I’m Not Sure This Is The Definitive Edition…: Koi wa Ameagari no You ni (Live-Action)

Hi all, I stumbled upon this the other day and I finally got time to watch this.

This is an interesting one as it covers beyond what the anime covers and its all in a 1hr 51min package.

I really loved and hated the anime back when it was airing, let’s see this one will change my impression of the show.


To put it simply, slightly disappointed.

I was hoping this film will change the game as the anime had been dreadfully slow and kind of underperforming as the plot showed a lot of promise, but the execution was questionable.

The movie plot has been pretty faithful to the source and anime, but the 1hr 51min package seems deadly for a slightly over ambitious production.

The plot covers a lot of content beyond the anime, but the tight package means a lot of detail and depth has been cut. I like the pacing, can be kind of quick, but it’s a breath of fresh air as the anime felt dreadfully slow. Sometimes the anime feels like its way too laidback, when the energy of the plot feels lacking.

The story lacks a lot of development and depth from the anime. I really wish they could just stuck to the same endpoint as the anime, instead of going further beyond. The confession came WAY too soon into the movie, it does feel like a plot twist as I was kind of unexpected with the pacing they were going with. But the plot twist felt a little unnecessary, there wasn’t any indication or buildup.

Not to say there is nothing to love, but the character portrayals from the actors and actresses felt right. The rain felt a little bit overused and sometimes unnecessary. Even though the story surrounds around the element of rain, but I feel like they are pouring down a little too much there.

The climax really felt extremely lackluster with the non-existent buildup. The ending was abrupt and it adds up to my list of questions even more, especially when the story condensation already left a lot of questions hanging.

Overall, it lacks the charm the anime had, but I wish they could have extended the movie more just to be more elaborate with certain plot points. The condensation really killed off a lot of the vibe.


The music feels all right, there isn’t much BGMs playing so expect some silent moments in the movie.

But when the music plays, they tend to be calming, or might be too calming to me as I find it hard to pay attention or even focus on the film.


The list looks rather okay.

Komatsu Nana, Oizumi Yo, Hayama Shono, Seino Nana, Isomura Hayato, Matsumoto Honoka, Hamada Mari, Yoshida You, Totsugi Shigeyuki, Yamamoto Maika, Shinohara Atsushi, Tayama Yuki.

Despite Oizumi Yo’s age being suitable for the role, but he looks like he’s in his 30s. Well, what can I say, we Asians have them young cells. But jokes aside, it’s a compliment for him, but I think they should have someone who is slightly older. At least he gives off the vibe of a manager.

Komatsu Nana sometimes feel kind of questionable though. I don’t know why, I feel like she is kind of uncomfortable with her role. Her portrayal is pretty spot-on, but I feel like she could have been a little less emotional.

The other casts are pretty great, nothing much to really pinpoint.

Story: 7.5/10
Music: 7/10
Casts: 8/10

How Does This Stacks Up Compared to the Anime?

I think it’s not any better than the anime. The story condensation killed off a lot of the plot’s energy. Contents and developments were cut extensively to fit the tight package and the plot feels extremely shallow. There isn’t any buildup to the climax, which made the climax feel extremely bland.

The movie only gives you an extended plot, different ending and faster pacing compared to the anime. The tone of the story also feels darker than the anime too.

If I were to pick, the anime is better overall still, despite the cliffhanger ending. The live-action ending was questionable and sometimes feels like it does not make any sense. Cliffhanger ending is at least better than an unsatisfying ending.

Akira in the live-action is a bit livelier than the anime, so if you want a livelier Akira, here you go.

Recommend? I wouldn’t. But I might recommend if the person hasn’t read the manga or the anime. But if you watch/read either of the other medias, you can just skip this version, you are not really missing out on anything.

So yeah, that’s it from me today. Next post will be my first week on Summer. That will be out on Sunday, since my Saturday will be a rather busy one.

I will see you guys then!

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