Summer 2019: Wrap Up Featuring Gochiusa: Sing For You

Hi hi.

Yes, I have delayed this post for a bit, life keeps moving like a train and I keep missing it.

Since I’m finally back, lets get the show on the road.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II

As a person who never really liked this series, I think this one is actually okay.

There isn’t anymore hardselling on Hestia, but actual character development and plot. I wish the first season was like this, then maybe I would have been a massive fan. Despite this strong season, I am not entirely into the franchise just yet.

Animations pretty much totally poured into the opening sequence, and the rest of the show became standard J.C.Staff material. But at least the show looked pretty consistent.

Season 3 announced, my thoughts? I don’t know personally, I would watch it, but I won’t keep my expectations high.


Isekai Cheat Magician

I could have dropped this show, but I managed to finish it.

This show’s selling point is pretty Myth and Roid singing the OP and that’s it. But even the Myth and Roid songs cannot really keep up with the Re:Zero days.

Everything else is pretty much the same isekai material every damn season. I was contemplating about dropping since episode 4, but at that point I dropped like 4 shows, so I decided to push on.

The 2nd half did pick up its pace a little bit, so the plot felt a little better. The voice cast was a pretty solid package though.

Overall, didn’t really enjoy this show, the buildup to the ending is just bad that the ending didn’t felt any better.


Naka no Hito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]

I enjoyed this show throughout the season, but the ending left more to be desired.

Onuma Shin is back to a slightly isekai (?) game show, featuring streamers. Which is pretty darn fitting for this modern setting. The comedy is there, the character personality are all unique and cute in their own different ways.

I really love this show, the ending was pretty weak for what it is, but everything about the show was decent enough for me to put this show high in the rankings for the season.

Nazuka Kaori 100% captured my heart with her character. Dammit she need to voice more of such eccentric characters.


Maou-sama, Retry!

This show felt lackluster for the first half, but everything went back up during the 2nd half, to the point that I am actually hyped for season 2.

The story felt enjoyable in a lot of ways. The extremely OP protagonist but he knows how to use his power appropriately. I really love the funny character development, Kirino Yuu, the drama, Kirino Yuu and pretty much Kirino Yuu.

The cast is also solid. Tsuda Kenjiro managed to tweak his voice so it isn’t as bassy as he can go. Damn my ears were vibrating during the first 2 episodes.

Besides those, I really enjoyed the show, had my doubts, but glad that my doubts were prove wrong.


Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator

I really really REALLY love this character design, it sucks that this one is Accelerator exclusive as Railgun trailer shows they are adopting the Index III revision. Make sense since another illustrator did Accelerator so naturally, they will adapt the source material.

This one is a one-cour which is a surprise for me, but I guess they were testing to see if one cour is enough to gather interest before deciding to make more.

Personally, I enjoyed every bit of this show. Cute characters, lovable characters, probably even more enjoyable than the whole of Index III.

I personally want more Accelerator, it’s nice to explore his side of the story every now and then. The OP is also another goddamn solid piece.

Regarding the director’s tweets about the workload at J.C.Staff, I am really concerned. We see them do like 4 shows on average each season and THAT is not a normal number for 1 studio. They have a lot of heavy hitters in the coming seasons and I really wish they can stop picking up projects and just do 2 shows each season. They know they cannot go back to the golden age of the 2000s and this is definitely not the way.


Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki desu ka?

I don’t get why people are dropping this show. What were they expecting? Actual incest or what? I am extremely displeased with those people. People expect too much from a show like this.

From episode 1, I can pretty much tell that this show is just here to play, and that’s it. I personally enjoyed every bit of this show, the laidback, the generic mom gags that I can relate to and the character personalities.

But yeah, I guess Asian parenting plays a role in the relatable factor. I had a lot of “Yeap, that’s real” moments.

I really loved this show and I wish for more.

Tejina Senpai

Remember to use G00gle.

I enjoyed EVERYTHING here. I just don’t like that open ending.

But yeah, the lowkey sexual jokes are right up my alley, and the sheer amount of it is just goddamn amazing. I love it.

