I Feel Recognized: Blogger Recognition Award

Hi all, wow another post for the week.

This time I got nominated for being a recognized blog. I guess I’m relevant now.

Now let’s get the post on the road.

1. Say Thanks To Who Nominated You.

A big thank you to Yomu for the nomination. I think this is my first time I got nominated for this one and I feel kind of honored.

I finally got recognized… MOM GET THE CAMERA!

2. Give The Story Or History Of Your Blog.

It was 2015, I was in the 4th month out of 2 years of my mandatory military service. I am going through my EMT training and its a big farcry from the first 3 recruit months. Things are moving a lot slower and the pace is a lot more relaxed that usual. It was during the romcom/harem/HanaKana domination era, so anime was a little bland as well.

I stumbled upon WordPress, and specifically, Nick’s blog. Then, I thought to myself, since I have over a decade of expertise on anime (at that point back then), why not put that into good use and start a blog up.

So I created the site straight up, got my Premium subscription in 2 weeks after a pleasant experience with the site. And me wanting some premium themes.

The alias I have now has been around since forever, so decided to use it anyway.

Kind of a simple origin story, a military guy being bored in life, so needed an outlet.

3. Give Two Or More Pieces Of Advice For New Bloggers.

I only blogged for like 4 years plus, going to be 5 in March, and yet I still feel rather inexperienced. But I guess here are some advice I can give…

Being Consistent Is A Matter, Quality of Your Post Is Another.

You may write rather horribly during the first few months. But over time, if you blog at a consistent pace, you will get better at it. You will find flaws here and there in your posts, but don’t be discouraged. Everything is a learning process and you just need to get used of the learning curve. Do check out other bloggers posts, to see what you are lacking and then you can improve. And of course, plagiarism is bad, remember to quote your sources when you outsource your content.

Socialising With Other Bloggers Is Important, But Optional.

I just found this out just recently. You can be a solo blogger like me, or you can join a group of friends and grow together. Growing solo isn’t 100% going to be hard, just persevere, improve and sooner or later you may or may not succeed. And going with a group of friends isn’t also a golden ticket to success, you may eventually feel left out you don’t catch up. So this is up to you.

Don’t Always Focus On The Numbers, Enjoy What You Do And Just Keep Writing.

I think this one I succeeded in doing during the early stages as I kept the mindset that I’m not writing this for views, but writing for the sake of an outlet. Numbers will grow eventually, it’s just a matter of when and how you do it. Take your time, not everything has to be viral.

Make Sure It’s Not A Hobby That You Do Short-Term.

I think this is pretty obvious. Once you start, you make sure you don’t just quit within weeks or months just because you ran out of passion. I used to worry that I will just drop the blog with my short attention span, I’m glad that blogging is the hobby I maintained for years now and for more to come.

I guess that is all for my wall of text. Thanks to Yomu for the nomination again. If any newbie bloggers want or need advice, do drop in the comments! I will try to help you out.

I will see you guys this weekend, hopefully, if my Lunar New Year stuff doesn’t bog me down with the blog posts.

3 responses to “I Feel Recognized: Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Fast response!
    You’re welcome for the nomination.
    I agree with everything, especially your last point. Too many people expect too much within the first couple of months of blogging and end up quitting.

    Liked by 2 people

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