So… I Spent A Year Of My Lifetime Watching Anime.

Hey, so yeah. The title says it all.

I have been watching anime as a kid, didn’t actually had the best childhood or encouraged by my peers during my teens. That didn’t stop me from watching anime and I’m glad I stuck to it.

I have been watching anime for over 15years and I finally reach a year worth of anime watched. Not really a big feat judging from the amount of years I spent to reach that achievement. In fact it’s not really an achievement… I’m just one step closer to being a guy who is more into 2D.

So yeah, what is this special post about?

I’m going to reminisce the good old days of shows I watched, categorizing them, sharing them.

Well, most of you should know that my first few animes were Dragon Ball (The one before Z), Cardcaptor Sakura (The extremely censored Nelvana dub), Gundam Wing and Gundam Seed. I’m going to skip these and move on to other topics.

I will think as I type here so if I suddenly have incredible amount of topics to write, then I will go for it.

Most Memorable Anime… The Anime That I Can Never Forget Even The Plot And Dialogues…

Gundam Seed

Not to brag but I watched this show way too many times, and watched even more after the HD Remaster came. I can remember all the lines that everyone in the show says and I’m kind of proud of that.

Same goes for Seed Destiny, that’s over 100 episodes of dialogues, I should use that memory on other useful things but oh well, a weeb has to weeb.

And also as an engineering person, I really love Mecha and how they works so that is another contributing factor for me.

The Show That Impacted Me The Most… The Show I Probably Can Never Bring Myself To Watch Again…

Nagi No Asukara

I did mention this quite a few times. This show has gave me PTSD. I dropped this show a couple of times due to its slow and dreary plot, but I endured during my 3rd sitting and I ended up unable to rewatch the show ever again.

The feeling of betrayal and desperation coming from Kaname is too relatable to me. Liking someone for years but your crush ended up with someone else. It’s not like he didn’t drop any hints, he did confess, but Chisaki really irks me after that point.

The show’s 2nd half really destroyed me, I tried to watch it again, but after reaching episode 16, my panic attack started and I have to close the player. I know it’s dramatic, but that’s how it is now.

I really loved the show, the message is clear, the show is well-produced, it’s sad that I probably could never ever be able to watch it again.

If someone could accompany me to watch the show, that would be great.

White Album 2

This wasn’t as bad as Nagi no Asukara, but it does gave me a certain impact. Looking at Kazusa, is like looking at a genderbending mirror.

Trusting a friend can be rather lethal, and this show reinforces that thought in me, which made me rather unwilling to make many close friends.

I really love this show for the twisty romance and relationships.

I can still watch this show, but watching Kazusa makes me want to tear up bad.

Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda.

Another relatable show, but the message it sent was more impactful than White Album 2.

Sometimes I wish I could just stay silent, even though I cannot tell the others how I feel, but at least I don’t have to show my feelings to others, making me vulnerable.

I really love this movie and people should watch it, if you find Kimi no Na Wa and Koe no Katachi great movies, this movie is pretty much on par to them.

Shows That People Need To Appreciate More

Hajimete no Gal

As the world slowly becomes more and more PC every single day. fanservice shows starts to get more and more scrutinized.

After watching fanservicey shows for so long, especially during the 2013-2016 period, I pretty much got more or less numb towards fanservice in general.

I am probably the only one who watched this show for the sake of the actual story. If we were to put fanservice out of the equation, this show is actually not bad and Yukana is actually a damn lovable girl.

You can say “They can just no make fanservice a thing.”, but sometimes fanservice can be viewed in a positive way, if you stop oversexualizing it for the sake of “moralities.”

Like jeez, relax, it’s only a show. Gonna quote myself here.

School Rumble

This show is really a literal hidden gem.

It’s actually sad no one really knows this show. I know this show is old, like 4:3 days type of old, but this show is amazing.

I really love these old school comedy which the current generation really lacks. It’s not like this style of gags has already ran dry yet. Grand Blue tried to use this style of comedy and it worked, despite the weaker effectiveness from School Rumble.

People really need to watch this. Minimal fanservice, just a bunch of low EQ high school students doing stupid shit.

What About Modern Era Anime?

Oh yeah, about that. I am DEFINITELY avoiding the isekais on this one. Re:Zero didn’t give me a big impact as everyone else.

New Game

This one really made my day back when it was airing.

I like the lighthearted side of things in this show. Its not really an accurate representation of how games are made, but the working culture is.

I really wish there is more of this, I really love the show. It makes me feel extremely relaxed.

Akatsuki no Yona

You gotta admit, this show was amazing in a lot of ways.

It stopped at a pretty nice timing, the OVAs did help alleviate post-anime depression. Another thing is that the music in this show is pretty darn amazing.

Cyntia really got me into their music. I love their style a lot. I wish they could adapt more of the manga as the show has been consistently going upwards in entertainment for me. I want more.

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya

I really love this show too. Like the Mahou Shoujo elements in this show is making things a looot more fresher.

To be honest I was expecting this show to be rather chill, but I was clearly wrong. The plot twists and drama keeps making me watch the show.

I think it is pretty amazing for what it is, and rather comparable to Madoka. Now I hope for another season.

So yeah, this post runs pretty much long enough, but sadly I am only scratching the surface with the shows I watched so far. This post took about a month to write for me because of trying to pick the animes I want to feature and having time to sit down and type the post out.

I hope you enjoy this post. And not judge me for watching a year worth of anime.

Next post is still under planning, so I cannot give an actual date or actual timeframe when it’s going to come out. But hopefully soon.

See you guys then!

2 responses to “So… I Spent A Year Of My Lifetime Watching Anime.

  1. That’s awesome that you’ve tracker everything. I need to see where I’m at, probably not quite where you’re at, but it’ll be interesting anyhow.

    I loved Hajimete no Gal. It was a lot of fun and really relatable. It’s a shame when shows get dismissed out of hand because of fan-service.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Well..a post like this only reminds me of the fact that I still need to watch quite a lot of anime😅😅
    Seriously though, it’s nice to look back from time to time and look at the animes that really made an impact. On a sidenote, I’m currently watching the orginal Gundam show of 1979 and I’m having a blast with it😊
    Great post, thanks for sharing all these…and onwards to two years of anime watching! 😃

    Liked by 2 people

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