A Massively Condensed Timeline: Gundam AGE

Hey hey, it’s time for another post.

I’m surprised I didn’t write a review on this one before since I have watched it a few years back. So I guess this will be the review post.

I rewatched this during March for Mecha March, so memory is still rather fresh.

This one is a little reduced, only 49 episodes, unlike previous entries with 50+ episodes. But in reality most Gundams run for around 49 as well since they do recaps at certain time periods.



Unlike most people, I actually enjoyed this show. I feel like the 3 generation plot feels like a hyper-condensed UC show, and also a breath of fresh air.

Okay, now to get into the specifics.


Flit Lacks Protagonist Aura, More Like A Confused Character

I didn’t especially enjoy the first gen arc, Flit is a mess. I can understand his resentment, but his emotionally driven nature make him pull off irrational decisions. It is more apparent in his later years in the 2nd and 3rd gen arc.

I feel like his kids are even more rational in almost every aspect compared to Flit.

Not a big fan of people honoring him at the last episode with that statue. I mean, if someone were to expose him to his genocide attempt, I think things would looked a lot different for the Asunos.


Best Gen? 2nd Gen.

Why? It had the perfect balance of struggle, friendship, betrayal, romance and combat. All around, this is probably the most enjoyable arc for me.

The 1st gen felt like Sunrise lowballing to keep expectations low, so that 2nd gen can come in with a bang. That formula actually worked.

Asemu’s personality is a farcry from Flit, he’s more composed, rational and methodological in his ways. He did inherit his father’s impulsiveness sometimes, but he managed to keep things under his control.

Romary is a good pairing to Asemu no doubt, but she lags behind Emily in certain aspects. Talking about the wives…


Emily Should Keep Flit In Check… A.k.a. Be A More Vocal Wife.

I feel like she can be a key to 180 Flit’s personality, she is a good housewife, but she can be implied as rather weak in terms of influencing the household and also her husband.

She needs to be more vocal about her opinions. She did contribute in the sidelines, but I feel like all the sideline work made her the way she is.


Kio Felt Like An Afterthought

Kio lacked a lot of things. Character development, a childhood and also a proper family.

3rd gen arc was extremely packed and rushed. Jumping straight into combat did feel rather weird. And also the fact that even with Flit’s incredibly effective inventions, Earth still keeps losing at all fronts. To the point that the Martians even had the time to put sleeper agents to invade Earth. Now the story didn’t make a lot of sense at this point.

I was thinking that the war would probably be at a stalemate.


Those are some pointers that I wanted to point out. There are a lot more and I didn’t want to drag this post for way too long so I’m going to stop rambling there and carry on with the review.

But I guess I need to split this part into 3 to represent all the 3 different generation arcs.


Gen 1: Flit Asuno

It feels like War In The Pocket for this arc. Extremely basic, very primitive with the technology, against an enemy with technology about 10-20 years in the future.

I genuinely think that Sunrise were lowballing with this arc. A lot of underachieving plots and very little advancements in terms of technologies and victories.

The story pacing was generally slow for the most part. Plot twists were rather dull until 3/4 into the arc. Character development and romance development was also very little.

The arc’s climax was underwhelming to say the least. I wish they could wrap up this arc a little better. Well the show is still ongoing so I guess they were lowballing a lot.

But the later part of the arc, the show did take a little dive with a slightly dark and in-depth story of vengeance. War crimes are also into play so I was a little surprised. Maybe this story has more things brewing beneath the surface?


Gen 2: Asemu Asuno

This arc was a big step up from the underwhelming first arc.

Things do start off like how the first arc did, but story pacing was a lot faster.

The character development here is probably the biggest change. With the Asemu vs Zeheart rivalry, in combat, school and romance constantly driving the story forward. I don’t think there is a rivalry as powerful as this yet. The struggle of Asemu not being an X-Rounder (Kinda like Seed mode in Seed and Innovators in 00) is heavily highlighted and it is a really great that the story managed to find a way for Asemu to get over that “weakness” he had.

As for the romance, its definitely improved with a decent buildup to the marriage. Flit and Emily didn’t really had a lot of romantic interactions since Yurin was probably the biggest love interest pretty much nearly the whole arc, making Emily feel like a Yurin replacement since there was no closure.

