So… I Took A Boat: Cruise Day 1

Hi hi, yes. Looks like I had the time so I decided to write this one since it’s going to be a short post.

Yeah, for those who don’t know or just don’t follow my Twitter, I took a cruise from Jan 28 to Feb 2 with my family. The boat I took is Royal Caribbean International’s Quantum of the Seas.

It was a pretty horrible timing as back then the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak was just about to escalate.

Do follow my Twitter if you haven’t yet. I tweet stuff there.

We went to the Cruise Centre at around 11.30am. We learnt our lesson from the previous cruise that we shouldn’t check in too late. And this ship is apparently larger than my previous one. But yeah, that made me more inclined to check in sooner.

This time round, the procedures to check in were more smooth than before. We had to queue about 45mins just to get to check in and go to the checkpoint.

This time round, we only took 30mins and we are on the boat already.

The reason why it took lesser time is because the checkpoint were separating the Chinese passport holders and the rest of the group. So we didn’t had to do the temperature checks and other declarations. And also they allowed us to print our own luggage tags so we don’t have to queue for our own.

The checkpoints queue was short since we are locals and we can go through the automated checkpoints. We were blocked by a bunch of tech dum dums that don’t know how to go through a simple thumbprint check.

But anyhow, we are in the ship. Once we walked into the boat, they told us that the rooms are not ready till 1pm, so we have eat lunch first. It was 12.40pm, so we went up to eat lunch at deck 14.

The lunch is a buffet, already. My stomach wasn’t exactly ready.

The view from the restaurant. Deck 14. Costa Cruises was parked beside ours.

It didn’t take long for us, and its 1pm already. We decided to go from a couple more servings before going to our staterooms.

A mishmash of unhealthy foods. But it’s vacation time. I do whatever the hell I want.

The noodles are great, the pizza lacks pepperonis, the beef tastes weird, chicken feels fried.

And from the lift lobby we went down… with our hand luggage…


If we walked to the right life lobby, this probably wouldn’t have happened, but we didn’t know. This ship IS HUGE.

That walkway stretches for AT LEAST 100m.

Even staying on this ship for the longest time, I. Still. Cannot. Understand. This. Ship.

I never felt lost before, this ship gave me zero sense of direction.

The view down from the balcony.

Room tour will come in the coming days.

Just a preview.

At this point, the ship was about to sail. And yes, the weather is HOT. You can look at the sky, there is ZERO clouds.

And we are off. We actually departed earlier than planned. Looks like the checking in was smooth and quick, despite the checks. My last cruise’s departure was delayed for an hour because someone needed the ambulance.

We chilled around the top deck for a little and then… its dinner time.

Yes, time flies.

The thing about the dinner here, is that there is allocated timeslots, and you also get a pair of waiters/waitresses for the whole cruise. We then met our waitresses (Yes we got 2 girls). They were pleasant, extremely pleasant. (You will know why in the coming days.)

There was an appetizer but I forgot what it was and why I didn’t take a photo, but yeah. This will be a trend in these posts.

Dinner was great, extremely positive first impressions.

This is in their “Sports Complex”

When we finished dinner, people are having their dinners so the other facilities are pretty empty so…

We played bumper cars.

That was Day 1. I also forgot to mention that boat wifi was down for most of the day, so that deducted a few points off the experience… Had to use my own data to tweet the stuff.

But boat wifi is slower so I don’t know if using data was a good thing after all.

I was surprised I can write this much content on the day I only experience the ship for half the day. I don’t know how much content Day 2 will bring.

So that’s all from me today. I will see you guys soon for Day 2.

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