The Finale I Wished That Never Came: Symphogear XV

Hi hi, another day, another post.

And after about a month of marathoning, I finally finished Symphogear, officially. I wish this would never come so I can get more Yukine Chris… but sigh. I guess everything has to come to an end.

Another 13 episode, no frills, just pure action right from the start.


Remember when I said about how the OG season set the bar so high up that rest couldn’t keep up? I think they finally fixed it, somewhat.

Personally this season finally come close to what the OG season had, the desperation, the helplessness and dark tone. The other seasons had changed their tone so dramatically that I feel like just rewatching the original season over and over again, removing the other seasons off my watching list.

This season has pretty much met my expectations for the most part. The concert really brings out some extremely bad dejavus, and I love it. I’m pretty much in love the series again. Call me sadistic.

But the bar is still pretty high, XV managed to hit about 90% of it. One glaring thing about the season is that the first half and second half sends pretty differently toned messages. The antagonists gives off different vibes between the halves. The first half, they were pretty dark, murderous and straight up assholes, but 2nd half shows how pathetic they are.

It was nice that the story went full swing right off the bat. But it can be an indication that 13 episodes is probably isn’t exactly enough to fully tell this story.

The character developments are pretty nice, I like the amount of focus Tsubasa has this season, shows her dilemma as a “sentinel”. The first season also focused quite a lot of Tsubasa, for the most part, but eventually, the spotlight went to Hibiki.

Buildup was pretty amazing, the whole structure of the story is a lot more polished than the previous seasons, they are pulling all the stops for this final season.

The ending was slightly disappointing and abrupt. They were using all of the 13 episodes entirely, to the point that they don’t have enough time to do the ending.


Satelight is in-charge again. This has to be their most pleasant looking work to-date, and of course, the best looking Symphogear.

The animations may be improved, but there are still moments where the animations didn’t really hold up, mainly the lighting. Characters looked like they are in the wrong room sometimes.

Flaws aside, the combat looks pretty solid, nice and polished. But for a 2019 anime and also 5 seasons in, I was expecting a little bit more.

But it’s still pretty pleasantly looking, just me expecting a little too much.


This is a MAJOR step up from the previous season, which I would say probably the weakest season in terms of musical performance.

The OP is amazing, the ED is pretty lit, the character songs and inserts are pretty well done.

The duets and group singing are all pretty well done. I really loved the soundtrack this season.

I really love the music this season. Pretty much on par with the first season.

Voice Cast

The cast expanded again.

On top of the existing crew, we get M.A.O, Aimi, Ichinose Kana, Kusao Takeshi, Hidaka Noriko.

They all did excellent jobs in their roles. I don’t think I need to write much here.

Story: 9/10
Art: 8.5/10
Music: 9/10
VAs: 9.5/10

Definitely 2nd place out of all the seasons for sure. It will be a little bitter since it’s the official final season.

You think that’s all from Symphogear? NOPE. I intend to write more. This series has been the long and epic franchise, so I think I will write a summary post about my experience and what I wish they could have done.

But that’s all from me for today. I will start looking at the Spring season list and write my plan-to-watches this weekend.

I will see you guys then!

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