… Chuunibyou.

I mainly post anime reviews, I don’t do episodic stuff because of my inability of expressing things with words. I sometimes do gaming and music reviews.

Don’t be surprised if you see my blog changes layout/design/color whatsoever, its to keep my blog fresh.

Follow my blog, my social media for more of my life being a little pessimistic kuudere.

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