Definitely down for another season, Hondo Kaede’s voice here just fits.


Joshikousei no Mudazukai

Another deadass comedy that I cannot live without.

I really love old school comedy, especially during this age where isekai dominates the seasonal menu.

I need a season 2 of this for SURE. I was actually skeptical about this show in the beginning, after 1 episode, I never regretted ever since. I really love this show.

Akasaki Chinatsu potential Seiyuu of the Year with this damn dumb role. Opening song is also pretty darn idiotic. I love everything about this show, I need more.


Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo.

I was initially having serious doubts about this show during the beginning, but slowly I fell in love with the plot. I am sorry for having doubts on you, Okada Mari. I shouldn’t have even doubted you.

I like the highkey sexual tones surrounding the story, especially when the jokes are coming from a female author, which is pretty surprising. Its just relentless, no chill at all.

Besides that the romance made me feel a little bitter despite the sweet pairing. I guess its just me being jealous of everything about the show.

Well, it’s nice, the ending was sweet. I guess we won’t be looking at a 2nd season ever. At least the ending wraps up everything, so it feels complete.


Kochoki: Wakaki Nobunaga

If you know me long enough, I LOVE HISTORY, so that translate to me having a healthy kink towards historic shows.

Studio Deen has made pretty decent historical shows, that pretty much gave me enough reason to pick up the show.

I really love the drama, romance and struggles the show has showcased which is hard to find nowadays. I personally recommend you guys to give this show a try, it is severely underrated and it’s sad that no one is talking about this show at all.

The cast is solid, the OPs and EDs are solid… I have nothing but compliments. Don’t worry, Deen quality in terms of animations is pretty decent.


Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2

Big fan of the first season, no shit I would watch the 2nd season.

This time there is a lot of emphasis on the romance part and I really like it. Takagi is making a lot of moves here and I’m a little frustrated that Nishikata isn’t really getting the signals.

But overall, great package all around, season 3 is definitely welcomed if they do plan to make one.


Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

I was expecting this show to be good, but I wasn’t expecting this show to be THAT good.

Yeah, I’m feeling that weight and I think I have gotten a little fitter during the span of the season. I do a lot of heavy lifting at work myself, so this show is kind of relatable.

Ngl, I did do some squats and exercises with the load I’m dealing with in the name of fun. But yeah this show is pretty contagious and uses its charisma and fanservice to drive people to exercise. This show needs a S2 for sure.


Machikado Mazoku

Wasn’t expecting a lot out of this show, but I’m glad that everything worked out the way it should be.

The show is a bit rushed, like the conversations sound like tongue twisters with barely any pauses between characters talking. It’s awkward, its being pretty obvious that they are trying to cram more content on each episode. But either way, the show was enjoyable throughout the season.

I love the girls, gags and boobs. Yeah that’s it. Kito Akari voicing Momo is a little bit on the awkward side which kinds of reminds me of Kayano Ai voicing Inori in Guilty Crown.

Opening song sounds like they are dreading for singing, I don’t know. It’s weird for sure.


Kanata no Astra

This show had A LOT of flaws for me.

The black bars being on and off is already distracting enough for me to almost drop the show. I really don’t get why they have to do that and not just be more consistent with the resolution.

The first episode with 45mins showed a lot of hype and potential, but after that the show became stagnant for about 3-4 episodes before the flaws I mention gets somewhat toned down and the plot finally starting to make sense, despite the massive amount of mysteries surrounding the story.

I was extremely doubtful about the show being only a single cour, and trying to wrap up the whole story in that said cour. I guess I was wrong for doubting it.

They played another extended last episode to wrap up everything I have to say, it was great. Not a big fan of the show, but this show deserves a thumbs up from me.


Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e

I am extremely hungry for more out of this show. The ending leaves it at such a high note that we really have to have a second season to quench that thirst.

The first episode really throws everything in and I got instantly pulled it. The 1st quarter didn’t really work out the way I wanted it to be. After that, everything starts to pick up pace until the climax. This show really got everything right about 3/4 of the time. The ending really thirsty for more. I want to see how this war is going to pan out.

