2020 Resolutions In Life, Blogging and Streaming.

Oh look new calendar.

Its 2020, finally, a new decade, a start of a new era, but same old me, that’s for sure.

I generally don’t believe in writing resolutions as I either set the bar too high or can’t be bothered to really fulfill them.

But I guess I’m doing it for the sake of it. New year, new decade, new goals.

So what are my goals this year?


  1. Survive.
    Basic stuff.
  2. Able to be less socially awkward in real life.
    And also make some new friends in the process.
  3. Get a new job.
    My retail job sucks ass, time for a change of pace.
  4. Able to save and make more money for more meaningful things.
    I spend a lot in 2019, time to spend less in 2020.


  1. Consistent Weekly posts.
    As life is getting faster and faster as I grow older, I feel like I cannot keep up with my blogging pace so I have to slow down here. I will write during the weekends like the old days when I started the blog.
  2. Being less reliant on anime as blogging material.
    This blog will be an anime blog like it has always been. But I have always thought of branching out my reach so I would not run out of materials to write which happened in 2018 and 2019. I will blog more about games and if I ever travel, then some of my adventures.
  3. Make some new blogging friends.
    As I wrote recently, I pressed the reset button as the blogging community doesn’t want me anymore. Time for me to move on and find new people to interact with.
  4. Improve my writing.
    Even without you guys saying, I know my writing is a bit on the stale side, especially recently as depressive episodes keeps on repeating itself, affecting my ability to convey words. Time to keep my head high and hopefully refresh my writing.


  1. Being less awkward on camera
    I have a serious hate and fear of cameras, but I managed to open myself up to facecam on stream. I still hate taking photos though.
  2. Get better at games.
    I do play like a trash tier. Time to get good.
  3. Volume control.
    I do get frustrated and angry at games a lot. Time to meditate.
  4. Consistent streams.
    I will try to stream more consistently to expand my reach and get viewers.

I think that is all for the resolution. Will I ever review this by the end of the year? If I have time, sure.

What are YOUR resolutions? Do tell in the comments below! I will see you guys soon.

3 responses to “2020 Resolutions In Life, Blogging and Streaming.

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  2. I didn’t necessarily make resolutions and goals in the past few years because I always ended up discouraged for “failing” at accomplishing them. But, I think this year I’ll try developing goals to work toward and I feel that I share the same goals as you on RL and on the blogging fronts.

    If I’d add on anything, I’d probably say that on on life for 2020, I’ll try to be more proactive in my relationships and workout for my health. On blogging, I want to be more creative and have fun writing.

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