500 Followers Special: Its Already 2020, Why Am I Still In Love With The Cosmic Era?

Well well, its been awhile since I wrote a rewatch review on a show. This will be rather comprehensive one since I am an avid nerd of this show.

And somehow I reached 500 followers before I realized, and I was planning this post for quite awhile, so might as well just use this as a 500 followers special.

This show fully jump started my anime grind and also gave me an interest for mechanical engineering.

But yeah, I just took a week to grind all 100 episodes of it.

Just in case if you guys still have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m talking about Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny as a whole.

I still enjoyed the show even till this day.

I will split this post into different parts.

And also, if you haven’t watch this one yet, there are spoilers and what are you doing? Go watch it already.

Artistic Direction

The HD Remaster Was Great, But…

The inconsistent character designs are a bit glaring. There are like 3 revisions on the character design throughout the running of the show.

The remaster is meant to fix certain scenes so it will meet 2012/2013 standards, and it holds up. Just a bit disappointed that the remaster was as comprehensive as I wanted it to be.

If you want the comparison shots from the original 2002 airing, click here!

It was hard to notice at first, but if you have a vivid memory of the old series, you will see a few differences.

But I wished they could just used the latest character designs straight away. Probably due to budget issues as the amount of money they are going to spend is huge to reanimate characters for over 100 episodes. The differences on Gundam Seed Destiny isn’t as glaring as the character design differences isn’t that drastic compared to Seed.

The colors are definitely even more vivid now than back in the day.

The Phase Shift activation animation also looked amazing now, it was a fuzzy mess back then. Certain combat sequences got reanimated and they look fantastic.

Music Direction

The Retracks Are Mostly Simple Changes, But Some Gave Me Emotions…

Those are great tracks in their stock form, but the Retracks version enhances my experience. Out of the whole song list, Shinkai no Kodoku Retracks is definitely my favourite. It’s a pity that it’s unreleased, even till this day.

I have never felt so much emotions during Stellar’s death back in the day. I can confidently say that the recomposed song really did an excellent job to break me and sending chills down my spine.

A new song was composed as well, Distance by FictionJunction, a solid track.

See-Saw was disbanded twice, and they reunited again. I loved their music and now that they are back, I wish they can at least release a single to hype me up.

And after watching to show for over a dozen of times, and as I grow older, I feel like a few of the story elements and choices are rather questionable. This part will be a long one as I will be writing both GS and GSD as a whole.

Story Plotholes And Other Stuff

Rau Le Creuset’s Responsibility On The Destruction of Heliopolis

This is quite a major war crime if you ask me, and it’s surprising that Orb didn’t give the PLANTs much crap, especially it’s the Lion of Orb ruling the country during that timeframe. It’s a destruction of a colony, in space. It’s extremely devastating.

The fact that Rau walked away from that scot-free really baffles me. We can also blame Orb for helping Atlantic Federation to build weapons for them, despite their claims of neutrality. But I don’t think you can just kick into someone’s front door and set fire all over the place.

Yzak’s acquittal for shooting down a civilian shuttle as well was questionable, but Durandal gave a pretty valid reason of “Repercussions and responsibility of the wars started by adults shouldn’t trickle down to the youths.” (Yzak was 17 back then) But I think he could have like gotten a jail sentence at least as Dearka got demoted by a rank for desertion (which in my opinion was already minor thing at the point)

But yeah, him donning the white uniform and Dearka wearing green in GSD, weird.

Ooo looks nice.

With The Momentum That The Earth Forces Are Losing, I’m Surprised They Are Not Overrun Yet

Just by calculating during the timespan that Archangel is in space after Heliopolis, I’m really surprised that ZAFT haven’t trap all of the Earth Alliance down on Earth. They still have the Moon under their control, despite ZAFT taking control of Oceania and Africa and a bit of East Asia.

And during the 8th Orbital Fleet battle, it took only 3 ZAFT ships to destroy a fleet. I’m surprised with how passive aggressive ZAFT was especially during this time when they are especially vocal about crushing Naturals, compared to Durandal’s “You Strike Me, I Strike You Back” nature.

Kira Surviving That Battle Is Rather Absurd

It is rather obvious that he was trapped in there, despite Athrun managing to slash a gap into his cockpit. Kira doesn’t have a jetpack like how Athrun has, so how the hell did he escape. From what I can recall, those suits doesn’t have any emergency ejects or escape pods.

Okay, so he escaped, and how the hell did he get smuggled into the PLANTs? Lacus does have that much power already at that point? And why was he sent there?

Athrun Clearly Isn’t Sure What He Wants Out Of Both Wars

The fact that he regretted extremely after Cagalli gave him a wake up call about killing Kira, really puzzled me.

Like why is he fighting in this war anyway? What is he trying to achieve? Is it because Patrick Zala, his father, is going to be Chairman, so he had to join ZAFT?

Even till now we don’t know. But at least he woke up after getting the Justice and then decided to go against his dad and fight along side with Kira and Orb.

Now onto Seed Destiny, he went back to ZAFT after being in Orb for 2 years. Like why? He’s doing so well in Orb, he could have stopped the wedding between the wimp and Cagalli without Kira intervening.

Okay, he returned to ZAFT as an elite, but I feel like he wasted his time in the Minerva. But he doesn’t have his Justice anymore, as he self-destructs it (this guy loves to destroy his own suits, huh?). But I think Morgenroete can probably whip up a suit for him in no time.

But anyhow, he’s like that dude who don’t know what he want to achieve in life. But at least with the right guidance, he will walk down the right path.

