After My 5th Rewatch, I Still Cannot Get Over Million Yen Women

Hi, looks like I am able to write more posts this weekend.

For those who wanna read the original review, click here!

And yeah… about the title, it’s weird. I am watching other shows, but routinely I would like “Let’s watch one episode again”.

I am here to tell you guys why, such a simple show, managed to get me so hooked. There is some spoilers here so be warned.


The Girls, duh

Still pretty sure she’s naked.

I don’t think I really need to say much here. The girls are all unique in their own ways. Some more than others. I still love Tsukamoto Hitomi the most out of all the girls.

The most “normal” girl out of everyone.

But that doesn’t mean I dislike the rest of the girls. The girls are probably the biggest driving force that made me keep on rewatching.

I think all guys out here will find that “perfect” girl in this show, there is a lot to choose from.


Simple Story, Amazing Depth

A mish mash of fashion.

I mean, it really looks straightforward on the surface, but as the story progresses, the depth suddenly dropped into an abyss.

The murders really caught me off guard and did an amazing job on pinning at a scapegoat.

But the story did end with some loose ends despite the rather happy ending for the couple.

Especially since you think this story is a pretty simple story about a writer struggling with writing good stories, things do get pretty crazy.


Short, Sweet and No Beating Around The Bush

12 episodes is just right. Not too long or too short, so I can jump in anytime. And its also on Netflix, icing on the cake.

Feeling bored? Just gonna hit up Netflix and watch an episode because why not.

The story pacing is also just right, not too fast, or too slow. Never bored of any of the episodes.


But most importantly, the romance in this show is right in my alley, a mixture of bittersweet and then an extremely sweet ending. Jealous of this guy still, even till this day.

I think I cannot get over how twisty this simple looking story turned out. I was sitting in my living room watching this show, hoping its some sort of chill harem, but DAMN I had to move back to my room in a few episodes.

But all in all, I recommended this show to a bunch of my friends and they are all equally as mindblown as I am.

Sorry for this short post, it was an impromptu one since I took a day off from work, it was a last minute decision with this blog post.

If I can, I will write another 2 more this weekend, but the first impression post looks like its going to be a massive wall of text, so I’m going to have to try and push myself.

Never pushed myself to blog this hard since like… 2018? But yeah, since my typing and blogging drive is back, might as well just go straight for it.

I will see you guys tomorrow if I can pull off a blog post by then, if not, Sunday for Fall impressions.

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