Winter 2020 Wrap-Up

Hi hi, back for the probably the most painful part of the seasons.

This season has been a massive hit or miss with the misses being extremely bad.

At the point of this writing, Spring 2020 has started so expect the first impressions to be out next week.

So let’s wrap up this pretty weird season.

Darwin’s Game

This one is a hit for me, but the ending left me wanting more.

The pretty well done 1 hour long first episode, the Shibuya arc and the Wang arc are all well paced, well executed. Character development isn’t left unchecked. The story building overall felt a little slow, but at least isn’t not too slow.

I am surprised that no future seasons has been announced yet at this point. What’s next? I don’t know, but if there is no future seasons, then I’mma just read up the source material.

Not a big fan of the character design, when compared with the source material. But at least combat looks pretty acceptable. Colors looks rather bland, the whole image looked rather soft and foggy. Voice cast looks pretty solid, nothing to really complain there. Music is pretty great as well, loved the ending more.

I enjoyed the show, so it’s a hit for sure.

Heya Camp△

A pretty nice appetizer, I really cannot wait for the actual season. Dammit 2021, we can actually skip this year to be honest. Year just started and mess starts. Hit, hit and hit.

Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei

This show WAS fine for like the first few episodes, but as the show slowly turns episodic, separating arcs, lasting for a span of 1-2 episodes, I started to lose interest in the show.

It is educational for the most part, but I feel like this show needs more polish. The story has been pretty dead set on the jewels but lacks any of the “out-of-the-box” ideas.

Sakurai Takahiro looks like the only reason why I watched the show, and he did a pretty good job of trying to carry the show. But one major flaw I want to address is this show seriously lacked romance. The Shouko arc could have been the perfect opportunity to turn the show’s fortunes and get me back on my seat. But I am extremely disappointed for that lackluster ending of the arc. Why didn’t Seigi take the chance to move beyond friendship? That is the perfect opportunity and I am FRUSTRATED.

Character development is pretty much destroyed by the episodic nature of the show. Story tried to be emotionally driven but failed pretty miserably. Animations look pretty acceptable, sometimes looked even better than shows that needed that quality boost. Voice cast couldn’t have been any better than this.

Overall, pretty disappointed, a lot of missed opportunities to move the story further, leading to many flaws. A definite miss.


Really nice intro and buildup, amazingly destroyed ending.

The buildup was pretty epic, right from the start. Getting thrown into the fray since the beginning is a good way to accelerate pacing. The back to back first 2 episodes also sweetened the deal.

But after the midway point, the story looks rather lost, and starts to be rather messy. The plot twist with the mastermind was a bit far-fetched, and really puzzles me. Despite the flaws, character developments are pretty decent.

The ending was so rushed that I am not impressed. The whole season looked like a pretty epic original anime production, but to literally dropping the ball at the end, is really disappointing.

Character designs looks pretty subjective, a little bit on the “not liking this” side. Cast list is pretty decent. An absolute miss.

Isekai Quartet 2

Got a feeling this show could last forever as long as there is isekais left to burn.

Enjoyed you, and you should enjoy it too. A definite hit.

Ishuzoku Reviewers

So erm… the best show this season.

I better skip this before I go into too many details.

Good show for horny Fs, bad for SJWs. A horny hit.

Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu.

As an anime viewer, this show is nice and fluffy. But as a gamer, I am triggered and I would literally leave the game due to the inaction of the developers.

But anyhow, this show has been enjoyable since the start, Hondo Kaede’s voice really nailed Maple for me. I never hated Silver Link’s character designs ever. But I feel like character development is way too focused on Maple that the rest pretty much just “grew stronger on their own” (?)

The rest of the voice cast looks solid as well.

Season 2 is coming, so I can’t wait for more messy gameplay. A hit.

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Best show this season? I think this one can take the title.

Amazing artstyle, constantly entertaining story plot. I don’t think any one can really hate this show at all. Nicely done character development, but I think the main antagonists debut a little too late, giving them very little time to grow and have any sort of development.

The music is great as well. Character designs probably my favourite for the season. The cast list is probably the most heavyweight ones as well.

I really wish for a sequel for this, that open ending does indicate something. But Lerche rarely do sequels, so fingers crossed. An absolute hit for me.

Koisuru Asteroid

Slightly disappointed that this show didn’t push a little deeper in the yuri territory. I did slightly overhyped this show.

The show has been educational as well, but it lacked character development, overly focused on the astronomy and Earth sciences stuff.

Character designs pretty much textbook Dogakobo stuff. Music is pretty nicely done as well. Overall, still loved the show for what it is. A hit.

Kyokou Suiri

If this show is going to be a singular arc, I think a 6 episode OVA or even a movie is long enough to cover this show.

This show has been a big roundabout on a singular yokai and I am not impressed. Kotoko is just some icing on the cake to make the whole slow story don’t look too dry. The pacing is way too slow, the whole story is just beating round the bush. This is seriously a waste of anime airing timeslot.

People will disagree with me, but I think the whole ordeal could have been condensed into a 2 hour movie and the story would probably make way more sense than it is now.

The music is okay, the voice cast is pretty solid. Character designs looked pleasant as well. Because of the roundabout story, I cannot sense or feel any character developments. All the focus is on how to beat the yokai, and it looked extremely impossible at first.