This romance buildup made Romary and Asemu looked like an overall better pairing. Even if Romary went to Zeheart, it wouldn’t be as bad as well.

This arc’s climax wasn’t as amazing as I hoped it would be, judging from how much progress they made with the buildup on this arc alone.

The plot overall here is more powerful package. The Gundam here as well looked more well-balanced and polished. Asemu’s disappearance is a good twist as well.

But if you want more context and info about their rivalry, there is a movie dedicated to their rivalry. It’s more condensed and straight to the point. I really recommend you guys to watch it if you really enjoyed the rivalry.


Gen 3: Kio Asuno

This one dropped the ball. They had the momentum, and they just simply lost it.

This arc felt like a massive letdown for the most part. Kio’s development was heavily hampered by the extremely quick pace and war developments.

They didn’t really elaborate much of Kio’s context and decided to throw him into the fray, with a very bulky Gundam that just straight up looked unprepared.

It’s really hard to accept how this story turned out when Gen 2 was at a totally different level.

The Gundams this Gen gained too much mass. It looked very unfeasible to fight in despite the fact that the armor would probably give much protection.

But things did change when the 3 generations unite for that one final showdown. The buildup that existed since the very beginning, finally come to fruition with the climax.

The execution was beautiful, with the more rational younger generations giving the “boomer” Flit a big lesson, reinstating his role as war hero, instead of committing a straight up genocide.

The finale was beautifully delivered and executed.

Overall, this show isn’t generally that bad. I had my doubts when I watched the trailers, but Sunrise really threw in a lot of surprises here. Like the 3 Generation format, what actual enemy is. I think it’s a breath of fresh air from their previous entries. It did had its flaws with its execution, but if you can get past those flaws, the show was pretty much complete in nearly every way.



Sunrise is in-charge, nothing surprising. It’s pretty well done. The consistency is there, the character design is pretty well done as well.

I feel like the hardest part of the designs is on the ageing of characters. I think they did it pretty well.

Gundam designs looked pretty clean as well, just not a big fan of the Gen 3 Gundam with it’s mass. The Gundam themselves had their own evolution and buildup.

The colours used are extremely vivid and crisp. Probably one of the most cleanest shows Sunrise has ever did so far. It’s not mindblowing, but still great job from Sunrise.


Music is something I felt that Sunrise neglected a little bit.

BGMs are fine generally. But not a big fan of the OPs and EDs. BGMs were fitting the atmosphere generally.

I don’t think I have much to complain here.

Voice Cast

CharactersVoice Actors/Actresses
Flit AsunoToyonaga Toshiyuki (Young)
Inoue Kazuhiko (adult)
Asemu AsunoEguchi Takuya (Young)
Toriumi Kosuke (Adult)
Kio AsunoYamamoto Kazutomi
Emily Asuno
Endo Aya
Romary AsunoHanazawa Kana
Grodek AinoaTochi Hiroko
Woolf EnneacleOno Daisuke
Dique Gunhale
Woottbit Gunhale
Ohata Shintaro
Vargas DysonBandou Naoki
Natola EinusSato Rina
Wendy HertzIse Mariya
Zeheart GaletteNoto Mamiko (Child)
Kamiya Hiroshi (Adult)
Desil GaletteTakagaki Ayahi (Child)
Terashima Takuma (Adult)
Arisa GunhaleKoshimizu Ami
Fezarl EzelcantOtomo Ryuzaburo
Yurin L’CielHayami Saori

Since the role list is EXTREMELY MASSIVE, I will shrink it down to the key characters.

Firstly, I wish Endo Aya can voice more child roles. Her voice is a breath of fresh air for me. I absolutely loved it.

The rest of the cast sounded great. Everyone reprised their roles well.


Scores: Gen 1 | Gen 2 | Gen 3 | Finale
Story: 8/10 | 9/10 | 7.5/10 | 9/10
Art: 8.5/10
Music: 8/10
VAs: 9/10

Gundam fans have been contemplating about watching this one, but I would say its totally fine to watch it. It’s not THAT bad. I mean, it has it’s glaring flaws, but I think it is pretty easy to look past that.

That would be all for me for this already pretty long post. My next one will be Valvrave, I will start working on it in a few days.

I will see you guys then!

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