My Thoughts, My Expectations, My Complaints: E3 2019

Hi hi. This is going to be a new thing.

I have been watching this show for years, but back then I didn’t do much blogging on gaming stuff itself so I didn’t think about writing it.

But since I have been writing and streaming games on Twitch for quite some time now, I decided to write this one down. It’s going to be a long one.

I will be covering AMD, Ubisoft, Xbox, Bethesda, Square Enix and Nintendo. Didn’t watch the others because I wasn’t all that interested, and watching these few conferences is enough for me to write a scroll already.

Sony decided to skip E3 this year, which isn’t surprising as they are being honest that they have nothing to show. They revealed a lot of details about PS5, they have State of Play now, which is their version of Nintendo Direct. They could have added their own E3 version of State of Play like how Nintendo did it, but I guess they copied enough so they decided not to do that, since they said they will be skipping E3 totally.

So let’s get to the technical ones first.

AMD: Looks Promising, But Lacks Promise At The Same Time.

After watching AMD’s Computex conference, I am actually impressed with how Lisa is as an presenter. She knows what is talking about, and she can really talk really well.

So after Computex, they did promised more details in E3 and they delivered.

Ryzen 3rd Gen

I feel like the processors are a mixed bag, with benchmark scores being on the ups-and-downs on certain games. But what they really deliver is value, being able to beat or even catch up to an i9 with half the price is seriously a big feat.

15% IPC increase doesn’t sound much, but with the amount of cores and the amount of headroom for overclocking with their 7nm node, I am actually hyped in getting one myself and push it to 5Ghz.

But there is one down side, motherboards with PCIe 4.0 support isn’t cheap, like really not cheap. It’s not justified to get Ryzen 1st and 2nd gen motherboards for the sake of saving money, even if you are using a PCIe 3.0 GPU.

Ryzen 3000 is clearly for their new Navi GPUs, pairing them with a PCIe 3.0 GPU is going to hamper Ryzen’s full potential, which is why you really need a PCIe 4.0 supported motherboard.


The benchmarks do look promising, but on paper it is kind of weird.

On paper, it should be outperforming even the RTX 2080, but they play it low and aimed for the 2070. The performance gain from using PCIe 4.0 is also not clearly stated at all.

Another disappointment is lacking of ray tracing support, even after the release of Radeon VII. At this point I am kind of confused where does the Radeon VII stands now.

With half the VRAM of the Radeon VII, but with GDDR6, I guess this is considered their mid-to-high end card? 7nm does make it look rather promising, looks like there will be a decent amount of headroom to overclock their cards to squeeze a little more performance out.

I guess they don’t want to kill Radeon VII sales if they released all the Navi cards in one go. I guess I will wait for their new high-end card before deciding my card to buy.

Unity Game Engine Updates

Yes, Unity made an appearance. They want people to know that they exist, as more and more games use Unreal Engine 4 for the past few years. I personally love Unity for their lightweight nature and the ability to be able look pretty great.

But their presentation support AMD’s proprietary technologies looks pretty great. Kind of skeptical that they can up their game so much using Unity 5, since a lot of game makers didn’t really look as great as it.

But if Unity really decided to commit more effort, then that’s great. We will have to wait and see.

Thoughts? Complains? Expectations Met?

It is a pretty decent presentation. They managed to impress me with Ryzen 3000, but Navi remains to be seen. I wish they can reveal a little more info about their cards, like the benefits of using PCIe 4.0, overclocking headroom. They were brutally honest about how Ryzen is gonna perform, but downplayed their Navi capabilities.

At least they are releasing some proprietary tech, as they were honestly lacking compared to Nvidia.

As for expectations, I would give it a 50/50. Navi was way overhyped for what it is. Looks like we have to wait for benchmarks to see where those cards stand compared to Nvidia.

With the technical showcase out of the way, time to move to actual games.

Bethesda: An Improvement From Last Year But Was Overshadowed By One Lady.

They were brutally honest about screwed up Fallout 76’s launch, last year’s E3, which is good. I like honest people.

A lot of Elder Scrolls talk this year, like way too much, and they all don’t even look all THAT great. I was kind of close to snoring at the Elder Scrolls stuff.

The only thing that stood out and overshadowed the ENTIRE conference was Ghostwire and Ikumi’s goofy talk.


