So, What’s My Deal with Rent-A-Girlfriend?

She’s the main heroine of today’s post.

Hey hey, if you read my wrap up of last season last week, I was sort of teasing this post.

Well, this show has kind of emotionally disturbed and touched me in many levels, so I have a sort of love-hate on this show.


The Beginning

I was reading into the show WAAAAYYYY before I even planned my Summer season plan-to-watch.

After the trailers started showing, watched it, immediately fell in love with the show. The character designs, the premise, the concept and a brief look into the show’s synopsis, I just love everything about the show.

Then Summer came, first episode came out and I immediately jumped right into the show without hesitation or delay. Entirely enjoyed the first episode outright, looped it a few times as well on my free time.

Relatable setting, relatable main character, even though he is frustrating to watch at times. I am going to be honest as hell here, girlfriend rental isn’t so bad, if I have the money, I am willing to spend on someone.

Now to dig a hole and never come out of it.


The Breaking Point

Sucks to a be a romantic guy, this shit hits me hard in so many levels.

So comes that fateful episode… Episode 7. The episode the changed the best girl entirely.

The episode generally was okay, wasn’t expecting a lot. Was just generally enjoying the show, but comes the bombshell which was near the end. When Ruka decides to make her first move.

But its more than just the initiation that moved me, but the fact that she was THAT desperate for him that she kneel down in tears.

For me, I would probably be the one who would do the kneeling, I can never imagine someone that would be willing to kneel down in public for the sake of dating me.

This is a bit far-fetched, especially in a society where compassion is becoming more of a premium, probably would never happen. But I would totally soften up for sure if some girl is willing to beg me like this, even if its for the sake of her medical condition. Somehow this paragraph made me look like a bad guy, but I do have trust issues so I am very wary of girls now.

But yeah, I definitely cried at this episode, the emotional weight is too much for me to handle.

I also looped it everyday until episode 8 arrive.


The End

“Bleh, girls won’t even bat an eye about you.”
Thanks for the reality check, Ruka.

So basically, episode 7 was the reason why I suddenly jumped ship to Ruka from Chizuru.

Toyama Nao’s voice for Ruka also nailed it. We known her for voicing many rough Tsundere girls, but Ruka is probably her most sweetest sounding girl in her portfolio.

I love nearly everything about Ruka. Okay this post is starting to look like a Ruka simp post.

Back on topic, I am personally touched by this show, by Ruka’s act alone. I mean this show isn’t as deep as I describe and I might be reading into it way too much, but a “simple” act is enough to destroy me.


I did promise a review, but since the 2nd season is announced, I will save it for that then.

So yeah, that’s it for me. TL;DR, a hopelessly romantic guy reads in too much in a show about girlfriend rental and cried at a pretty lame moment. Sucks to be romance-driven guy, I guess.

I mean, feel free to laugh at me, but life is a struggle and simple shows like these can break me, meanwhile emotionally driven shows didn’t even make me shed a tear.

I am watching Tonikaku Kawaii while writing this to help drive that romance feeling into the post. I also say this, Tonikaku Kawaii has already broke me on the first episode already, so I am 100% going to write another semi-serious piece on that as well, but it will be out in 2021 when the show finishes.

I feel like all these shows are timed perfectly well to sprinkle salt all over me since 2020 is a struggle, and yeah, I feel extremely burdened.

Okay, that’s all for me today, I will be postponing first impressions till Monday, since I have a lot of shows on Sunday night so I want to put them in as well. If I have the time tomorrow, expect another post, it will be a review post.

I will see you all then!

6 responses to “So, What’s My Deal with Rent-A-Girlfriend?

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  2. Didn’t watch the show so I can’t relate to anything mentioned about it, but one paragraph that stood out for me is how simple shows can hit harder that really emotionally driven shows.

    I’ve felt the same way about some shows over the years. The really emotionally driven ones can honestly feel like they’re just trying too hard to be sad just for the sake of being sad where as a simple show that can just have a single scene where everything just clicks and it hits all the right feels without even trying. To me that’s going to leave a longer lasting impression than a show that just doesn’t know when to stop trying so hard.

    Anyways just my two cents on the matter, even if it might not be related. That point you mentioned just got me thinking about that again.

    As for romance shows and gfs, I don’t really talk about that too much but there is a lot to be said. Maybe if I started blogging again I might open up about that and share some deep feelings that don’t get out too often. Or not.

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