One Year With The PS4 Pro…

Hi hi, so its been about a year and a month since I owned the PS4 Pro, so I thought it’s a good time to really write up my experience with the console.

I had console history in the past, but this is my first console I ever owned. I bought this back in February, when there was a small sale with the console. I was working during the period so I bought it after work, the only PS4 Pro bundle available in the store was this God of War bundle, and it was worth it, for its $509 price tag.

For the nerds who were wondering, I got the 2nd revision model, CUH-7200.

Why the Pro, not the base model?

I was actually observing the consoles, both the Xbox and PS for about a year prior the purchase. I was open for both sides, but the biggest reason I bought the PS is for the sake of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and the Xbox was even pricier for games that I can play on the PC.

But as for why the Pro model, the base model was pretty much struggling with games in 2019, more and more games are rendering resolution than 1080p. I wanted a minimum baseline of 1080p, so I went for the Pro. After all, the Pro isn’t really all that powerful enough to render games at 4K.

Certain games also looked better graphic quality wise on the Pro, so why not.

And also, I really liked how the Pro looked compared to the base model. The power light strip is so nice to stare at sometimes. Too bad Sony doesn’t allow customization of the light bar.

For those who never really read my Twitter, I have skinned my PS4 as well. Didn’t really cost much and it was pretty easy to apply.

How’s the experience so far?

As for this question, I have to split this one into different parts.

Region locking

This thing is something I am extremely pissed off at in general. NA and EU gets the goods, while Asia gets halfass-ed service. Japan isn’t exactly a part of Asia apparently for their PS store.

We do pay lower for PS+ per month/year, but the overall service wise, we don’t get PS Now, the now-defunct PS Vue and certain games that are available there, are not available here.

There are games that are available in Asia, but not in the West, but the disparity between the former is way more than the latter.

The PS Plus free games as well have been rough last year as well. We get a AAA game and an indie game, sometimes Asia gets 2 indie games while the rest of the world gets two AAA games.

Sony has also recently increased prices for PS+ despite the amount of bad games they have been offering, it was unjustified, and I am not alone about that.

But so far in 2020, I sense a little bit of a tone change with the games Sony has been offering. I feel like they made sure the games they are giving out are available globally before rolling out the free games.

The Exclusive Games

Simply put, they were great. I didn’t exactly plan to play much other games while waiting for FF7R, but after finishing God of War, my thirst for games started to show and I explored other exclusives.

If I were to put the exclusives that I love so far in ranking:
1. Uncharted series
2. Yakuza
3. The Last of Us

I didn’t especially enjoy The Last of Us, like how the rest of the gamers experienced, but it was still a good game.

Regarding the whole “PS exclusives going on to PC” debacle, I personally support this. Its always great that games can be enjoyed by a wider audience.

If you think your PS4 loses value if your “exclusives” goes to PC, you probably shouldn’t even bought the console in the first place. Losing a couple of toxic fans doesn’t really matter to Sony anyway. And besides, it’s not like all the exclusives will be ported to PC, Sony knows what they are doing.

Game Pricing

What puzzles me is why physical copies of games are more cheaper than digital. But one thing I appreciate is that exclusive game prices drop quite drastically after about a year so games becomes affordable. I bought Nathan Drake collection with SGD30. Cross platform games are still pricey as all hell though, stick to PC if you gonna play cross platform games.

The Gaming Experience

Despite the “weak” specs on paper, the PS4 Pro still managed to deliver extremely incredible results, both graphics and sound. I really love what I am seeing with the games I played. A lot of the games probably needs some beefy PC specs in order to run properly.

The audio is top notch as well.

How long do you intend to keep the PS4 before upgrading to the next gen?

As I got the God of War bundle, Sony gave me 2 years warranty, another year extra from the normal warranty length, and also I registered warranty online, I got another 90 days extra, so its a total of 2 years 3 months. The console is only a year and a month old.

I intend to make my PS4 stick around about 2-3 years into the PS5 life cycle before I decide to upgrade.

So far my options are open once again, with Xbox doing a pretty good job with the PR stunts, I am slowly brainwashed. But at the point of this writing, Sony is about to unveil some key specs of PS5, so I will give Sony a chance with their shot before I give my final judgement.

As I am a PS4 owner, the PS5 transition should be easy.

We’ll see how things goes.

I guess that is it for this post, sorry for the lack of content for the past week, didn’t really had the motivation to write.

I wrote this at a Starbucks so it is a great change of mood.

I will see you guys soon with more posts.

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