If I Could Fall In Love For 100 Times Just For This, I Would.: Kimi to 100 Kaime no Koi

Hi hi, another live-action post. Yes, ANOTHER. I have like a lot of shows in the backlogs so I need to rush them out soon.

This movie is original content, runs for 116 minutes, pretty much inline with most other live-action films.

I actually found this film ages ago, but I totally forgotten about it.



It was a little underwhelming, but it did bring a bit of a sweet touch. The movie is pretty much original so I didn’t have to worry about “Ahh this show didn’t follow the source material.” As an original story, it is pretty polished. The pacing does move pretty slow, but I was enough for me to feel comfortable.

The intro of the movie, wasn’t all that great, it felt like the world building here is a pretty minimal. I feel like something is missing. One good thing though, romance is already in the air from the get-go. I love it.

But as the movie progresses, the romance expands, the character developments isn’t really much, but in fact its a constant loop. (Spoiler alert: time traveling is involved here.) Okay, maybe it’s not a constant loop, there are variances but I feel like they could expand a lot more.

One thing I wish they did is to shift the focus to the side characters a little more as I personally think that the main characters get too much airtime, that sometimes they feel rather repetitive.

Romance on the other hand, gets all the developments so it wasn’t so bad. I wish they could push the romance even further, as this movie lacks climax and went straight for the tearjerking attempt.

It felt tragic, but wasn’t tragic enough. Ending was pretty bittersweet.

Overall, this movie isn’t bad, or good either. I would say I’m more on the like side. It wasn’t frustrating to watch, in fact I enjoyed it.



The music is probably one of the strong suits of this movie. Miwa (impressions on her acting in the next section) doing the inserts really make the songs feel extremely refreshing.

I have always loved her voice, so this movie really hits the spot.



Hinata Aoimiwa
Hasegawa RikuSakaguchi Kentaro
Matsuda NaoyaRyusei Ryo
Sagara RinaMano Erina
Nakamura TettaIzumisawa Yuki
Obara KaoruOhta Rina
Hinata KeikoHoriuchi Keiko
ProfessorOishsi Goro
Hasegawa ShuntaroTanabe Seiichi
I really like this list, for real.

miwa was probably the most surprising person to be in the cast list. As for her acting, she needs a bit of work. I feel like her voice is stuck in a high-pitched monotone that no matter the emotion she is feeling, her voice is stuck at that pitch. I am not sure if that’s her normal talking style, but yeah, kind of monotonous. That monotone also made her look like she is lipsyncing. But I still love her voice.

Sakaguchi Kentaro did a pretty nice job at his role. The chemistry between the two isn’t exactly great, but it was acceptable. His singing (not sure if that his actual vocals or not) actually didn’t sound so bad. I think I need more Kentaro films.

The rest of the cast did a great job at their roles. But their appearances are very minimal, so I cannot make a very valid judgment. From what I can see, they did a decent job.

Story: 8.5/10
Music: 9/10
Casts: 8.5/10

Recommended? For me not really. I would expecting for a little bit of a sweet romance, but it isn’t exactly there. Well at least the romance is pure. I would say most people will enjoy it the movie.

That’s it for me today. To set a change of pace, next review will be an anime one, then followed by a live-action one based on the anime. I will let you guys guess what it is.

I will see you guys in a few days!

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