Goodbye Forever: Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna

I’m back for another post.

This movie was supposed to show earlier, but the date was literally the start of the lockdown.

But now that lockdown is over, and cinemas finally reopened, I decided to finally watched the movie.

The movie is 94 minutes long. I would say it felt longer than that.



A farewell movie, so I was setting my bar high up in the air. I would say I was not massively disappointed.

The whole buildup, plot setup, character development is probably the best in the series so far. It was really well-polished, with minor loopholes.

The whole beating-around-the-bush antagonist type of plot isn’t really that nice in general, but I think this movie has pulled off the plot nicely. Pacing is pretty all right.

Another thing that this movie managed to pull off nicely is that they didn’t not go for an overly shounen approach, like the old anime or the reboot. (To be frank, the reboot feels more childish than I remembered) It had shounen elements, but it still comes off as mature, since they know majority of the audience has probably grew up watching the series.

Now the flaws, this movie focused WAY TOO MUCH at Taichi and Yamato. They could have made an overall even more depressing movie with everyone in the clique’s digimons disappearing, with a massively desperate fight at the end.

I felt like they missed the mark, with too much focus on the main 2 and neglecting the side characters, the whole story felt a little shallow. There are attempts to trigger emotion with nostalgia, but the overall shallow plot made the emotions go up to only a certain level.

If you wanna cry in the movie, make sure that you don’t expect too much out of the movie. I did meet my expectations for the most part, but I feel like that flaw alone is pretty fatal.

The climax was pretty well done, since the buildup was going solid. The final battle was a little short, but it was still satisfying enough.

Ending though, a little too abrupt, a little too short. It was their final shot in getting me to cry and it failed pretty badly. If they could expand the movie to 100 minutes, and refine that ending a little, it might actually work.

Overall, it was a pretty great movie, a farewell movie with a little misses. It’s a lot better than the tri movies, that is for sure.



Yumeta (formerly TYO) and Toei are in-charge here. I would say, it looks great. Way better than tri.

The extensive use of 3DCGI in certain scenes made the scenes look pretty clean. The fights are still traditional stuff, so the 3DCGI were only used in backgrounds and background destruction.

Character designs were great, the digimons looked pretty much the same… with a little bit of a modern paintbrush.



The music isn’t all the amazing, but the climax piece was great. Butterfly makes another playing here.

I feel like they missed the mark to evoke emotion here as well. The music generally feels pretty lackluster for the emotional parts, but the battles and everything else was okay.


Voice Casts

The cast pretty much left unchanged from tri. It’s a massive list just got even more larger and epic.

CharactersVoice Actors/Actresses
Taichi “Tai” KamiyaHanae Natsuki
Sora TakenouchiMimori Suzuko
Yamato “Matt” IshidaHosoya Yoshimasa
Koshiro “Izzy” IzumiTamura Mutsumi
Mimi TachikawaYoshida Hitomi
Takeru “T.K.” TakaishiEnoki Junya
Joe KidoIkeda Junya
Kari KamiyaM.A.O
AgumonSakamoto Chika
BiyomonShigematsu Atori
GabumonYamaguchi Mayumi
TentomonSakurai Takehiro
PalmonYamada Kinoko
PatamonMatsumoto Miwa
GomamonTakeuchi Junko
GatomonTokimitsu Yuka
Davis MotomiyaKatayama Fujijuro
Yolei InoueAsai Ayaka
Cody HidaYamaya Yoshitaka
Ken IchijoujiArthur Lounsbery
VeemonNoda Junko
HawkmonTochika Koichi
ArmadillomonUrawa Megumi
WormmonTakahashi Naozumi
Menoa BellucciMatsuoka Mayu
Kyotaro YamadaOno Daisuke
MorphomonTaniguchi Yuna

Everyone pretty much did their jobs. Nothing to really say here. Matsuoka Mayu being an antagonist is actually pretty nice.


Story: 8.5/10
Art: 8/10
Music: 8/10
VAs: 9/10

Highly recommended if you want to seek closure. You may not be satisfied with the ending like me, but overall, I still found some form of closure so I can move on… Just kidding, I’m watching the damn reboot.

That’s all for me today, tomorrow’s post will be more seasonal stuff. I will see you guys then!

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