But the trailer came out pretty disappointing for me as they are VERY VERY cryptic about the game. I can be a form of positive marketing as they didn’t want to spoil the game in any way.

Their new Orion tech to help fix the premature cloud gaming issues do kind of intrigues me. A lot of questions on how these things are achieved. Stadia might need the technology in the coming months when they launch.

This year is just SLIGHTLY better than last year, but still isn’t all that great. Sometimes I wonder why they even do E3 conferences if they were presenting like this. Ghostwire and Tango totally took over the entire conference and the other games and new DLCs got heavily overshadowed.

Not really into Bethesda anyway so I won’t be very harsh to them.

Ubisoft: From Blatantly Failed Games to Celebrities. Oh and Don’t Forget About Their Cash Grabbing Hobbies Too!

This year for them looks pretty damn solid, at least for the most part, until Uplay+ got announced.

Watchdogs Legion looked extremely promising, feels like a chess game but extremely sophisticated. The London setting is a breath of fresh air. I am hyped, I might buy the game, as long as there isn’t a lot of paywalls.

Hardpoint with Jon Bernthal is kind of a surprise. People pretty much pay all of their attention on the dog and didn’t give a batshit about what Jon said. I seen people play and it looks like The Division anyway, so I might skip this game.

The Division 2 Free Period is totally unsurprising. The game didn’t perform well like its predecessor. The movie is pretty much their last ditch stunt to promote the game. Netflix is producing the movie, not surprised too, as Netflix are busy trying to fill the void that Disney created before the end of the year.

I did play the beta and I didn’t enjoy it at all. The grind gets incredibly steep after awhile.

Rainbow Six Quarantine looks okay, despite early stages of development, I’m okay with any zombie games, hopefully this will meet expectations like Operation Chimera.

The rest of the presentation is pretty much updates and expansions. For Honor limited time mode looks pretty darn solid, might wanna play the game again.

As for the Uplay+, for the price they are asking, its HONESTLY not worth it. Xbox has the better deal. Maybe it’s just me, as I don’t really have a lot of Ubisoft games that I really love.

Thoughts? Complains? Expectations Met?

I didn’t have a lot of expectations in the beginning so I’m not entirely disappointed. Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six Quarantine, For Honor limited time mode really caught my attention. Hardpoint looks promising, but gonna skip that one too.

Disappointed about how they put their price point on their subscription service. They may be better than EA access in terms of the catalogue, but as a poor man, I would be happy with EA Access already. Otherwise I can invest on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as it works on both PC and Xbox, with Xbox Live Gold included in the mix.

Ubi really need to rethink their strategy here.

Square Enix: FF7R and What Are The Rest Of The Games Doing Here?

I would say this year for them is pretty much FF7R all over. But they got their priorities wrong all over.

I think they are putting their format wrong by showing Final Fantasy 7 Remake first, Avengers and FF7R should have swapped places. They clearly know that 80% of the people in that theater are all FF7R hypers.

The FF7R talk this time is extremely comprehensive without spoiling major plot lines so I’m glad. Combat system is going to be something I love, hacking and slashing has always been a thing I really like. They even said they are going to ship with 2 BDs at launch, means this game is going to be MASSIVE. 2BDs and the game isn’t even completed yet, I really can’t wait to see what the future contents hold. Frame rate looks like it’s going to be 30fps for sure, but with that quality of graphics they are trying to push out,

Tifa, after so many grueling months, finally revealed on E3 and I got to say, she has overtaken Aerith to take that top waifu spot for the game for me. I love this redesign, now all I want to know is whether Ito Ayumi got retained as Tifa or someone else took her role.

The FF7R talk isn’t all THAT long, was actually kind of disappointed for the length, as a game that has been hyped for over 10 years, they could have built up the hype a little more. Now we wait for March 3rd, 2020.

Then as for the game trailers, I can say 60% are remasters and the rest are new. The new games aren’t all that exciting.

I don’t get how Dragon Quest XI gets only 30sec of trailer time and Builders 2 get as long as 5 mins to showcase what a weeb minecraft is actually like.

If you ask me what my next wish for a remaster will be, I would say FFXIII, and all 3 games too.