Rau Being The Puppeteer Makes Me Question PLANT’s Politics

Are the rulers spineless? Rau’s words being powerful enough to make sense?

But yeah, I feel like Patrick Zala is relying on Rau too much and giving him a lot of credit for no apparent reason.

But anyhow he’s dead. Or is it…?

Cagalli Should Have Kept Athrun In Orb As She Is Weak Without Him

She’s 18 and she became Chief Rep for Orb. That’s a lot of responsibility on her shoulders, especially when she’s such a firm believer to her foster father’s values, and everyone else don’t.

At the age of 18, having to deal with politics, I think everyone can agree that she is rather immature in ruling a nation, especially during the beginning parts of GSD.

Athrun can help her out on advising certain political decisions, or probably mature her so that she can step up and defend herself from the other ministers.

But luckily she finally matured after getting Akatsuki, her aura totally changed since that point. She now emits an aura that a powerful leader has, like her dad. And thank god, it’s not too late.

Shinn Is Like Athrun, But More Impulsive

Get the pun? Haha I am funny man.

He is also another guy who doesn’t know what he want out of the war. I know he said “I wanna end all the wars” this “I want to stop wars” that, but ironically, he is wearing a red uniform and crushing a lot of other people.

He is also extremely easy to manipulate. Gilbert Durandal just want to use this guy to achieve his goal of total domination of Earth, the Moon and the PLANTs.

Shinn has the talent, but is being used like a tool.

Why Is Shinn Pissed At Kira For Killing Stellar, When…

…literally one episode back, Neo Roanoke is the one who promised Shinn that Stellar won’t go to war ever again?

Was it because Shinn presumed that Neo is dead so he just want to find a punching bag?

Reiterates my point of he’s too effing impulsive.

Technically Kira saved him, because Stellar was fully set to blast Shinn with all those chest beam cannons.

Shinn putting Stellar into the bottom of a snowy cold lake in Germany really teared me up. Shinkai no Kodoku will always be my favourite insert song ever, the Retrack re-composition is unforgettable.

Neo Roanoke Is Such A Conflicting Character

We know Rau was a two-faced asshat during Seed, but I think Neo is more of a confused or confusing character than an actual two-face.

He constantly emit a confusing aura. Like what is his motive behind his actions? Is he actually fighting for the Earth Alliance? Or was he just doing this for fun? Or he has some fragments of his past memories, making him question himself way before Seed Destiny started?

We will never know.

Look at that boob buff, and character design changes.

Flay and Stellar Are Both Ambiguous Characters

Funny how they are voiced by the same voice actress, Kuwashima Houko. (Loved her roles by the way.)

As for Flay, she was pretty clear, she had sex with Kira for the sake of making him fight, using him as a tool to crush Coordinators. But during the later parts, after Kira went MIA, she still declares her love for Sai, but Sai gave her a bit of a wake up call. She then starts questioned herself on who she truly loves. Her death probably was her karma for toying with the Ultimate Coordinator. Okay, I’m being too cynical there.

As for Stellar, she don’t really know what love is as her mentality feels like a grade schooler with an aggression mode. She doesn’t really count as Shinn’s love interest as they never really interacted on a personal level compared to Lunamaria. But I question her role during the season. Is she supposed to be with Shinn, or was she going to be an eternal invisible rival to Shinn?

Saviour Is Underutilized, Legend Is Obviously For Rey

I think this one is pretty obvious.

Athrun piloting the Saviour is actually even worse than him piloting the Zaku during the Break The World mission.

It’s a wonderful piece of kit and he has had experience with transformable mobile suits, like the Aegis. Why is he underperforming in the Saviour? Shinn is literally achieving a lot more with his Impulse.

When Durandal opens the curtains for Destiny and Legend, Legend is straight up obvious that it was for Rey. Remember the Providence? Yeah. That’s all I have to say.

Meer Campbell Shouldn’t Have Existed

I mean with Durandal’s influence, I think he could have created a whole new mascot to replace Lacus. Retire the Lacus brand.

Maybe because of Lacus’s ability to turn tides during wars with her charisma made Durandal to get someone who sound like her have plastic surgery to look like her.

I think this is a mistake on Durandal’s part. He should have seen this coming.

Why Didn’t The Eurasia Federation Declare War And Side With The PLANTs After The Destruction of West Eurasia?

I think at that point, Eurasia is extremely weak, despite it’s geological size, allowing ZAFT to station troops in West Eurasia.

Atlantic Federation did a major boo boo for doing that, they are just constantly putting themselves on a negative light. (Kind of like the US currently)

They should pool all of Earth’s powers together to fight ZAFT, but now they have to fight alone as a lot of the Earth’s troops defected to ZAFT during the Heaven’s Base attack.

Spot The Difference…

The Open Ending Was A Bit Of A Bad Taste…

I’m talking about the extra ending after the battle.

I feel like Orb is the only country left on Earth as negotiations are only between PLANTs and Orb, leaving the rest of Orb out of the picture.

Lacus got to become chairman and then what’s next for Earth?

Well I guess we have to wait for the movie to find out.

I really loved this show to bits. I should probably rewatch Gundam 00 and Gundam Wing for Mecha March.

I want to give a big thank you to the late Morosawa Chiaki for creating such an enchanting universe that will always have a place in my heart even after 18 years since its inception.

And also a good luck to Fukuda Mitsuo on that Gundam Seed movie.

I guess that is all for me for this pretty long 500 followers post. I will probably write up Symphogear GX tomorrow. As usual, no promises.

I also want to give a big thanks for my 500 followers for supporting the blog through thick and thin.

I will see you guys soon!

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