I Don’t Get This Either: Hyouka: Forbidden Secrets

Hi hi, back again today for another post. And yes Hyouka again, but with a 3D brush.

This movie is 114 minutes long, but actual content is a little shorter since credits is a thing.

I will give a general review on this one then a little comparison with the anime after.



Okay, this is a mashup of multiple arcs into a near 2 hour movie.

Every mystery is solved in under 20mins. The generic eye movement when Hotaru realizes something makes me cringe a little after looking at it for like 3 times.

The mystery element felt extremely shallow and cheap in this movie. They went totally original with some of the mysteries and it was atrocious. I would rather watch a carbon copy of the anime instead.

I usually like live-action films because they tend to have a rather original twist with their storytelling, but I feel like this movie was a little bit much. The producers either didn’t read the novels or at least watch the anime. The originality is just way too off course.

The character development is really lacking in a lot of ways, but its a movie with limited time so I will cut them some slack. The atmosphere is actually pretty dark and I liked that.

This is really bad. I personally didn’t really enjoy the anime, but the live-action film really made me hate it.

I tend to have a neutral stance towards live-action, because we have seen some live-action films create some great moments like in Your Lie in April or Pancreas Eating. Or a more faithful adaptation like Ore Monogatari.

The climax is literally zero, as there is no buildup towards it. The ending is open like the anime, but somehow I feel like there is more of a closure.

This is just bad. 2 hours of my life wasted.


Cast And Character Portrayal

The cast list is actually decent and a lot more simpler.

Oreki HotaruYamazaki Kento
Chitanda EruHirose Alice
Fukabe SatoshiOkayama Amane
Ibara MayakaKojima Fujiko
Sekiya JunHongo Kanata
Itoigawa YokoSaito Yuki

Some personal bias here, Yamazaki Kento is in way too many live-action films I watched. I don’t hate the man, but he definitely doesn’t fit a wide array of characters.

His performance for this film? It was rather bad. He gives off a more blur look, so I feel like Hotaru’s slight negative image just doesn’t fit him. He made Hotaru looked rather irritating instead. Hotaru has this deep nature within him that is beyond his “I don’t care” attitude. The producers clearly don’t understand Hotaru’s nature at all or Kento is just bad at portraying the character.

Hirose Alice though, I mistaken her for Tsuchiya Tao in the beginning. But after looking at the cast list, then I realized I was wrong. But her portrayal of Eru isn’t all that great either. But she is rather cute though, not gonna lie.

The anime gave me an image of Eru that is totally different. Her portrayal isn’t THAT bad, but I wish her voice isn’t that deep. Her slight deep voice gives off an image that Eru is very serious about everything. But her “Kininarimasu” isn’t as irritating as the anime.

Okayama Amane’s portrayal of Satoshi is probably the only positive we can take away from all of this. His voice, fun loving nature acting just nailed the character.

Fujiko’s portrayal is just a generic tsun. A little irritable as well.

Character chemistry is questionable. And the interactions between the characters are a little bit awkward as well. I feel like most of the cast here are just randomly picked without audition, or the producers just taking whichever actors/actresses they get. It’s really bad, even with Amane carrying the cast to redemption.



I personally feel that the music is a lot better this time round.

It does have a little bit of mystery added into the atmosphere, but the lack of bright sounding tracks made certain moments awkward. The ending song is rather decent as well.

The anime OP and ED tracks sometimes just don’t feel like they fit the theme well.

Story: 6/10
Music: 8/10
Cast: 7/10
Character Portrayal: 6.5/10

Recommended? Definitely not. If you want to watch both anime and live-action, I would recommend you to watch this one first, then the anime. Just to keep your expectations low so you will enjoy the anime.

This movie has set a new low for live-action. From the acting to the story, everything about this movie is reeks bad production.


Anime vs Live-Action

So… the big reveal. I didn’t enjoy both medias, especially the movie. But how do they stack up?

Pros of the live-action:

  • Short and straightforward.
  • More mysterious atmosphere than the anime.
  • Don’t want to deal with the 22 episodes? This then.

Cons of the live-action:

  • Mystery is extremely cheap and shallow.
  • Character portrayal is questionable.
  • Story sometimes just don’t make sense at all.
  • 2 hours clearly isn’t enough. I would rather they do 2-3 movies with a cliffhanger at the end of the first movie so I have something to look forward to in the future.
  • The bar is set extremely low.

Pros of the anime:

  • More context with the mysteries and more detailed solving.
  • Characters are more lovable.
  • Romance is definitely in the air. Which the live action totally lacked.
  • 22 episodes can be long, but it was actually just right.
  • KyoAni never misses.
  • Isn’t as bad as the live-action

Cons of the anime:

  • 22 episodes though. With an inconclusive ending.
  • Music is just awkward.
  • Too much focus on Hotaru and his negative nature. Bringing down the plot’s energy.

Yeah. That is mostly it.

That’s it for me on this one. I am starting enter the live-action craze again. So expect more live-action posts for the next 2 weeks or so. Kakegurui live-action drama is next, so stay tuned for the next few days.

I will see you all then!

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