Merry Christmas 2019: What I Got For Myself This Year

Hi all! Merry Christmas!

As most of you should know that, I like giving gifts to myself, and of course, its Christmas so its time to end the year on a cheery note, despite a pretty depressing 2019.

So what did I buy for myself this year? I bought 3 things.

Weathering With You/Tenki no Ko 2020 Calendar

So, I’m currently having a bit of a depression with Weathering With You as it was constantly POURING for more than 2 weeks. Temperatures constantly hitting 23C at night. (yes THAT is cold for me, living that equator life here.)

I want to rewatch the movie again, but the movie stopped showing around here, so I decided to buy this calendar from CDJapan. I preordered it, with a release date of 20 December.

I got the calendar on the 21st. I did pick EMS for speedy shipping, but I didn’t expect the shipping to come THAT quickly. It’s a Saturday too.

I love the calendar. There are 2 two formats to show the month. And also the freedom to pick the pictures you want to show, unlike most calendars that has a fixed picture for a specific month.

I really love CDJapan and I really recommend you guys to buy any merch from them. They are quick, efficient and I have never met any issues after so many purchases from them.

Razer Core X Chroma + Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1660 Ti

This is a bit of a nerdy thing.

Some of you do know that I play games and stream games, and my PC is slowly becoming a bit of an antique.

I am moving house soon so I didn’t want to build a PC just yet, so I decided to “refresh” my laptop with an external graphics card.


My laptop has a Thunderbolt 3 port, so I decided to make full use of it by loading an external graphics card.

Now I can stream and game all over again. This combo is a rather pricey purchase but it’s worth it.

So that’s all I bought for myself for Christmas.

What did you guys get for Christmas? Do tell in the comments section below!

I will see you guys this weekend with my Winter 2020 Plan-To-Watch!

Merry Christmas!

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