Happy 25th Birthday To Me…: Top 25 of My Favourite Anime So Far

Hey hey. It’s been awhile. I was trying to get this post out last week, but birthday weekend got me lazy and I totally forgotten about it. When I finally remembered, it’s already Sunday, so I decided to put it off altogether.

Yes I am already halfway into my 20s, and I feel like I haven’t really did a lot in life.

This is going to be one massive post, so sit tight. As usual for all my rankings, there is no order whatsoever. I will be mashing in massive anime franchises, series and movies all into this post.


1. Kanojo, Okarishimasu

Okay, I may or may not have jumped the gun on this one, since this show is still airing and all. But episode 7 is enough to totally change my attitude of this show.

I will be writing a massive reflection post on this one once this show finishes, so I won’t be writing a lot here, so not to spoil too much of that content.

But all in all, I am absolutely loving this show so far. This show definitely warranted a place in my list here since I get emotional watching episode 7. Episode 9 was a roller coaster ride as well, I really cannot NOT love this show, it nailed everything right.


2. Nanoha Franchise

OG Nanoha Review
Nanoha A’s Review
Nanoha StrikerS Review
Nanoha Vivid Review
Vivid Strike Review
Nanoha Movie 1st Review
Nanoha Movie 2nd Review
Nanoha Reflection Review
Nanoha Detonation Review

This one definitely needs to be here. I have chased every Nanoha series and movies.

The dark twist with the sweet angelic personalities blending in making this mahou shoujo franchise my favourite out there.

The franchise did taper off a little in the later seasons, but their Vivid Strike spin-off went back to their roots, making me fall in love with the franchise again.

The alternative timeline movies also promote another area of suspense and dark mahou shoujo. I wish they could expand the alternative timeline more instead since the main timeline looks like a dead end in every way.


3. YuYuYu Franchise

I just found out I didn’t write a full review of the original show, oh crap.

This series just refuses to leave. We are getting another season already.

This really was a crazy ride. From a pretty fun and nice ride of just fighting monsters, but noooooooope. The whole dark twist really threw me off guard. The 2nd season was definitely a lot better. Now there is a 3rd season coming, and I really can’t wait.


4. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Series

Railgun Review
Railgun S Review
Railgun T is still ongoing.

And not Index. I think I have been pretty public about the preference of sides.

I really cannot sit down and enjoy Index more than Railgun. I guess I’m more of a science person, so Railgun kinda makes more sense for me.

And the expansion of the Sisters Arc really give me an eternal impression. So far Railgun T has been bumpy with the production side, but the subtle improvements in story telling and animation quality really made the wait worth it after all.


5. IS: Infinite Stratos

Oh crap, no reviews on this show as well.

Okay, I know, this is a really questionable choice, despite the flop of season 2.

But this is the only show which all the girls are literally best girls for me.

The combats are nice when the show hustles. The harem may have a lot of facepalm moments, but the girls undying passion for that idiot really is entertaining.


6. Inu x Boku SS


This one has to be in. A short cour timekiller which made every sitting so worth it.

Its a pity to see this work left undone.


7. Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai

Complete Series Review

Sometimes I feel like this show has been long forgotten. I never had such a wonderful time watching a long season of an harem which is just… everything is well-balanced and just right.

I really cannot find another show out there with such a well-polished harem. Comedy is also another great factor this show had. Well-timed and well-executed.

I really need more.


8. Cosmic Era

The Original Review
HD Remaster Review
Latest Rewatch Review

This one has to be in here. I can never stop rewatching. The anime that made me a full time weeb.

I can reiterate enough how much this show has impacted my life. I don’t think I have to write a lot here since I already dedicated a pretty lengthy post for it.


9. White Album 2

Review and Self-Reflection

A massive improvement over White Album 1, which was a massive snorefest.

An improvement so massive that it disturbed a memory that I don’t want to remember.

I really like how filled this cour was, when I skeptical about the pacing at times, but it turned out amazing.

Okay better stop talking here and let you read the post yourself since I really dun wanna remember it.


10. School Rumble Series

Complete Series Review

This will go down in my list as the most ridiculous, most hilarious and most destructive high school romance comedy I ever watched.

I watched it back when it was airing and I never stopped waiting for new episodes every day.

The most of the cast here as well moved on to be bigger names in both music and voice acting industry, which proves how much weight this show has in their portfolio.


11. Mai-Otome

Mai-Hime VS Mai-Otome Review

Excluding Mai-Hime here, Mai-Otome gave me a much more pleasant experience overall.

It feels more complete, more intense. But the show does lack combat compared to Hime. The animation quality here is miles better than Hime though.

I really miss these type of shows until Infinite Stratos (kind of) quench that thirst. I am still rewatching this show even till this day. Sunrise during 2002-2006 were really damn solid.


12. Erementar Gerad


This show is really underrated, and the anime original ending is miles better than the manga’s rather yes-and-no ending.

My first Kajiura Yuki-composed anime, my 2nd Ishida Akira-voiced show immediately after Gundam Seed Destiny. There is a lot of plus on this show that I cannot ever forget about.

I really miss anime-original content. It really provides closure to the anime, but I guess the downside that people would not read the manga since they found closure with the anime, reading manga will make them thirsty again.


13. Strike Witches Series (including Brave Witches)

Strike Witches Series Review
Brave Witches Review


I incidentally bumped into this series while browsing some mahou shoujo stuff and this one really permanently created a place in my heart. I called this show Pantless Witches from then on.

