This Movie is Bad, But Somehow I Still Loved It: Heroine Shikkaku

Hi hi, back for another live-action again. This one is a rewatch.

I watched this one back in 2016, but 4 years later, I am still rather addicted to this movie, and it was a bad movie.

Why is that the case? Time to split this post into 2 parts.


Why Is This Movie Such a Wonderful Thing?

I mean, I love the nature of overproduction. The whole movie just reeks shoujo, with the finest CGI works I have ever seen. I really loved the crap this movie just throws at me, the comedy, the acting, the character portrayal.

I mean Takeuchi Riki’s performance is top-notched, no one talks about it. I am just disappointed. He may be a side character, but damn, he is dedicated.

As for the main cast, Kiritani Mirei’s performance is also one of the finest. She kept her mindset really anime-like for the movie and I really really liked it.

The story is polished as well. They really painted a wonderful anime stereotype which just make things extremely comedic. I really like the high school narrative they are trying to tell here. The naive nature of high school romance, the funny as hell girl gossips.

The props used as well are also incredible.

The romance is key in this movie but it was probably the biggest hit and also the biggest miss ever…


Why This Movie Is Such an Abomination?

I don’t think we should really blame the movie for this. It has did a good job so far with how faithful the adaptation is towards the manga. The manga had the same shitty ending I hate.

But yeah, all that development and guess what, she went back to the childhood friend that dumps her. I have never facepalmed the whole of my life.

I remembered watching this movie with my sister (And that was my 2nd watch), she was so frigging happy about 3/4 of the movie and then immediately nosedive at the end.

I really am disappointed with that ending. Like what was the mangaka was actually thinking while doing the ending. Like geez.


I guess the mixture of good and bad, and also that extreme disappointment of that ending really carved an impactful image for me.

After so long, I still cannot get over how ruined this movie was.

That’s all for this semi-rant post. Just a short one, since my impression of this show has been generally the same even 4 years later. But I guess I cherish this show even more now.

Next post? Yeap, another live-action, yes. I really crave such movies all of a sudden. BUT I managed to finish an anime series yesterday because I wanted to watch a live-action of said anime, so that will come later in the future.

Post will come in a few days. I will see you guys then!

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