So… I Took A Boat: Cruise Day 2

Hi hi again, another day, another post.

So Day 2, what’s in the menu? Actually nothing. We stopped at Port Klang, but it was POURING from morning to evening. We didn’t get off the boat because we didn’t want to go to Kuala Lumpur. (which was another 1.5hr taxi ride down)

So what did we do on the boat? Well…

Imagine waking up to this, at 8am.

It’s not fog by the way, it’s rain. Yes, rain.

Due to the coronavirus, Chinese passport holders are NOT allowed to get off the boat. I guess that dampened a lot of their moods. While the rest who wants to get off the boat has to do it by 11am. As most people will just go to KL so the deadline is just to ensure that everyone gets back on the boat.

And this is the long awaited (?) room tour, featuring my horrible voice.

Nothing amazing, but the room does look a lot more modern compared to my previous cruise. If you have any questions about the room, do ask me in the comments below.

It was raining, everyone was lazy, so we went back to the stateroom to relax till lunch… Yes we did literally nothing till lunch.

But due to my heavy breakfast…

This is lunch. Yes. I didn’t eat anything but dessert.

Lunchtime Melancholic Moments.

Back to the room BUTTTTT I DID A THING.

So we booked a session for the North Star, just me and my sis, but anyhow.

The ship is massive.

But yeah. It was a short but pretty darn nice ride.

Time flies and it’s time to leave the port.

Then it’s dinner.

Remember the part I talked about our waitresses being pleasant? And why did I have two main courses?

Because I finished the beef within minutes and one of our waitresses approached me shyly asking if I need another main course as I look rather… “dissatisfied” with the beef serving.

And she was right. I was a little disappointed with the beef serving. So I went and ordered another grilled salmon.

I am actually impressed AND embarrassed at the same time. I can tell she was a little bit scared about offending me as she thinks I eat a lot. I actually thanked a bunch so that soften the tension.


After that… erm… dinner, I decided to watch a late night movie showing of Gemini Man.

I think I remembered mentioning this before on my previous cruise, but there is a small cafe in the ship serving free pizzas, coffee and some other snacks. Apparently dinner wasn’t filling enough, (I know I had 2 main courses. Stop laughing) I went for more pizza and a cup of Earl Grey Tea.

Their “improvised” cinema is huge. There are two floors of seating. I should probably went to the 2nd floor as it was NOISY. Kids screaming to old people talking non-stop during the movie. I really hate this experience.

But anyhow, the movie was great. A lot of Will Smiths.

And erm… yeah

Yes, I went for more supper. I’m a greedy boy.

And that wraps up my night. I went to be at around 1am, so yeah it was pretty late.

Photo of the Day

Just a shot I took while I was on the way back to the room. This is one section of the shopping district on the boat. It was late, it was quiet and peaceful.

That wraps up Day 2. Sorry if it was on the boring side this time round. The weather really made us all lazy and just wanna hide in our rooms.

Day 3 will be slightly interesting. We will be reaching Penang and… we exited the boat.

There will be quite a bit of content so get ready for a ride.

I will see you guys in the coming days for that!

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