The movies reinforced that, the OVAs were a pleasant ride too. Brave Witches didn’t really lived up to my expectations, but I wish there will be a crossover between the two series, that would be amazing.

The fanservice is nice and “subtle”, not exactly in your face. The slight yuri vibes is literally icing on the cake. I really really love this.


14. Cross Ange

OG Review
Rewatch Review

Since I put this as my header image of this post, might as well just add this.

I was probably the most peculiar show I ever watched, even till now, and probably the oddest show I have ever watched from Sunrise.

The mecha drama was pretty lit, but the backstory darkness caught me off guard and just… woah.

Just recently rewatched the show, enjoyed it again. I wish Sunrise can make more of such oddball shows.


15. Amagami SS Series

1st Season Review
2nd Season Review

Undoubtedly, still my favourite dating sims show. It nailed all the points for a good waifu flood show.

The storytelling format is extremely fresh. Speaking of which, I will go rewatch this show again in the near future, and write a rewatch review.

I will keep this one short for the future.

I was thinking of adding Seiren into the list, but its overly condensed and very rushed in a lot of endings. Amagami set a pretty high bar that Seiren couldn’t catch up. But still loved Seiren though.


16. Kimikiss Pure Rouge


This one would take 2nd place for dating sims show supremacy. J.C.Staff’s story modification is a mixed bag, though necessary if they want to write a linear story without pulling off what Amagami did.

The story pacing and journey wasn’t all the smooth, despite the linearity, BUT the ending was a class of their own and I can never get over how perfect the ending was.

This may have the best ending, BUT Amagami gave all their heroines good endings, this one picked 2 girls, and left the rest.

All in all, I still love this show for the bittersweet feeling it left in my heart, and I tend to have a soft spot for bittersweet shows.


17. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya

1st Season Review
2wei Review
2wei Herz Review
3rei Review
Movie Review

This twist is probably the best one there is.

I’m not THAT of a big fan of the Fate series, but if I were to rank all the Fate media, this one would be the top.

With 3rei’s 2nd movie coming, I really cannot wait. If you don’t believe me, let the reviews speak for themselves.


18. Clannad Series

Series Review

I don’t think there is a single doubt about this. Clannad wasn’t THAT great, but it did bring me so much joy that After Story’s execution literally put me into depression.

But yeah, I’m going to let the review speak for themselves as well here. Had a great time, had a depressing time, had a sweet time with this show that it will always have a place in my heart.


19. Uchuu Patrol Luluco


This may be a 5 minute show, but it has left such an impression that I cannot forget.

The soundtrack, the short, action-packed quick paced storyline really made me glued to my seat. I really like how they managed to make this show expand to such an epic adventure in just 5 minute episodes.


20. Date A Live series

S1, S2 and Movie Review
S3 review coming soon.

I think this one is a given. I have been worshipping this series since the beginning.

I really cannot wait for Date A Bullet to be out, Season 4 to be out… Damn I love this show so much I don’t think I can ever forget it.


21. Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou


I was recommended this show back it was airing, and I was amazed by the animation quality, the comedy, just the subtle romance setup, really made things really nice and sweet.

I don’t think there is another romcom I enjoy more than this one.


22. Kamisama Hajimemashita

Series Review

Another great romcom.

I personally feel like the cast choice for this show was pretty nicely picked, their chemistry is of another level.

If the ending OVA didn’t come, I think this show wouldn’t even be perfect.


23. Akatsuki no Yona


Top 10 shows that needs a sequel, this can probably take that no.1 spot.

I really feel this show need a 2nd season, that incomplete feeling made me feel extremely empty.

The Hak and Yona romance was only starting to bloom and the show just cuts from there just… ugh. I WANT MORE.

The final OVA did drive me to tears, I love that backstory with that twist of bitter romance.

I am still chasing the manga btw.


24. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii


My top pick of shoujo shows. I am absolutely mesmerized by this oddball romance and story telling. They really made age become just a number.

I was initially a little put off at first, but as the show progresses, I got more and more in love in the show.

I guess it did a good job convincing me that this romance is going to work out.

This show is also a rare breed, with that original ending. Looks like this show ain’t getting a sequel.


25. Golden Time

OG Review feat. Toradora
Rewatch Review

I need to put a Takemiya Yuyuko work in here, and I will pick this one. I pick this one over Toradora as I did kind of grew out of Kugimiya Rie’s tsundere queen stage back when I watched Toradora, so I put Toradora a little below.

I love Golden Time for its fresh university setting, really good mix of romance with mystery, Horie Yui’s first lead role in YEARS and she nailed it.

I still love rewatching this show for the sake of it.


Okay, this post took me a week to finish. It also has been awhile since I have to write such a lengthy post, feels rather refreshing.

I hope you guys enjoyed it, as much as I did for my own birthday.

I don’t have much post planned just yet, so I will have to start planning my posts.

If you have anything to add on, do write in the comments below!

I will see you guys soon.

5 responses to “Happy 25th Birthday To Me…: Top 25 of My Favourite Anime So Far

  1. It fills my heart to see Strike Witches make the list, as with Yuki Yuna and Railgun. I only recently just watched The World is Still Beautiful, but wow was it a nice little watch. Happy Birthday, friend~!!

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  2. Happy birthday to you! 😊 I hope you have a great day! This post once again proves to me that I’m still a total anime noob, despite the fact that I’m actually catching up with series, as I haven’t seen a single one of these lol😂😂 Great post though, and I’ll keep going back to it when I’m looking for new shows to watch!

    Liked by 1 person

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