Please Season 2, I swear to god.


Uchi no Ko no Tame Naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru Kamo Shirenai.

Probably the sweetest show in 2019. Child raising.

I really love this show, and makes me want to have a daughter so so bad.

Very slice-of-life, very little action, not much fanservice. This show is just pure fluff and cuteness.

And I need a daughter.

Solid cast too.


Sounan desu ka?

I was also a little doubtful at first when the kind of throwing off the momentum constantly on the first episode, but they pretty much fixed everything after that.

I love the girls, the concept of “Lost” but anime, everything. I would love to get a second season so bad, a lot of survival skills learned throughout the season.

I wish there are more shows like this to counter the isekai uprising, I really don’t want to have a season of pure isekai. I think that will be when I will officially quit seasonal anime.

Solid cast, solid songs, solid girls, solid island.


And since I watched it already might as well, include this one into this already lengthy post.

Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?? Sing For You

A very short OVA, when I kind of expect a little more like the previous movie.

But overall, I missed this show A LOT, and it came during my little depression break so it made me feel a lot better. An OVA is better than nothing. It’s a good OVA. 100% go watch it.

So yeah, this wraps up my rather weird season.

This season is really a roller coaster, some are bad, some are great, some are dropped. I was a little relentless with the dropping of shows as I was extremely busy with 18 shows.

But overall, I was pretty satisfied with the season, the goods really did their job to counter the bad.

Next season is going to be lit and 1st impressions post will come soon enough. I won’t give any confirmations or dates just yet as the season schedule looks like an absolute mess.

I will be continuing Fire Force into next season, so far so good, I really love the show so far. The highs are high, the lows are low. I was intially kind of doubtful about how the story is going, but things are working out so far so I have very little complaints.

Speaking of Fire Force… I have to address something here.

The “Tamaki’s Story Is Incosnsistent/Fanservice” Mess

Personally, I was intially kind of the “Don’t Really Care” attitude with people who are against Tamaki’s direction. But slowly as times goes on, people dropping, people ranting about Tamaki’s inconsistency.

If you think Tamaki is “inconsistent”, its better for you to rewatch the whole show from scratch. Tamaki was pretty much sidelined for the 1st quarter until the latest arc happen, where she became the main focus.

If you haven’t notice, Tamaki was meant to be a less serious character from the start. I don’t think she had any serious moments throughout this first half.

Shows can do fanservice WHENEVER they want. If you want to complain, go watch Infinite Stratos. First season was semi-serious, 2nd season was a fucking fanservice fest. Where are the rants? Where are the complaints?

This show is doing great so far and I think they are just serving Tamaki as a side dish, but slowly upgrading her to a main course.

Fanservice is for “fans”, if you ain’t a fan, don’t watch it in the first place.

Rant over. People should just stop treating shows SO seriously and expect a shit ton of stuff. Shows sometimes throw things like these to have a change of pace. You can’t expect a show to be serious all the time. Where is the comedy? Where is the entertainment?

Anime being mainstream has been a mistake, and I have been saying that. Looks like I was proven right. I have about 3-4 people unfollowing me for proving my point so yeah, people just can’t take opinions.

That’s it from me today, took a blogging break and I ended up writing a massive post right off the bat. Now that Summer is done, time to fully focus on Fall.

I will see when I can write my first impressions and tweet it when I start writing. But so far at the point of this writing, 5 new shows in and I think it’s going to be pretty good.

I will see you all soon!

3 responses to “Summer 2019: Wrap Up Featuring Gochiusa: Sing For You

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  2. I feel everyone complains about every little thing now days, or compare seasonal animes to other animes in which you cannot compare, such as stuff like FMA.

    I end up ignoring opinions, people comparing different catorgies and other stuff when its impossible to compare, just enjoy the god dam anime xD

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  3. I agree, the West manages to ruin everything they touch these days. I miss the old days when people didn’t whine and complain about literally everything instead of just.. not watching / playing what they didn’t like. Or just putting up with it.

    There are so many classic anime that if they aired today, would be demonized to hell by the West for being too “offensive”.

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