Kakegurui: Anime vs Live-Action First Impressions

Hi hi, let’s start losing ourselves to gambling here…

But yeah, why first impressions before the actual review? Because I haven’t finished the show yet.

Currently watching anime S2 and live-action S2 comes onto Netflix this coming Thursday. (at the point of this writing.) The movie will be watched in the coming months when it ever comes out.

I watched first seasons of both medias and I got to say, this live-action is actually shaping out to be pretty amazing. I watched the anime first before hitting up Netflix to watch the live-action.

How Did The Live-action Impressed Me?

In a lot of ways, actually.

The cosplay quality of the characters looked extremely well done. Character portrayal is also pretty on point. Character personality is pretty much aligned with the anime, if not, probably even more exaggerated. Might be because of how eccentric it looks like in real life, or probably the actors/actresses went for the extra mile.

I really like how Yuriko in 3D also closes her eyes as if she can really see thru those eyelids. Itsuki Sumeragi probably is the best cosplayer out of the bunch.

The main focus is of course, Yumeko, and I really love how Hamabe Minami portray her here. It is pretty darn refreshing to see Minami turning berserk during her gambling bouts.

If I were to nitpick on the characters, I think they could have found a better guy for Kiwatari Jun, and also he acts more like a clown than an actual bully. He is also rather short for the role. Sometimes I also find Hamabe Minami a little short for Yumeko, but her portrayal pretty redeemed herself. Sayaka here looked more like a President’s runner than someone who is running the show. The 3D Sayaka lacks the aggression of the 2D Sayaka. Ryouta looked way too goofy, but this show is moving from the dark tone to a slightly more comedic ambience. Mary in the anime and in the live-action looked way too different for me, I find it kind of weird. I haven’t see Ikeda Elaiza in action yet, but I have seen images, she looked pretty decent, not great, but decent. There are limitations I guess.

The story is also pretty damn loyal with the source material, the only changes made is pretty much just the certain characters. Nothing goes wrong with Hanabusa Tsutomu directing.

The opening sequence also impressed me pretty nicely. I really like the music they have, the inserts, the ending, everything!

You got to admit, the production quality is extremely high and pretty much flawless through and through.

How Did The Anime Reeled Me Into This Series?

A lot of reasons actually.

Hayami Saori’s voice here can sound pretty darn menacing and I like it. She is trying to move on from the “normal girl” voice image, and this is a good step.

The story keeps making me want to marathon it, I really love how things are progressing at each episode, there is never a low point in each episode, it only keeps getting higher.

Season 1 in the anime pacing feels a lot more faster than the live-action, by the end of the live-action season, we only hit like half of the anime S1. I think the live-action has way too much monologue which kind of bogs down the pacing.

Music is a hit or miss for me, I’m not really liking the music a lot, but there are not bad.

Animations by MAPPA which looks pretty damn great, they loved to animate more exaggerated faces and they looked great.

I think that will be it from me. I should stop writing before I make it a full-length review. I will try to finish up on the anime S2 to be able to write a full-length review. Live-action review will come after I managed to get my hands on the live-action movie.

Simply put, I loved both medias. They both have their own flaws, but they managed to redeemed themselves is some way.

But yeah, that’s it for me. As it is my blog spam week, expect a blog post tomorrow!

See you all tomorrow.

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