Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Hi again. This is a slightly more serious post this time round.

I will not be interacting and will be disconnecting with most of the anibloggers from this point on. Or at least I guess I’m not all that connected to them anyway. Not everyone is affected, but most of them.


A few reasons mainly.

  • Calls of collabs pretty much got ghosted. Not once but quite a few times. And also I’m the only one who keeps asking for collabs.
  • My Asian opinions of anime don’t sit well with the Western views and values. I got blocked/unfollowed in a couple of occasions.
  • No point in maintaining the friendships when I’m the only one dedicated in maintaining them.

What Does it Mean For you Then?

  • Future reviews on shows from this point on will be slightly more heavy handed, as I don’t need to show reservations to anyone anymore.
  • As usual, running the blog on my own and my own free time.
  • My dedication to the blog will never change. It may lessen as real life does take priority nowadays.

Does That Mean That You Are Not Going to Make Any New Friends or Do Any Collabs Anymore?

Not really. I will absolutely be more mindful with who I make friends with from now on. Trust issues is definitely gonna set in. If you guys genuinely wanna be friends, I’m apologizing in advance if I show caution with you guys. As for collabs, I will try to avoid from doing them from now on.

Yeah. That’s it from me for this “serious” post. I will see you guys soon.

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