Everyday… Life?: Nichijou

Yoho, yeah I was supposed to finish this AGESSSS ago, but life makes it hard. But once I started this show, I couldn’t stop it, so I managed to watch over 20 episodes in one weekend.

Manga origin, this show has 26 episodes with a prequel OVA. I personally wished this show would be adapted entirely from the manga. KyoAni isn’t really all that into sales figures back then, so they pretty much planned this show to last for a season from the beginning.


I cannot describe the amount of moments when I have to pause the show just to finish laughing.

I really LOVE this show’s way to express comedy. Like damn, there is no other show that can pull off comedies in such a manner that they did. Ishihara Tatsuya really did a pretty incredible job at doing comedies like these.

Comedy aside, this show oddly had some story flow going in despite the show splitting up into a lot of different parts in one episode. With the show splitting up like this, pacing doesn’t really matter to me. The comedy here isn’t like those post-2000s shows, which felt extremely fresh, instead of nostalgic.

Oddly, this show had some decent character developments when they pretty much focused on pulling off the gags the best way possible. The character personalities work well with one another, promoting a pretty solid chemistry between them, even for Mai, with her severe lacking of emotions. But yeah, their chemistry pretty much made this show look like a stand-up comedy act. To be honest I thought that Nano would probably never interact with the trio, making it a 2-pronged story, but I was clearly wrong. Even after they met, the story became a 3-pronged.

The ending made me sad as the show ended pretty abruptly and 26 episodes felt short. This show is a lot of fun and I regretted dropping this show and also dragging it for over 5 years to complete it. It is a gem and I should be ashamed.

Overall, nothing make sense here and I love it.


Damn, KyoAni did another major feat here.

Despite not using their 100%, this show is still a work of art. The colors they used is pretty damn amazing. I also like how they spent literally everything on the pretty extreme scenes of expressing pain.

Their signature animation techniques are pretty much used religiously here. Character designs are cute too.

There is nothing to complain here, its just solid at every angle.


Nothing to really say here. The opening is so contrasting compared to the actual show, so damn.

BGMs are great too.


The cast list is pretty damn solid and also surprisingly massive.

Honda Mariko, Aizawa Mai, Togashi Misuzu, Furuya Shizuka, Konnno Hiromi, Shiraishi Minoru, Kosuge Mami, Inada Tetsu, Cho, Naka Hiroshi, Mizuhara Kaoru, Kawahara Yoshihisa, Horikawa Chika, Yamamoto Kazutomi, Sadohara Kaori, Yoshizaki Ryota, Hirosaka Ai, Hikami Takahiro, Yamaguchi Kota, Higuchi Yumi, Honda Minami, Kobayashi Motoko.

I really like Aizawa Mai’s voice, hands down. Like the rest doesn’t matter.

But I guess Mai and Mariko probably will risk losing their voices just by voicing this show. A lot of screaming scenes and voice impressions that are way beyond their vocal cords can handle. This show requires A LOT of dedication.

The rest of the casts are also solid, they all really shown their amount of dedication they invested to do the best job in voicing the characters, even during extreme circumstances. Sometimes I think they have a gun pointing at their heads so that they can pull off those voices, because they probably have never did such extreme voice acting.

Story: 9/10
Art: 8/10
Music: 8/10
VAs: 9/10


*slow breathes*

I mean, yeah, watch the show, most people with a normal mind and loves to laugh can really watch this show.

That’s all from me today, next week I will be watching Aobuta movie, and also mid-season impressions of the Summer season.

I will see if I can push out both posts by Sunday, but as usual no promises.

Can’t wait for Aobuta…

See you guys then!

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