AWOOOOO but irl: The Wolf Girl and Black Prince (Live-Action)

Hi hi, back for another one today.

I have written the anime one recently, so you should be able to find it somewhere at the home page.

The movie is about 116 minutes long. I would say that is an adequate length.



I didn’t particularly enjoyed the anime, so I set my bar a little lower on this one. AND THANK GOD I WAS RIGHT.

Queue meme:

The story deviated A LOT from the anime. Ayumi being demoted to an even more obscure role, Kamiya Nozomi and Kimura Yoshito did a fusion dance. I am just constantly facepalming.

But the flaws aside, the drama was great, the characters are lovable (except for that special someone). The comedy does seemed a little lacking but it’s not totally hopeless.

The production value isn’t as high as I imagined. The buildup to the climax felt extremely empty. When the climax came, it is as though nothing happened.

Overall, I didn’t really enjoy the anime, so I am not surprised that I am not enjoying the live-action as well.



The music is pretty decent.

The theme song was pretty okay. BGMs fits the movie nicely. I do wish they play a little more, I don’t really enjoy a quiet movie. But there are scenes where things should get a little quiet.


Casts and Character Portrayal

Sata KyoyaYamazaki Kento
Shinohara ErikaNikaido Fumi
Sanda AyumiKadowaki Mugi
Hibiya TakeruYokohama Ryusei
Tachibana MarinTamashiro Tina
Tezuka AkiIkeda Elaiza
Kamiya NozomiSuzuki Nobuyuki
Kusakabe YuYoshizawa Ryo
Sata ReikaNanao

I think I have quite a few complains here.

Yamazaki Kento AGAIN, WHY?! I mean I appreciate the blonde hair makeover, but DAMN. I also sense some lowkey photoshop as well since Kento looked pretty different in the movie and on the poster.

I said it once, and I will say it again, he is not the golden boy (not literally) which will fit every damn character. I feel like his peak was Your Lie In April and every movie he’s in after that just plateaus. Another reason why I didn’t enjoy the movie.

Nikaido Fumi on the other hand did a pretty decent job. She managed to keep the chemistry between her and Kento on a high so the couple isn’t really painful to watch.

Sometimes I feel like Tina and Elaiza were stealing a lot of the limelight, which is good for them, but bad for the movie since they are not part of the main cast.

Nanao portrayed Reika pretty nicely, but I feel like her aura is a little too strong for Reika.

But anyhow, the cast were great except for one, but I guess that’s acceptable.


Story: 7/10
Music: 7.5/10
Cast: 8/10

Don’t bother watching, if you like the anime, don’t put yourself in such risk where you will stop liking the series totally.

Because that’s what happened to me.

That’s all for this one. Didn’t really expect this movie to be such a dumpster fire. First impressions post will come in the weekend. More reviews are in the pipeline as well. Most importantly, I watched the Kaguya live-action, review for that one isn’t coming anytime soon though.

I will see you guys then.

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