So… I Took a Boat: Cruise Day 3

Hello hello. I’m back for another cruise post!

I really want to get the posts out as quickly as possible so I can keep the blog’s momentum going. The support for the previous 2 posts so far has been extremely positive. I thank you for following the post so far.

If you haven’t read the previous days, please do so, because today is slightly more exciting, I am exiting the boat.

This is 8am in the morning.

It is HOT. Opening the curtains had never been so BLINDING.

So yeah, we have arrived to Penang, Malaysia. We all woke up earlier than the day before as we are intending to exit the boat. So breakfast time.

The weather and the landscape lowkey reminded me of Hong Kong when I went there back in 2018.

I went to Penang just in 2018 on my previous cruise, but Penang is a place we all love, so going again won’t hurt. But this time our trip outside the boat isn’t as massive as 2018 because we did came here just 2 years back, we just want to go to places that we didn’t had the opportunity to go previously, and also, it’s hot.

I took this outside the breakfast place.

We got out of Swettenham Pier at around 11am.

Huge ship, no matter which angle you see it.

So yeah, we got out. It was a pretty long way out actually. But they have definitely revitalized the pier with a lot of shops. When we came back in 2018, the pier is a literal ghost town. It’s nice to see the pier so fresh.

First destination, Kek Lok Si Temple. Probably the biggest Buddhist/Taoist temple I have ever gone. It is located at a side of a mountain, I remember walking from the bottom to the top of the mountain, takes 2 hours. So it can take 4 hours to complete the entire temple tour.

We didn’t had that much time so we just went from the halfway.

We had to take the inclined lift to get to the top. Costs RM6 for a two-way trip. Sounds like a ripoff for a 5min trip up and down.

Well, why did we chose to go up to the top? Because of this.

This is a massive bronze Guanyin statue. They even constructed a shelter for it. According to the taxi driver, the temple has been constructing this statue for over 10 years. The temple is constantly expanding. The donations they get all goes to the construction and expansion.

We did our prayers and stuff.

I encountered this during my exploration. Don’t call Disney.
Reminds me of my rabbit at home.

After that we exited the temple, went for some souvenir shopping. Didn’t take any pics because too busy shopping for colleagues.

But we did buy like over 30 boxes of assorted confectionery, a box of spices for Bak Kut Teh (google that yourself, it’s good food). Spent over RM400 of things. Whew. It was heavy so yeah, we bought too much. We didn’t think about when we are exiting the boat when we return to Singapore.

We also went for lunch for some Penang Char Kway Teow (google that yourself as well, more good food). But we did get massively ripped off as it was RM12 for a small plate, with so little condiments. The reason why it’s so marked up, is because she’s a gambler, well, according to the taxi driver again. Didn’t take any photos of the food as I feel like it’s not really worthy to take a pic.

We returned back to the ship at around 3.30pm.

A slightly different angle and also different lighting angle. Still looks massive.

We got back to our rooms, so extremely tired from carrying the heavy goods.

According to my dad, there might be someone who didn’t get on the ship on time. Not surprised, people do have issues in being punctual.

We relaxed in the AC till dinner time.

I didn’t order 2 main courses today, whew. I am always afraid of minestrone but this one is actually okay.

After dinner, exploring the ship continues. This ship is so huge that I constantly gets lost.

This is the view above the bridge. It was extremely windy so yeah, risking losing my phone while taking that beautiful shot though.

We chilled at the top for a bit. The ship has a nice thing where they show movies at the pool.

We watched Hobbs and Shaw. It was great. I love the timing they show the movie. It was windy, it was cool and watching the sky slowly turn dark is just great.

Took that one before going to bed.

And that’s it for Day 3 of the trip. I hope you guys enjoyed this one. One of the hot days, but Day 4 will be even hotter because Phuket.

I might write Day 4 tomorrow if I can. We’ll see. I will see you guys then!

Any questions do ask away in the comments!

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