Why I Cannot Watch Seto no Hanayome More Than Twice

Hi. I know I have been lazy. Well, I have excuses and that is called a life. At least I’m back this week.

This week is going to be a special one, this is kind of like my “rewatch” review series, but also not… It’s a mixture of new and old. I have been trying to write this one for awhile, but cannot get around on how to start… and also should I go full ham on the pounding. I don’t know.

I never really write such extreme posts a lot of times, and also this show gave an extremely polarizing feeling when I rewatched. So I decided on to write such a special one for this.

So yeap, the title says it all, on why I cannot rewatch Seto no Hanayome ever again.

For those who wanna read my review I wrote for more than 4 years ago, click here!

This show was great during my first watch… but the 2nd watch, not so much. And here’s why.


This has got to be the main point of this post.

I loved the show for its gags and comedy during my first watch. But during my 2nd watch, it became unbelievably stale. The gag felt repetitive, the comedy was decent at best. The pacing was also a little awkward. I think this show was so amazingly done that it’s only suitable as a one-off watch for me.

I personally don’t know why I felt that polarized by this, after reading my 2015 review to try and find the elements I enjoyed about this show, but I have to say, I might need to discredit my 2015 post.

Seto Sun also became kind of irritating for me like after 1/4 of the show, and my best girl pick slowly wavered towards Akeno. Maybe my taste has changed during my 4 years of being alive.

The 2nd half also threw the momentum away of the first half and effectively changing the show into an episodic piece of crap.

All of this might because a lot of shows has up their game during the 4 years timespan that turned Seto no Hanayome into something extremely generic. Or maybe because of Gonzo.

(For those who are new, Gonzo’s shows have always been like a curse for me. I cannot enjoy their shows no matter how good it may be for you guys. I don’t know, I just don’t like the shows that they made.)

I have always loved Kishi Seiji’s works, but this show is probably his weakness. His recent works have proved to be well done, so I cannot fully discredit him for this work. Everyone will have one of those days.

The production is grand but maybe this show isn’t really suitable for me in 2019 now. Or maybe my taste has changed.

Crazy as it seems, I think I kind of hate this show now and I don’t think I can ever rewatch this show ever again. Odd, since I have never liked this show so much and to hate it this much 4 years later.


AIC and Gonzo combo doesn’t seem to work for me. I like the manga character designs better than this one. Sun looks a lot more mature in the manga, but I guess they needed to change her character design for the anime so that they can pull off the character comedy.

The animations looks okay for 2007, but I have seen better looking shows in 2007. And I also wonder why such a normal show need 2 studios to produce. Probably Gonzo’s financial issues had hampered production, bring AIC to assist. I don’t know. But this show had shown some decent consistency of character designs and animations, so that’s a plus.


Not a big fan of the music here, but the character songs are the ones that are lit. The OPs and EDs doesn’t work for me after 2016 but I am still looping their character songs in 2019.


Was a big fan of Momoi Haruko, but damn she start to get irritating after the story made her less serious as a main heroine and I feel like she’s just here for the sake of gags.

Kitamura Eri sounds pretty much the way I like it. The rest of the cast sounds pretty much okay.

But yeah, my rant (?) ends here. I personally would still recommend this show to newcomers, as my hate for the show really comes down to me with my evolution of taste during the 4 years timespan. But even so, I never felt like this ever before on other shows. School Rumble is over a decade old and I am still enjoying the show as-is.

I hope you like this unique (?) post I have been planning to write for weeks.

Next week will be a busy week as it is the seasonal transition period. So get ready for my post spam next week.

I will see you guys then!

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