When An Amy Becomes An Isabella: Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidou Shuki Ningyou/Violet Evergarden Side Story: Eternity and the Auto Memories Doll

Hi hi, surprise post today!

I managed to watch this movie (at the point of this writing) and I was duly impressed. This is my first KyoAni works I watched since the arson attack.

This movie is 1.5hrs long exactly, but it felt like it was longer than that. And of course no spoilers.


The story starts with no context, but that’s fine. The story jumps straight in with Violet’s mission, teaching a girl who has lived in poverty during the war, how to be a lady.

It may sound like something Violet has zero experience, but yet, she did a great job teaching her the ways. The story moves on in a traditional Violet way, kind of like the OVA and I like it.

This movie is directed by Fujita Haruka, the Series Production Director on the original anime series.. This is her full directorial debut and this work is exquisite.

I feel like her understanding of the plot is pretty much unsurpassed, and that’s impressive. I guess her experience with the original anime really paid off for her. This movie really hits hard on the emotional factor, I think its probably the only media from Violet that has wrecked me on an emotional level.

The story has an abrupt pause and then fast forward to 3 years later. The timeskip felt rather fresh as infrastructure has improved pretty drastically and the characters also had changed their fashion senses too. Ngl, Benedict in high heels makes me wanna wear it too.

That aside, the ending really did cook up a lot of emotions. But the ending also made me realized that the movie actually has buildup. The ending did link all the dots together. I guess I got kinda lost during the movie.

The pacing is actually a bit on the fast side. The first half, especially. I feel like the story could have slowed down a little bit and invest a little more on the emotional drive, I might have actually cried in the cinema.

But overall, the movie felt very close to a masterpiece. And if this movie is a buildup to the next movie, I am probably not ready with what is next. But now I feel a little bit on the empty side, I want to watch it again.


If you love the show for its artstyle, you won’t be disappointed. In fact it’s pretty much identical to the show that I have nothing to really write here.

The scenery are amazing, color palette is pretty darn smooth, the movie looked crisp.


The OST was smooth, the ED sung by Chihara Minori is pretty amazing. I think the ED is the best out of the whole franchise.

I really love it.

Voice Cast

The previous cast is pretty much retained but with 2 new girls, voiced by Kotobuki Minako and Yuki Aoi.

Both sounded pretty excellent, I have nothing to really complain here.

Story: 9/10
Art: 9/10
Music: 9/10
VAs: 9/10

Highly recommended. For sure, if you have this movie showing around your area, go watch it.

I personally was intending to wait till the next movie come out then write an ENTIRE series review, but I couldn’t wait because of how great the movie was.

Money totally well spent here.

And of course, watch the series prior to this movie please.

That’s all for this rather short surprise post. I will see you guys this weekend with seasonal impressions. I will postpone my anime of the decade stuff indefinitely.

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