First Impressions: Winter 2020 feat. Rifle is Beautiful

Hi hi, I’m back for another weekend post. So finally watched all my seasonals so now I can get this post on the road.

So far the shows have been great, I don’t think I have any posts I wanna drop so far. And also I will be including my Rifle is Beautiful review today as it just ended at the point of this writing.

So, I will start off with the actual seasonals first.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T

So far 2 episodes in, and loving it. Pacing a lot slower than the previous Railgun seasons, but I guess they are not trying to condense source material badly into 25 episodes.

Animations looked pretty darn polished, character design gets a slight refinement. I get a feeling that this season will probably be the best Railgun season to date.


ANN is just simply a news website. You do not go to a news website for reviews. Just something I need to write.

So far so good, 2 episodes in and this show is straying off from the visual novels. Not a bad thing since fans of the show pretty much have played the VNs so some new material is definitely welcomed. I was lowkey kinda worried for animations, but I guess I was too paranoid. Character designs looks like a step up from the OVA.

2 episodes in and there is a new catgirl already. So down for more.


I should have known since the trailer as the trailer has zero material from the anime, but just the synopsis and drawings from the source material.

This show is having a schedule grind for sure. 2 episodes in and yeap, you guess it, animation flaws are starting to pop up.

Hopefully this would be a one-off as I find the show pretty enjoyable. Throwing delays is probably okay at this point, as I don’t want to see a botched work like Azur Lane.

Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden

I think it is unfair to compare with Madoka as the production lacked Urobutcher.

The show is lacking the darkness that Madoka had, but the show has it unique quirks here and there. It is a bit on the slow side and animation quality pretty much look exactly like Madoka. Shinbo Akiyuki is taking the role of animation supervisor. I think Shaft has caught on that they cannot rely on Shinbo forever and now looking to get newer directors. Slow on Shaft, but at least they are doing it now.

I’m going to take an wait-and-see approach on this one, as we have no idea how this new style of story telling is going to pan out.

Where the head tilts at?

Heya Camp△

So far so smooth. That’s all I’m gonna say. Its a 5min episodic appetizer anyway.

Darwin’s Game

I picked this up after a big rave on Twitter, so I marathoned 3 episodes. Kind of sad that they combined 2 eps into 1 for the first episode, reducing the episode count to 11. Smart move, but not a big fan of that.

But that aside, we finally get a spiritual Mirai Nikki sequel, not as dark as Mirai Nikki, but at least the effort is still there. I can’t wait for more for sure. Ueda Reina voicing a lowkey psychopath is just great. I think a lot of people are going to pick her up for such roles as her performance for SSSS.Gridman was pretty damn solid.

Can’t wait for more for sure. The way they die is extremely peculiar.

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bougyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu

Probably my “fluffy”show for the season. Hondo Kaede’s voice has always been extremely delightful to listen to, and I like this voice from her here too.

So erm… Arifureta’s eating monsters with Shield Hero’s OP shield mechanic combined into one. What a weird combination, but damn that OP power she has is just game breaking if its real life. Surprised that the game developer didn’t step in to nerf her big time.

Onuma Shin is here with Mirai Minato for such a pretty small production, probably due to Minato’s recent shows underperforming. Just a speculation, but hopefully Minato improves as the shows actually had potential.

But anyway, 100% enjoying this show thoroughly.

Kyokou Suiri

This show is pretty decent so far. I was pretty lost during the first episode. The 2nd episode managed to pull me back in.

I really wish this show can start speeding up the pace.

Infinite Dendrogram

I was initially kind of skeptical about the show during the first episode, but the 2nd episode pulled me back in. I am 100% in love with Ono Yuko’s voice.

So far the story has been pretty decent. Not going to press judgment just yet.

Koisuru Asteroid

So far this show is pretty decent, I like the very subtle yuri vibes.

No drop, this show is another one of those fluffy shows I cherish and love.

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

I would say this show is good, worthy of a AOTS. I love the artstyle to bits.

Ogata Megumi is pretty darn great. I love it. I feel like this show is a massive shoujo show, and I love it.

Isekai Quartet 2

Well, the chibi designs are focking lit.

That’s all I’m gonna say. This show is gonna be good.

Ishuzoku Reviewers


Not dropping. I’m enjoying this way more than I should. I think SJWs will be triggered by this one.


So far this show is rather nice, in terms of the Source Code feeling. The crime fighting is seriously on another level with this one.

I really digging this mysterious nature, but I feel like after the first arc, I feel like the bar was set too high, and the story might go downhill at this point.

But I probably won’t drop the show. I am pretty sure this is NAZ’s best looking show so far.

Housekisho Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei

Wow this show is a very SJW-friendly show.

I think this show is extremely charismatic. I wouldn’t drop this show at all. This show has a lot of stories to tell, and I can’t wait for more.

Murenase! Seton Gakuen

I think this show is okay per se, but the disparity between genders is pretty weird.

But I find this show rather educational yet funny. Romance is being sidelined so I guess just gonna watch it for the comedy.

And now for the outlier show that took forever to end…

Rifle Is Beautiful

This show is nice. Weird to have production delays but at least they managed to make the show look as flawless as possible.

Machico’s voice is pretty much my highlight of the show. And also the subtle fanservice with the boob size hiding, another big plus

But yeah, loved this show to bits, not expecting a season 2, but I hope there is. The plot energy actually feels pretty bland I wish they could provide us with more competition arcs to make the show look more worthwhile.

So yeah, thats it for the post. I hope you guys have a great season so far into the new decade and year.

Next week I will be providing the impression post a little later as Lunar New Year is around the corner and I will get a little bit busy.

Can’t give an exact timeframe on when the post will come, but it will come eventually!

I will see you guys then!

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