Definitely a miss. This is way too overproduced for what it is.

Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden

I tried my best to not compare this show with the OG. But it is very hard not to do so.

The story for the whole show has been pretty bland. I was pretty optimistic that this show will change its tone mid-season, but it never came. The character developments were decent. The pacing is pretty slow as well.

Funny thing is I played the game before and the story was way more action-packed and faster than this anime. BUT, the last 2 episodes somehow saved the whole show and now I want to watch season 2.

Character designs were pretty much retained, but I feel like all the combat magic from the OG is somehow, gone. The combat lacks the action and immersion than the original, so it does look a little uninteresting at times. Music is a little bit of a mixed bag. I feel like TrySail is trying to mimic ClariS’s style for the OP, because I’m pretty sure their previous music didn’t have such a harmony.

Not criticising them and if this style of music fits them, that’s great. I feel like TrySail is rather lost with the style of music and vocals they are going for. I am actually lowkey hyping for a TrySail X ClariS collab.

Overall, it was a miss at first, but the ending made it kind of a hit. I am actually a little bit stoked for the Season 2.

Murenase! Seton Gakuen

This is a little bit on the controversial side, and I feel kind of guilty for enjoying the show.

The story may be a mess, but it was a pretty entertaining and funny mess. Sometimes I think Kino Hina is stuck with such extreme comedic roles, and I like it.

I don’t think I have much to say here, or in fact I don’t want to go too deep into the details. I love the character designs and colors were vivid. OP is a mess and ED was okay.

A hit for me, but I want this series to die down for some reason. I actually don’t want a sequel for this.


The show’s original storyline is pretty nice, I prefer this over adaptation of the VNs. But it can be a gamble, the original story would have failed if done badly.

But I’m glad everything is all right. I don’t think I have much to write, as most of you know by now I am a massive fan of this series. Totally down for a season 2 if possible.

A magnificent hit.

Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita.

I picked this show up mid season, and I’m glad I picked it up.

I needed a rather serious romance show for awhile now and this show did its job to quench my thirst. I love the character development, the rather stupid way to prove romance, the side character romance as well.

Now that they are dating, I want to see a 2nd season of them ACTUALLY dating and see how things will develop, it will be hilarious.

Loved the character designs, the cast list looks pretty solid. OP and ED still great.

A hit for me, for sure. I need more.

The following shows are still ongoing, but I don’t think their last episodes will change the game so I will be posting my reviews now, especially since we have zero idea when Hatena Illusion is actually ending.

Infinite Dendrogram

This show was great for the most part.

The first half had decent buildup. But slowly as the show progresses into the 2nd half, the MC OP narrative starts to creep in and also overreliant on Nemesis to drive the story really hurt the show. I feel like this show had decent budget, but poorly spent. Character development are pretty non-existent. This show is lowkey isekai since there is near zero stuff about the real world, so it’s actually another SAO?

If the last episode really does manage to save the show, I will write additional notes in my post next week.

Music is okay, character designs are great though.

It was a hit for me in the beginning, but in the end a miss.


This show is brutally murdered.

I have put my expectations way too high on this show.

This show is bad, like really. Down to the designs. I think this will be a long script of criticisms.

The first indication of the show is going to flop was during the preseason when the trailers they provided had ZERO footage of the anime, not even sound bites.

Then the season starts, my suspicions kind of stopped, as the show looked okay. 3 episodes in, the show looked fine. Episode 4, we saw a big degradation in story plot. Then after episode 5, flaws start to worsen.

Character designs looked horrible, really destroyed Yabuki’s work. Xebec would have been a better candidate, To-Love ru is heavyweight enough to fill the resume. I guess probably because production budget.

This studio is definitely overambitious, BUT the animation quality isn’t aiming for like to be even close to Azur Lane’s standards. The multiple delays can probably take the cake of the most disastrous production for the year, maybe for the decade as well.

And now with the final episode being delayed indefinitely, I lowkey think we are looking at a ImoImo 2.0 here. The studio needs to either close or merge with another studio, if they really want submit this work as their first work as an anime studio.

I doubt the blurays will make any difference, since we saw ImoImo being straight up abandoned.

Well, that’s it for the criticisms, time to read the manga.

And that is it for this season. I feel like watching lesser shows is better now. I can have more time to write for my seasonal post and also include more details in each show as I don’t need to really remember a lot of shows.

I think I will be watching around the same number of shows for this year each season.

Just to add on, I think 2020 will be a big year for M.A.O, Tomita Miyu, Tsuda Kenjiro and potentially Komatsu Mikako. The former 3 has voiced pretty amazing roles for the past few seasons, and their future shows has a lot of potential as well. I really can’t wait to see what other voices they can pull off. Mikako’s Arte role might really put her back on the map, her performance is pretty solid for the first episode, and its been awhile she has voiced such a role feels rather refreshing, as she gives me the impression of rough-voiced or certain male characters. I predict there will be quite a few resurgent happening this year, despite the coronavirus hurting certain productions.

I will be writing my Spring stuff next week onwards. I do have other posts planned as well. And about the Your Lie in April thing, I will be marathoning it soon. Since it’s lockdown season, work would be pretty chill so I will have more energy to marathon the shows.

I will see you guys then!

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