I highly doubt SQEX will even try as they abandoned Crystal Tools entirely and if they want to remaster the game, they have to remake the game from the ground up like FF7R. Square Enix has bad histories with making their own game engines so I wish they could just abandon the idea totally and just license a 3rd party one instead. I am glad Square Enix uses Unreal Engine 4. My main reason for FFXIII to get remastered is because of the problems on the PC version that they have failed to fix.

Some talk about FFXIV’s next expansion is also into the mix, not all that comprehensive but still a hype-builder.

FFVIII Remastered doesn’t look ALL that amazing. Resolution bump and some graphical tweaks isn’t going to cut it for me anymore, ever since FFXHD. The HUD didn’t get ANY updates, textures looked like they got ripped out of the OG version and upscaled with a cheap filter. I don’t know, think I will skip playing this remaster totally.

Tales of Vesperia was a great remaster, I wish Square Enix could learn a thing or two.

Now… The Avengers game… Zero gameplay, all cutscenes, too much talking. My thoughts about the character designs are pretty much a big no, especially Thor’s costume. He looks like he literally puts on CDs on his chest to his abdomen.

Microtransactions are confirmed too, which turns me even further away from the game. Crystal Dynamics pretty much did this game just for the sake of hopping onto the hype train that Endgame created. I can really feel how half-hearted this production is going to be, so I will stick to Insomniac Games with their Spiderman,

Thoughts? Complains? Expectations Met?

I personally love this conference with just FF7R alone, but as for the rest of the conference, is just “meh” and “oh” all over.

I guess putting the FF7R as the first game to showcase isn’t a bad idea, as I can just skip the whole conference. But still, they have to fix priorities. Like the Dragon Quest trailers alone is enough to make them look kind of stupid.

Nintendo: Which Bowser?

Nintendo is going with Direct this year, but overall I wasn’t all the impressed with the line-up of games. A bit sad that Bayonetta 3 isn’t getting a release date yet so I still don’t have a reason to buy a Switch. Breath of The Wild 2 (tentative name) is now currently in development. I was actually surprised. I thought they are going with 1 Zelda game per generation.

Well the Switch did sell pretty darn well so not surprised that they want to capitalize it and release another Zelda game.

The new Smash DLCs looks great. Animal Crossing finally coming, that might be another reason for me to get a Switch next year.

My biggest wish now is for the Switch to release a “Pro” version before Bayonetta, as the hardware in that console is clearly showing its age, and also way too early in it’s life cycle too.

Nothing much for me to take note of, besides the fact that 2 Bowsers appeared.

Xbox: Doubling Down Efforts To Recover A Gaming Brand… But The Games Will All Come At 2020…

Probably one of the biggest E3 conference this year and also one of the biggest conference Microsoft had ever done so far. Sony isn’t coming so somebody has got to seal that void.

I don’t know why, I don’t really like when Phil Spencer speaks during a conference. He did amazing efforts to recover Xbox and I applaud to that, he literally fixed everything that Don Mattrick has destroyed. I just don’t like the way he speaks.

As for the game trailers…

Keanu Reeves came out for Cyberpunk 2077, increasing the hype dramatically. Cyberpunk immediately caught my attention and it’s coming out a month after FF7R so this will be a game that I will explore.

A lot of other indie games were showcased too, Xbox finally embraced more indie developers.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate actually looks like an actual steal, 17 bucks for 2 platforms of games with multiplayer for Xbox is definitely a thing I would sign up for, if I buy an Xbox next gen.

A lot of studio acquisitions from Xbox was also announced. Xbox is seriously trying to make gamers regain confidence.

Gears 5 built up a bit of hype, but no gameplay footage, which kinds of disappoints me. The new game mode looks okay. But the most impressive thing is they are finally releasing the franchise for PC, which means The Coalition has no more boundaries they are scared to cross anymore, since the Xbox One is pulling the game back with it’s weak hardware.

Tales of Arise trailer also came, the game doesn’t look like they are using the same engine as Berseria, some people are implying Unreal Engine 4, which is good.

The thing about Zestiria and Berseria is that PS3 release is holding game back in terms of LOD and graphical fidelity. Even the PC version looked extremely unimpressive, but Arise looks rather promising so far. I like the character designs. No gameplay, not surprised as it is a 2020 game, most probably Q4 2020.

Project Xcloud looks pretty impressive, especially when you are traveling to other countries, but you have to make sure that you have good internet speed and connection on both ends. But the fact that it’s for free actually makes the whole deal a sweet one, as Playstation Now is kind of struggling at the moment, and Stadia looking not as promising as it should be.

