AWOOOOO~~~: Wolf Girl And Black Prince

Ayoooo, back for another post.

This one is the anime, I will be writing the live-action next.

The anime ran for 12 episodes with an OVA. I actually blast past this one because I found the live-action movie, then realized there is an anime.



This anime is decent, but the story isn’t exactly great.

The intro setup was actually extremely promising, but the story just turns mundane slowly as the story progresses. But one thing I like is the fast pacing story and quick romance developments where we see Kyouya and Erika date for a couple of episodes, instead of just ending the show on a high where they date.

I actually wished that more romance anime does this instead, since most people would wanna see if their relationship works out and also some people like me loves to dig for the cheesy stuff. Well, it also depends on source material as well.

As for the mundane side of things, I personally felt that after they started dating, a lot of things start to turn bland. Maybe I was expecting a little too much out of their romance?

I enjoyed more of the journey towards confession, like quite a lot. The drama and everything just feels like something I loved from a shoujo manga. But after the confession, some of the drama remains, but they sometimes don’t look like they fit as a couple.

Despite the mundane plot during the dating arc, the drama did make me get pissed off with how Kyoya treats Erika. (even though she kind of deserves it, what comes around goes around I guess.)

The climax was the confession, and that is the only climax. I was hoping for some more during the relationship that would probably threaten them to break up or something, but I was a little disappointed.

The ending was pretty open, but at least it had a pretty sweet wrap up.

Overall, not the perfect show I was hoping for, but it has its moments. Maybe I was putting my expectations a little skyhigh when they pinned my hopes up with nicely done intro.

Oh yeah, about the OVA, it did quell that thirst a little bit since it had a pretty solid ending on that.



TYO Animations were in-charge. They got acquired in 2019 and reverted their name back to Yumeta Company. So if you are wondering why that name is so familiar, here you go.

Character design were great, animations isn’t something to wow about, but it’s decent.

Colors used were appropriate. Outlines looks crisp.



Sakabe Go is in-charge with the OST, the OP and ED were decent.

I liked Sakabe Go’s pieces, but this one wasn’t his best work. It’s not bad, but its not particularly good either.

Sometimes I feel like the anime is a little too quiet, so I do struggle a little bit to keep my focus.


Voice Casts

CharactersVoice Actors/Actresses
Sata KyoyaSakurai Takahiro
Shinohara ErikaIto Kanae
Sanda AyumiKayano Ai
Hibiya TakeruHosoya Yoshimasa
Tachibana MarinIse Mariya
Tezuka AriKomatsu Mikako
Kamiya NozomiMatsuoka Yoshitsugu
Kusakabe YuMurase Ayumu
Kimura YoshitoShimazaki Nobunaga
KitamuraAsanuma Shintaro
Sata ReikaNakahara Mai
Sata HitomiHisakawa Aya

I really love this cast list, its pretty stacked. Its been awhile since I heard Ito Kanae so it felt pretty refreshing. Takahiro is a bit of a hard sell, but he tried his best to fit his role.

Kayano Ai kept getting those kind of roles in 2014 so I wasn’t surprised. But somehow that fit her pretty nicely.

I particularly likes Ise Mariya and Komatsu Mikakos’ roles, despite being side characters, they make their characters known.

Story: 7.5/10
Art: 8/10
Music: 8/10
VAs: 8.5/10

I would recommend, if you are just trying to pass the time with average shows. But if you are looking for some serious romance, this is not the one.

Okay, that’s it for today’s post. Next one will be the Summer wrap-up before I decide to write the live-action film review. Just a bit of a spoiler, it’s not great, sadly.

I will see you guys next week for more.

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