Girls Fighting Girls: Circlet Princess

Hi hi, this show was supposed to be done ages ago, but thanks to none of the licensed streaming service want to pick this up, we have to rely on fansubs.

Another reason why I hate streaming services. They pick whichever shows they want to license and sometimes neglect shows like these.

This show is a game adaptation. It runs for 12 episodes.


If you guys know me well enough, I always put my expectations low on the game adaptations, due to many reasons not to really hype them. But I have to say, I was glad that I didn’t pin a lot of expectations in the show. Not that show was crap, but the low expectations made me enjoy the show a lot more.

I didn’t really have the context back then, so I put my expectations even lower, as I don’t know what I was going into.

The premise and concept is pretty unique, but can be a bit dull. Story is pretty decently executed. It’s like as if they are trying to make up to the dull and slightly generic setting. The whole show was pretty much flatlined and slowly building up for the climax. There may be some highs and lows, but not really a lot to catch my attention.

Pacing for the show is decent. 12 episodes and they managed to make enough room to do individual character arcs. Good job on that. But sometimes I do find it a little bit slow, but not that slow to bore me out.

Characters are lovable in their own ways. The country girl does give off decent laughs, but I think I will take Ayumu (the scientist). The character has their own unique set of charisma that probably everyone can find a waifu of their choice in the show.

The climax do come as a bit slow and kind of poorly done, but the buildup to the climax was okay. I really wish there are more shows like these. Slight hint of fanservice without totally neglecting on the storyline.

As for the fanservice, Ayumu in her scientist coat really gets to me for some reason. I really like the look. The rest of the girls have their own set of fanservice moments when they wear their tight suits.

Ending was pretty well done, not giving people hopes for an S2, which at least gives me a sense of closure. Shows should do this more no matter if they are going to get a second season or not.

Overall, I really love the show despite its weak plot energy, slow pacing for a 1 cour show. Low expectations will always make a show look more pleasant. Especially shows that you don’t know what to expect.


Silver Link is in-charge this time and I think they are on the slightly “low budget mode”?

Animations looked rather soft, compared to their recent works like Ao-chan. The softness is comparable to Kenja no Mago, but Circlet Princess looked softer.

Colors are not as vivid as their signature works, but not totally bad. The combat sequences also lack that mojo they once had back during the Illya days. I’m slightly disappointed. Keyframes also sometimes felt lacking. Character designs are great, but sometimes during panning and zooming shots, they start to distort. A flaw that Silver Link isn’t really known for having.

Not that I’m complaining but they were doing only this show during the season, I don’t see why they don’t want to pump more resources into the show. DMM games probably didn’t invest a lot of money for the adaptation, since it is a game adaptation, and pretty much pin their money on the storywriting instead.

Slightly disappointed, if they would push in a bit more cash into the production, this show would have redeemed itself for the weak plot. Probably one of the worst looking shows in Silver Link’s portfolio.


I have to say. They also invest quite a bit of cash in the music side. They sound pretty darn great.

OP was good, ED was pretty nicely done. They even got Hashimoto Miyuki, Sasaki Sayaka, Misato Aki, CooRie, yozuca*, Kuribayashi Minami together to sing the ED.

BGMs were pretty nicely composed to fit the futuristic setting.

Voice Cast

This is also where all the money went…

Probably the most surprising thing about the list is Horikawa Ryo (Vegeta’s Japanese voice actor if you guys don’t have a childhood) is voicing a girl. Or so it seems…

The cast includes Nagatsuma Juri, Nakajima Saki, Nabatame Hitomi, Mizuhashi Kaori, Goto Mai, Tanezaki Atsumi, Aikawa Natsuki, Hirai Sachie, Taniguchi Yuna, Tateishi Megumi, Chikamura Nozomi, Maruyama Yuka, Fujita Aya, Sakurai Harumi and last but not least, Horikawa Ryo.

Nagatsuma Juri and Tanezaki Atsumi are probably the main focus of the show, and they performed great, despite the strong showing of veteran voice actors/actresses in the list.

The rest of the cast are also great. Nothing to really complain about, but still rather mindblown about Horikawa Ryo voicing a girl.

Story: 8/10
Art: 7.5/10
Music: 8.5/10
VAs: 9/10

Recommended? Not really. But if you like female combat shows then this is a show you can watch in your freetime. Not a priority, probably when you are bored and have nothing to watch.

So that’s all from me today. Surprisingly I managed to write this long for a show I’m not that into.

Tomorrow will be a special post as I will be writing about the military recall I had last week. So I will see you guys tomorrow!

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