No World Is Perfect: Perfect World

Hey hey. Took a little break last week, and now I’m back.

I have been watching lots of Japanese dramas on Netflix lately, since I pretty much only watch seasonals now on the anime side of things. Expect more live-action reviews in the coming weeks.

This drama is only 10 episodes, but it delivered way beyond my expectations. Manga origin.



I personally loved it. It shows a pretty accurate struggle of a perfectly normal person, becoming paralyzed from the waist down, and losing hope and romance prospects, as he thought he would be a burden. It also try to show a pretty dark side of Japan, with normal humans either shun or ignore the needs of handicapped people.

The story introduction can be rather shocking, for me it was, because I jumped in without knowing what to expect. But the story just pans out the way I wanted it to be, and ironically, this drama became MY perfect world.

Story pacing, despite the 10 episode count of 45mins each, the pacing is just right, not too slow to bore me out, not too fast to cut corners. The story is heavily romance-driven and I like it.

Ayukawa Itsuki is a little like me, his disability caused him to have a pretty serious case of inferiority complex. As for me, I didn’t have any disability, (expect a 2nd degree burn mark on my right arm and a bald line on my left eye brow), but school were dark years for me and that started my inferiority complex.

The journey to overcome his inferiority complex wasn’t easy, just like everyone else, but I am really touched with Tsugumi’s efforts to lift his confidence back up again. Going against the odds of her parent’s (mainly her father) disapproval.

The ending was sweet, but a little too short. Needs some form of a proper wrap up, I mean yeah, the wedding is done, but at least give me some sort of closure…

If you think this story centers only around them, you are definitely mistaken and I should stop spoiling since I actually prefer the side romance than the main one. The other couple looks like an extremely cute match.

But overall, I loved everything about the show. Its nearly perfect, with some slight rough edges, but I can oversee those and enjoyed the show. Not gonna lie, I wish someone can remake this show in anime form.



I loved it. The OST sounded really great, the ED was decent. But I am the BGMs were definitely my personal favourite.



Ayukawa ItsukiMatsuzaka Tori
Bando Ryota (Young)
Kawana TsugumiYamamoto Mizuki
Tanabe Ririka (Young)
Ochii Miyuko (Child)
Koreeda HirotakaSeto Koji
Miyase Ryubi (Young)
Nagasawa AoiNakamura Yuri
Watanabe HarutoMatsumura Hokuto
Kawana ShioriOkazaki Sae
Kawana MotohisaMatsuhige Yutaka
Kawana SakikoHoriuchi Keiko
Ayukawa FuminoAso Yumi
Sawada KazumaIkeoka Ryosuke
Yukimura MikiMizusawa Erena
Kumagai Eriko (Young)
Watanabe TsuyoshiKimura Yuichi
Azuma MichiyoToyota Maho

I really loved this cast list, especially how dynamic they made Koji portray Hirotaka. I don’t have much to critic, but praises to the actors who had to portray their respective disabilities.

Story: 8.5/10
Music: 8/10
Casts: 9/10

Highly recommended, especially you love to watch some struggle romances or sweet romances. I absolutely loved it, rewatched it 5 times and probably will wait it another 5 more.

That’s it for me today, I hope you enjoyed this. Get ready for more live-action reviews next week.

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