The Conversion: Your Lie in April (Live-Action)

So hi, I’m back for another April Liar post.

This movie is 122mins long. Probably one of the long adaptations, which I always like. I have always thought that live-action movie adaptations from anime can be rather short at times, but this one is a good long one.


I think this movie is really dedicated to stick to the main plot as much as possible, but even 2 hours isn’t long enough to fit in. I think if they were to extend this movie by about 20-30mins, the movie probably won’t look like a big shortcut.

A lot of corners have been cut, despite the slow pacing for the first 1.5 hrs. In fact I think the slow pacing for the 1st half actually snowballed into the 2nd half. Like at around 1hr 35min and we are already in the 20th episode in the anime. A lot of key events were removed from the plot, not gonna list anything since keeping the spoiler to a minimum. But at least they tried to link the events together instead of making the plot run wild.

They also removed a certain level of comedy that the anime had, probably to increase emotional buildup in a pretty tight schedule. But it backfired for this one. Probably because after watching the anime, I was really enjoying the comedy, and the movie lacked that charm.

Despite the unstable pacing, the performances are still superb, I will talk more about that later on. The buildup is there, but not as amazing as I thought it would be. A lot of live-action films have that advantage of being more impactful with their portrayals but quite a few of them just doesn’t execute them properly.

I really like how they are so dedicated with props that they even acquired the same grand piano that is used in the anime. I am not actually sure if it is actually the same, either way, it is an effort worth appreciating.

They also did a good job at hiding whoever is playing the piano and/or violin. Neat transitions.

The ending was decent despite the bad buildup. I couldn’t ask for more with how much content was cut from the original. I feel like I enjoyed this ending more than the anime one.

Character Portrayal and Cast

Cast list as follows:

Source: Wikipedia

Kind of bummed that Hirose Suzu didn’t bleach her hair blond for Kaori. It would look pretty nice on her. No matter how much I dislike Yamazaki Kento, but he looks amazing portraying Kosei. Anna is pretty okay as Tsubaki. Taishi fits nicely with Ryota.

Anna needs to be more aggressive as Tsubaki. I find her to be overly delicate at times and she doesn’t give off that aggressive aura.

Yuka as Hiroko lacks that playful nature, and acts too much as a mother. She is overflowing with maternal love. It’s not a bad thing, but yeah, the portrayal.

Despite the flaws, I personally find them all to be pretty neat.


The classical pieces that are picked here are pretty much identical to the anime, so I don’t think I need to comment here.

But the rest of the BGMS were pretty nicely done. But I find it sometimes that the film can be a little too quiet.

Story: 8.5/10
Character Portrayals: 8/10
Cast: 8.5/10
Music: 8.5/10

Recommended? I really don’t know. But if you don’t want to endure the 22 episodes, then this one can be a quick shot and be straight to the point. But if this movie had a slightly larger budget to do a 2.5 hrs, the pacing would be a lot more evened out.

Well, with that said, I think its probably suitable to do a little comparison between this and the anime so you guys can get a good idea which type of media to go for.

Anime Over Live-Action

  • More comprehensive story telling.
  • The comedy is really doing a good job with evening out the despair.
  • Characters looked more lovable.
  • Audio quality for some reason, sounds better in the anime for me. (Could be subjective.)
  • Solid cast.
  • Story pacing overall is more stable.
  • OPs and EDs are pretty great.
  • More fun as an emotional roller coaster, despite the comedy.
  • Overall a more polished package.

Live-Action Over Anime

  • Straight forward, significantly shorter, but you get about 60% of the actual experience.
  • Live-action always have this distinct charm over anime for me.
  • Pure despair with minimal comedy.
  • No frills way to enjoy music since the gap between performances is pretty short.
  • Actors/Actresses cute.

Okay, I am giving a bit too much flak onto the live-action, but I genuinely enjoyed both forms of media. Each have their own distinct charm that made me sit on my chair while I watch.

That’s all for this post. What’s next? Seasonals again. As many shows got postponed, I have picked up a few shows that are not reflected upon in my PTW post, so expect some new shows that I will be talking about, I think I picked up more new shows than the postponed ones so expect a pretty long post coming.

I am planning to get the post out by tomorrow, but I will see how things goes. If not tomorrow, by the end of this week.

I will see you guys then!

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