Extreme Politics Mecha: Valvrave The Liberator

Yo, back for another post.

I did watch this show back in 2014 but I dropped it after a few episodes.

This one runs for 24 episodes, but they kinda did split the show into 2 seasons.



I personally didn’t enjoy this a whole lot. Political stuff isn’t exactly new in Sunrise’s mecha shows, but I kind of like this rather radical high schooler political spectrum.

But the plot? Not so much.

I feel like the plot is a little confusing. There is a lot of information being thrown at me at every episode. If the show were to be given the full 50ep treatment, I think they can expand a lot more on the characters, the world building and a lot more about the Valvraves.

Pacing is quick, right from the get-go. Things are already developing at such a quick pace in the first episode. With the rather condensed plot overall, the quick pacing isn’t doing this show any favours.

The buildup to the climax was actually pretty decent. As for the climax, probably the only thing I enjoyed with the show. The final battle was intense, the sacrifices were great, but the aftermath looked like everything was worth it.

But the ending felt extremely open-ended. With more conflicts going around and the main character dead, I really think this ending felt extremely poorly wrapped. Maybe they left it like this for the sake of future possibilities of revisiting this series and continue from there? But if there is no sequel planned, then this ending is just pure crap.

Overall, didn’t enjoy everything about the show, but this show isn’t completely bad. Sunrise was just trying something new and it didn’t work out as planned for them.



Sunrise in-charge here. This is definitely fresh for Sunrise.

I am a fan of the character designs, I have never seen such wonderful designs from them before. The mecha designs are a bit of a mixed bag for me. Not a big fan of them, but they are not bad.

The colours are vivid, the combat looks sleek. I don’t think there is much to complain around here.



I think this one redeemed the show. The OPs are fantastic, the EDs are pretty decent.

The BGMs are also pretty well done.

Fits the ambience and atmosphere nicely for most of the scenes.

The Mizuki Nana x TMR duo really fits surprisingly, despite their pretty contrasting vocals.


Voice Casts

The list is massive and pretty lit.

CharactersVoice Actors/Actresses
Tokishima HarutoOsaka Ryota
L-elfKimura Ryohei
Sashinami ShokoSeto Asami
Rukino SakiTomatsu Haruka
Inuzuka KyumaOno Yuki
Sakurai AinaKayano Ai
Nobi MarieFukuen Misato
Otamaya YusukeYoshino Hiroyuki
Yamada RaizoNakamura Yuichi
Renbokoji SatomiNamikawa Daisuke
Ninomiya TakahiKotobuki Minako
Renbokoji AkiraYuki Aoi
Kibukawa TakumiHatano Wataru
Nanami RionHorie Yui

Those are the notable characters, since the roster is pretty darn long. But the list also included Fukuyama Jun, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Miyano Mamoru, Kaji Yuki, Ono Daisuke, Mizuki Nana and the list just keeps on going.

This cast is just fire, even back in 2013. They all voiced their roles nicely.

No complains here.


Story: 7/10
Art: 8.5/10
Music: 9/10
VAs: 9/10

Recommended? I really don’t know. Its great to see Sunrise trying out something new for once. But maybe this show isn’t my cup of tea. I have seen people who enjoyed the show so maybe you can give this one a go?

That’s all for this one. I finally cleared all of my backlogs, but that doesn’t mean the blog posts are going to stop.

I will be writing a rewatch review of Fortune Arterial, a show I think that is a little underrated in the visual novel-adapted anime space. Post will be out during the weekends.

I will see you guys then.

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