So… I Have Been Gone For Quite Awhile…

Hi hi, I know I know…. I haven’t been writing for over 2 weeks… I have my reasons for that…

  • I had my military recall last week. Yeah, I had to go back to the army for a week.
  • Because of that, my workload increased dramatically the week before. I had to clear work before I go back into the military.
  • I didn’t really have things to write, as I had no time to watch any completed shows.

But now that the season is ending, I managed to clear a couple of shows last week, I now have a massive backlog. To the point sometimes I wish I had more time or even a clone to write my posts.

The good news is, next week I won’t be working, AT ALL. So I will be able to produce blog posts nearly every day next week. I will go back to my writing spree from tomorrow onwards (from the point of this writing)

Just wanted to post this to give you guys an idea what I have been up to.

I might want to post my military recall and how it went. If you guys wanna read it, sure, I can post it, just let me know. If there is demand, I will write it.

My blog plans for this week are:

Monday – Wednesday: Kakegurui (Live-action and anime)
Thursday: Military recall (if applicable) or Circlet Princess
Friday: Aggretsuko
Weekends: Seasonal stuff. (PTW of Summer and Spring Wrap-up)

That’s all for me for now. If you guys want me to write the military recall and how it went, just let me know!

Just want to inform you guys that I’m back to blogging. I will see you all tomorrow!

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