So… I Took a Boat: Cruise Day 5/6

Hihi. I have combined both days into one because Day 6 is pretty much going home, nothing to really write home about. And yes, this is the final cruise post.

The first pic I took literally in the morning.

We woke up late today as we will be out at sea, so we skipped breakfast, and straight to lunch.

They baked the cake to commemorate the cruise and also their restaurant team has been picked as the best F&B team in the entirety of Royal Caribbean.

For some reason I didn’t have an appetite (maybe because of how heavy the foods I have been eating during the trip)… I ate simple.

The cake is kind of like hazelnut chocolate. Not entirely sure.

The view outside never stops amazing me.

The rest of the day is just back to exploring the ships, did some duty-free shopping. Walked around the ship for the last time. Played a little bit of bumper cars, watched more pool movies. Also got our passports back during the chill time.

Time just keeps on flying and its dinner time already. I forgot what are the dishes called, but I’m pretty sure the main course was beef with butter.

We also went for a couple of live performances organized by the cruise. They did have technical issues, but they fixed it within 5 mins.

And that’s all for the day. We all planned this day to be the chill day as no one is getting off the ship, so everywhere would be packed with people. The night is spent packing bags.

And Day 5 was done.

Day 6 is pretty much disembarking the ship. We didn’t go for breakfast as we wanted to get off the ship sooner and eat elsewhere instead.

Because of the worsening of the coronavirus outbreak during the time of my cruise, the Government of Singapore officially blocked anyone who has went to China for the past 14 days. The ban was initiated the day before disembarkation. So they gave anyone who has history of travelling to China 48hours to leave the country. This doesn’t apply to citizens or permanent residents.

They split the disembarkation group into two, this made disembarking was incredibly quick.

To put it in perspective, my first cruise in 2018 took me 45 mins to just get off the ship, not including immigration, luggage and stuff. This time round it took only 30mins, including immigration, luggage and taxi waiting. It does feel kinda scary, I guess I was lucky as when we were on the ship, that is when the coronavirus went full swing.

Next cruise? Potentially 2022, when new ships comes to our port.

End of the post? Not yet, I will give a summary of my experience comparing with my 2018 cruise.

What I like in this cruise:

  • How modern the ship looked on the inside comparing to my previous one.
  • Realizing the importance of the China market, they added more oriental-themed things, like signage, goods and food.
  • The ship is a lot more quieter than before, and also a lot less vibrations from the engines.
  • The ship overall is a lot more brighter.
  • Cruise itinerary is very Asian-friendly.
  • Despite the coronavirus worries, the cruise does make that fear go away and they distract us from the fact.
  • My previous cruise didn’t offer lunch during check-in, this one has a buffet right off the bat.
  • The balcony has a glass ledge instead of a solid piece of metal compared to my previous one.
  • My waitress was pretty cute… I mean very attentive, knowing that I need a second serving of my main course.

What I don’t like in this cruise:

  • Wifi was down for a solid day. I had to go through a horrible crowd to just to get it fixed. Even when it’s fixed, the wifi is slower compared to my previous cruise. The wifi issues keeps popping up during the cruise.
  • The room feels smaller despite the bright lighting. Same goes to the toilet. A literal porta potty.
  • My cruise is especially windy this time round, which roughen the waves. Despite the mass of my ship had, the ship constantly rocks, does feel weird as the rocking was slow.
  • The cruise itinerary was so packed that sometimes we have to run from one end of the ship to the other just to see the shows.

That’s all for the vacation then, back to reality. And the blog is back in weeb mode as well.

So… what’s next on the blog? I think I will start writing up Symphogear starting next week. I was initially planning to write the whole series in one post, but then I realized I have a lot of write up and there are 5 seasons to condense into one post, so I think it’s better if I split them all up.

And also look out for my mid-season post as well!

Sorry for the lack of pics for the post. It was a very chill day and I really needed a relax day after the rather hectic times outside the ship.

And that’s all for the post. I will see you all later!

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