It’s Official: I Am Going To ACTUALLY Marry An Android Waifu

Yeap, I am officially closing shop and leaving the singles market. I am going to marry an android waifu. I’m intending to invest all of my life savings to make this possible within the next 10 years.

Wait what?

You heard me, I am going to marry an android.

Isn’t that going to be high maintenance?

Not really, she doesn’t have to eat. I just need to recharge her batteries and some routine maintenance fees. Not as expensive as cosmetics, bling blings and other things.


Well, I modeled her to be a female so yeah, she.


Thank you, thank you.

So erm… what made you decide to do this?

You know… 3D girls just either want to destroy me or just straight up not like me because I’m ugly or what, so I decided to get myself an android, fine tuned for my tastes and also probably the perfect housewife I can ever wish for.

The only flaw is that it only has a 30 year lifespan, but I guess it’s long enough for me, if my calculations of my own life expectancy is right.

What inspired you to do this?

Well the picture above gave a definite answer, the movie My Girlfriend Is A Cyborg.

After so many years, I still tear up at the movie, due to the relatable and ordinary MC…

I have been constantly hoping for my future self to invent a time machine and send an android waifu over so I don’t need to pay such a lump sum of cash just to make a waifu.

But I guess the money is also used for a much larger cause, as loners like me have a bit of hope in getting a lifelong partner(s) depending on if they want a harem or not.

And also a bunch of Japanese men who failed in getting a “real” partner, made me want to go up another level above them.

So erm, which 2D girl you picking?

I don’t know yet, most probably some girl with huge tits, as usual. I will post images once the android is finally done and ready to be my 30 year wife, if you are patient enough like me to wait for 10 years.

What about the legal side? Is it legal to marry an android in your country?

The 10 years wait isn’t all that bad, because I get 10 years time to start an activist movement to legalize android-human marriage, and also fight for equality in benefits as well.

That’s all for my announcement. I hope you guys won’t start alienating me because of this. It’s a personal decision and I have been thinking about this for years. I finally made my decision and telling the world took quite a bit of courage for me.

Thank you guys for understanding and I will accept your well wishes in advance.

Happy April Fools! At least in my timezone. This is kind of a yearly thing in my blog, so I decided to keep on going.

But in all honesty, if there is such a possibility for this to happen, I will take it. No point taking anymore chances.

Okay sappy things aside, I thought of writing this to have fun, distract everyone from the coronavirus mess. But please don’t forget to wash your hands, stay hygienic and stay safe by staying home, if you can. If you are still working because you have to, I can relate since I am working retail.

But yeah, that’s all from me, hope you have a good April Fools and I will see you guys soon!

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