So… I Took a Boat: Cruise Day 4

Hi hi, I’m back for more boat stuff.

If you haven’t read my previous days, go read them first!

So Day 4, which means its Phuket… Time goes back by an hour… and I feel the jetlag for some reason.

This is 7am… I woke up earlier by an hour…

Everything goes back an hour but I keep forgetting. Lucky we are here only for a day.

As we are in the middle of Patong Bay because the ship has nowhere to dock, we have to take smaller boats to get off the ship and get to the beach. So we took our time to get off the ship.

And in 2 hours… Damn its hot. *insert Will Smith here*

So we got onto the boats at around 11am…

At every angle, this ship is just massive and stunning.

I didn’t had internet at the shore, so thats why there is a bit of a time gap in my social media posting.

I didn’t take a whole lot of photos as Phuket because I feel that the place has became a bit of a tourist attraction than a place of local culture.

This is nice to see.

We went to a shopping centre to buy some clothing as it was on sale and yeah, pretty darn cheap.

And also the plus side of going to a mall…

There is Tiger Sugar Boba Tea there so yeah, feels great. It was at least 34C there that day. As for the boba tea? Tastes as great as my Singapore counterparts.

Yikes… This is on every electrical pole I see in Patong.

We did went for some Thai massage. Took the hour long upper body massage. but they did massage my legs so I guess I got the extra service(?)

Didn’t really like the massage. Not a big fan of aromatic oil massages because they make my body oily, and the oil makes the massages feel weaker than dry. Actually my massager actually cracked her bones a lot, and I didn’t. Didn’t feel any better walking out of the shop.

As we are walking back to the pier, ate a few snacks, bought a hammock and bit of clothing. We got back onto the boat at around 4pm.

We put our stuff, I decided to take a shower first as I was sweating pretty profusely during the walk. Then, dinner.

Dinner was great, as usual.

Phuket in the evening.

The ship left an hour late because a family came back to the ship late. Why am I not surprised. So the ship had to literally turn around so fast to exit the bay. 1hr time lost is hard to catch up on a ship.

That pretty much wrapped up my Day 4. We really didn’t do much as my parents said that Phuket has changed a lot since they last came and it became pretty boring as a tourist attraction. We are the kind of people who wants more local culture in other countries so we were pretty bored in Phuket.

My impressions of Phuket is pretty much the fact that the island is literally dominated with Toyotas. Every milisecond spent on the island, I see a Toyota.

Phuket was a slight disappointment for me or maybe I just overhyped the trip.

Day 5 is pretty much at sea, and Day 6 is home, so I will combine both days into one post. As for when will it be out, I don’t know. Maybe the next weekend.

I will see you guys then! Any questions, comment below.

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