So… I Went Back To The Army…

This is me going home after the hell week… I fell asleep shortly after…

… for a week.

Yeah, apparently my poll I put on Twitter shows a landslide of yes, so yeah, here it is.

I went back on the 24th June to 28th. It was a long week. There won’t be any pictures as we are not permitted to take photos of training grounds. So this will be a wall of text.

Day 1

As I was a combat medic (which I still kinda am), I have to go back to my medical training camp a lot earlier than the main body. So basically it’s just medical refreshers and drills.

It was a hot day, so you can imagine how much I sweated under the dual layer uniform.

There is still air-con rooms, but it’s still pretty darn hot.

After all the dry lectures, all the medics then got brought back to our main unit. I settled into my bunk. I can never forget the bed and the locker.

I didn’t manage to sleep in early, despite sleeping as little as 3 hours the night before.

Day 2

Woke up earlier than the main body again. Ate my crappy in-camp breakfast and immediately took the bus and went back for medical training camp again.

It was exams day. Tests after tests. They were stringent, more strict than my previous ones back in the day.

Not gonna lie, I was pretty close to failing, but I pulled through on my first try.

After the stressful day, got back to my unit. Before we sleep, we waited for our chief medical trainer in the main camp to give us a small lecture. We waited for over an hour and decided to cancel it. I was intending to grind Kakegurui that night, but ended up only able to watch 3 episodes.

After that, I went sleep again. It has been extremely stuffy so it’s hard to really sleep at night. I got about 5hrs of sleep that night.

Day 3

Now that the medical side of the things are done, I pretty much joined my platoon for activities.

Time to go out. But the thing is as I didn’t join the training the day before since I was doing my exams, I literally did nothing there. What was worse is that there was no reception there. Literally none. So I was disconnected from the world for around 6 hours.

The place was dusty and it was pretty hot too. But pretty much chilled there. We got there by bus, but went back to camp in military trucks. The buses will take forever to come, so the officers decided to take the trucks back as he indented enough trucks to send everyone back.

Kudos to that officer as we didn’t get that kind of treatment back in my active days. If we waited there, it would take 2 hours just to wait for the buses to arrive.

That wrapped up my day. I was having a severe case of migraine so I went to bed a lot earlier than usual. I had best night of sleep ever, with 8hrs and a pretty chilly night.

Day 4

Probably the most eventful day of the whole week.

The original plan was to do some physical training and then I will be on my way to do some field medic training from our trainer. But something happened.

One of our storemen was complaining of chest pain and I was the only medic on scene so I had to do my job attend to him. We called the ambulance and I followed him all the way to the hospital.

The whole process took over 6 hours, as he was labeled as P3 in Triage. P3 as in “Non-Emergency Patient”. I ate lunch there and it was not cheap. I also spent time to watch Kakegurui while waiting.

As a medic, I am not allowed to disclose his condition as to preserve his anonymity, but he was not having a cardiac arrest, which was a good thing.

After that, I went back to camp and it was already 4pm. I went back to bunk to rest.

Dinner was delayed and we went for briefing for my activation duty during the end of the year. Which sucks as I am not allowed to go overseas during the period. Especially the year-end period.

But after the dry and boring briefing, we went to the cookhouse and they got us a buffet, the food was decent, but at least better than what the cookhouse cooks.

The night ended pretty late, as I was unable to sleep until like 3am for some weird reason again.

Day 5

Nothing much but pretty much cleaning and waiting to go.

The queue was long but eventually, I finally got out of camp, thus ending the whole recall.

The ride back home was bad, as I literally had to ride from West to East where I live. The ridesharing car I got sounded like a damn plane the whole ride. I was so tired that the noise didn’t really bother me and I slept in the car nice and easy.

And that’s that. Nothing interesting in general. My next recall is going to be on the 29th June 2020, and will last for another week.

It may be a week, but it has its ups and downs. It was great to go back to meet up with my army mates since we didn’t really get to see one another for a year.

That’s all from me today. Despite saying that I keep the blog spam going, I think I will take a break from posting tomorrow as I will be prepping on my Summer PTWs. But if I managed to complete the preparations early, then I might push out a post, who knows?

So I will see you guys soon!

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