I Have Raised A Toddler: 5 Years Of Blogging

Hi hi, I know I know, I got lazy last weekend. Work was incredibly heavy last week, so I took the weekend off. I really needed a breather.

So yeah, the title. Time really flies, I have been raising a kid the whole time.

I didn’t really plan for anything special, I used all my ideas for my 500 followers special. But hey, 100 followers a year, sounds great.

So what is this post about? Probably a little bit of the past and also the future.

The Past

I can never say this enough, but I want to thank you guys for your support, new and old followers, if without you guys, I probably wouldn’t blog this long.

I had my ups and downs, but I pulled through.

I enjoyed writing every post, but I am seriously surprised with how my Koe no Katachi posts turned out, even till now, they are my best performing post.

But yeah.

The Present

Currently, I’m just gonna say it, blogging in the present is getting a bit of a chore. It is starting to feel unsustainable for me.

It’s not that blogging now feels pretty unrewarding, but I feel like life is interfering with my ability to write.

Which is why posts are pretty sporadic nowadays. I tried to keep things consistent to write during the weekends, but it proved to be challenging as well.

But I will try to keep on going, as blog views are starting to pick up again recently and it feels great again.

This blog has always been an anime-focused blog, but I am trying to branch out my reach, like my recent cruise posts, and my gaming posts.

I will see where the blog goes, if it is going nowhere, then yeah, I will consider dropping the blog. Consider dropping the blog was not the first time that happened.

The Future

I am very unsure.

This blog will go, its a matter of time.

I am going to try and see what kind of content I can try and add into the blog. It will be a lot of work and a lot of time, but it will be worth it.

That’s it for my rather lowkey and boring 5 year anniversary. I really didn’t plan this one at all as you can see.

But if you want to help me out on how to improve the blog’s quality, do drop a comment below.

That’s it for me, I will think of something to write for the weekend. I will see you guys soon.

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