I Missed It The First Time: Golden Time

Heyo, its rewatch season.

Yeah I finally get to rewatch Golden Time. I have been thinking about watching this for a long time, as I felt that my first watch, which was during its airtime, didn’t really give this show justice.

Didn’t really take long about 3 days of marathoning.

24 episodes to cover all 11 volumes of the light novel. It looked rather sketchy at first glance, but the anime turned out all right.



As an avid fan of romance back in 2014, this show was definitely in my watchlist in a heartbeat. And also done by the creator of Toradora? Even better.

Pacing for the 24 episodes was actually just right. Story keeps on developing and I love it.

But since it’s a rewatch, I should really elaborate more on this show. And yes, expect a lot of spoilers.

Chinami Dug Her Own Grave

I mean it is obvious. She really did.

To give her some benefit of the doubt, the sudden confession from Yana was probably bad timing on his part. Everyone was probably drunk, so I guess it’s hard to take things seriously. BUT, Chinami should have asked the rest why Yana decided to do a drastic image change so early in the semester.

I also don’t get why she played defensive and questioning Banri about his interactions with Linda. Making her look like she is in a dilemma.

She should really be more aggressive and fight for her love since Yana’s love for her probably hasn’t washed away.

Yana The Punching Bag

I mean, we didn’t even get a proper end for him.

He is pretty much the “Monkey” of the clique. He is aggressive, but probably overly aggressive with the romance part. At first he was doing it for the sake of getting rid of Kouko, but afterwards, he is pretty much picking any girl he see for the sake of it.

His character had a solid foundation, just lacks dedication and effort from the author in the later parts.

I personally wished he could end up with Chinami instead since Linda is probably my most disliked character to date. Oh speaking of Linda….

The More I See Linda, The More I Ugh

I mean, really, I really dislike her. I have never been so pissed at a character this much before.

Firstly the high school graduation part, why does Banri have to wait at a bridge at night, with zero lighting. She is mostly responsible for Banri’s amnesia, and also her own relationship. (Since she said yes in the ending to Ghost Banri)

Secondly, she shouldn’t have asked Banri to join the club. If she didn’t have an ulterior motive, she wouldn’t have done it. She is still hung up onto Banri and her way to compensating to Banri is WRONG.

She should been a little more honest with Banri. Her identity and their past. Baiting Banri until he regains his memory is such a bad taste.

Ghost Banri What?

I guess this is for the sake of rewriting to how amnesia actually work.

But his existence is also a form of frustration. He made Banri looked like a massive wimp and a big 180 from the “new” Banri.

2D-Kun Should Be Worshipped

The most composed, reasonable character there is. The clique really needed such a character since they are just stirring dramas, and he’s the most neutral.

At least there is some form of a balance.

During this rewatch, I actually loved the series more. The romance, the drama and the “fantasy” feels so fresh in 2020 that I want to rewatch again. Kouko was a little bit irritating at first, but I learnt to get used to her and she became best girl again. The comedy did boost some points for the story, but certain gags felt like they were placed at a bad timing.

Pacing for the 24 episodes is really Goldilocks. The pacing isn’t too slow to bore me out, and it isn’t too fast for me to catch up. The story buildup is actually decent. But the ending… not so nice.

I get that the reason Ghost Banri was around during the ending to give him some sort of closure. But the fact that Linda can see that said ghost really puzzled me. It was a good wrap up, but a little flawed.

Overall, lovely show to escape all that crap 2020 has thrown.



J.C.Staff in-charge, just like Toradora.

I feel like this has got to be one of their finest works so far. That accurate character design, the vibrance, how lively the characters looked. This is really on par with Souma.

I don’t think I need to write anything here since I already have mentioned before how I loved this show’s art and animations.



Hashimoto Yukari composed the OST and I would say it’s decent at best. Not her best work, but it’s not bad either.

The OPs and EDs bangs even in 2020. I loved OP1 and ED2 the most out of all 4 songs. All sung by Horie Yui probably for the sake of consistency and I like it.


I will be skipping the voice cast list since mentioned everything previously anyway. And this review is becoming extremely long at this point.

Story: 9/10
Art: 8.5/10
Music: 8/10
VAs: 9/10

I really recommend this show in 2020, 2013/2014 was the years which romance and slice-of-life shows dominated which kind of undermined the show’s execution.

Its 2020, isekai doesn’t seem like it will fade anytime soon so it’s probably the best time now to pick this one up, either you watched it already or not. Or old shows in general.

That is it for this one. I actually have a Gundam 00 post sitting my drafts for over a month which I haven’t complete for some reason, so that will be out in a few days. Next will be Cross Ange, I managed to finish the show within a day. Now I will be watching Valvrave, but I will take my times since my blog backlog is starting to pile on me.

I will see you guys soon!

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