This One Really Turned The Tide: Symphogear GX

Hi there. It’s me, the resident anime viewer, with another Symphogear review.

So its another 13 episode series, and this is the 3rd one in the series.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the review.


This is honestly a step up from G, which I find pretty forgettable. This one is a totally different story. With new characters last season, now we get new skills and new suits.

The story pacing this time is a lot more faster, as they have a lot of ground to cover, which I find to be a lot better. They could have done the same with G earlier.

Ignite Module Gears are pretty lit. I really love the dark theme of the suits. The transformation sequences are great as well. Their songs are not really as great as the original season, but the vocals were all great.

I personally really loved the story, probably my 2nd favourite so far. The combats were pretty desperate, the buildup was pretty solid. The climax was a little bit underwhelming, was expecting a little more. And also disappointed that the special Gears were one-off again.

Overall, a pretty solid season, a lot better than G, but still comes up short from the original first season.


Satelight is in-charge, as usual. This show came 2 years after G, but I feel like the improvements were pretty minimal, if compared to the previous season’s transition.

But it’s not that its any bad, its actually pretty great, especially from a studio that hasn’t been known to make great looking shows.

The colors are still as vibrant as ever and the characters looks crisp and sharp. I think there is nothing much to write here.


The OP was okay, the ED was pretty great. The insert songs are also pretty well done.

But the overall package still falls short of the first season.

Nothing much to really write here, still enjoyed the music nonetheless.

Voice Cast

The old cast pretty much got retained, but we get new characters, which means, new voices.

Ishigami Shizuka, Kuno Misaki, Izawa Shiori, Inori Minase, Tazawa Masami, Murase Michiyo.

Mainly the antagonists are added into the evergrowing cast list. Their voices are all well-suited.

Story: 8.5/10
Art: 8/10
Music: 8/10
VAs: 9/10

I don’t think I need to repeat myself but… watch the previous seasons first. I would say this show is a lot easier to grind as its only 13 episodes and I take about a day to finish each season if I have the time to marathon this series.

But yeah, this season is an improvement from GX, but it lacked a lot of its mojo from the first season.

But whatever it may be, I really loved this series. I have watched AXZ (the next season after this one), that review will come in a later date. I will be writing my rewatch of Gundam 00 this weekend so stay tuned for that.

No promises when it will be out, but don’t expect a long post like how I did for Cosmic Era, Anno Domini universe isn’t really that enjoyable for me.

I will see you guys then!

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