Project Scarlett teaser looks great on the outside, but I have a lot of questions:

  • 120FPS – Is that for 1080p only or even 4K?
  • Hardware-accelerated Ray Tracing – Navi is clearly not supporting that, how did they achieve hardware acceleration then? Is AMD holding back Navi’s true capabilities?
  • SSD – SATA or NVMe? Upgradeable or not?

We do get a glimpse of how the motherboard with the processor is going to look like. But I am skeptical about the console at some points…

  • 120 FPS supports means TVs will be meaningless as most TVs only support 60Hz input. 120Hz is not really needed in the TV space yet.
  • How much heat is that thing going to produce, it’s not going to be easy to cool down an APU even if it’s in 7nm.
  • SSDs also is another source of heat, how are they going to cool down both at the same time and keep consistent I/O performance?

Same questions goes to the PS5 too, but the biggest question for the consumers is…

How are they going to keep the costs below 400 bucks?

Launching Project Scarlett with Halo Infinite looks like icing on the cake. Trailer looks more cryptic than last year, and still no gameplay.

Thoughts? Complains? Expectations Met?

I really love Microsoft this year, the showcase is huge, they are serious about making games again. Surprised about certain games, like Tales of Arise, Cyberpunk 2077.

I don’t really have much to complain, besides Gears 5 being a little too secretive when their game is releasing by the end of the year.

Project Scarlett sounds a lot similar to the PS5 and also too good to be true for a 400 buck price tag.

Let’s just wait and see for next year’s E3…

Overall Complaints

Crowd Disobedience

Just when we thought that game developers are now starting to be very good speakers, the crowd starts to get a little too over their heads.

I understand the hype, but please, let the guy finish talking before you start screaming random shit at them.

The guy in Bethesda, the “Breathtaking” guy, Square Enix’s conference, it is ANNOYING, especially during livestreams as their mics literally picks up EVERYTHING.

Even when the speaker has that autocue, they can break their chain of thought and reading which can risk them from ruining their own conference.

If you wanna scream, do it after they are done talking, or maybe during a trailer at least. Jeez. People.

But there are reports that the screamers are paid actors, so I don’t know. If the reports are true, then I would pay double for them to shut up as they are killing the atmosphere of their game announcements.

The “Breathtaking” Guy And The Donation

Just a bit of context. (Credits: @DizzyZiddy)

My thoughts? Just accept the damn game.

He is literally asking for something 5-10x more than the value of the collector’s edition itself. And also how do you expect kids to ride a go-kart in a children’s hospital.


It is a good gesture, but is it hard to ask them to donate something of similar value? Or maybe buy the collector’s edition from them and tell down to donate 100% of the money to the charity of their choice.

100+ bucks may not be much, but charities still appreciate good gestures. The studio might even donate some money themselves, so win-win!

Overall Impressions, Expectations Meeting Stuff

I am satisfied with this year’s E3 for the most part, despite a new show from Sony. I did watch some bits of EA’s conferences, and they looked extremely comical. Their overemphasis on Pride Month is also a little bit too much for me to take.

This E3 may be mundane as we prepare for the next generation, but trailers looks promising and 2020 is going to be a great year already.

Despite the complaints, I still think E3 is a success this year, Bethesda improved quite a lot from their disastrous 2018 conference.

But my pick for this year will be Square Enix. They nailed FF7R totally, but Avengers did pull their scores down for a little bit. But Square Enix’s theme of their conference nailed it for me, pacing wasn’t too fast or slow. And I am not being overwhelmed by game announcements. But they are showcasing a little bit too many remasters and their trailer effort priority was all wrong. Hopefully Square Enix can showcase better stuff next year if they decide to come back next year.

That’s all for me for this extremely long post. If you managed to make it this far, I congratulate you. If I were to watch all the E3 conferences, this post would have been a whole lot longer and also tiring for me to write as I have to backtrack all the conferences as I write this.

My 365 Days Anime Watched will be coming out in the coming weeks, it will be another long post like this so please give me some time. I will try to finish the post before the season ends, so I will not make my backlogs any longer.

I will see you guys then!

5 responses to “My Thoughts, My Expectations, My Complaints: E3 2019

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  2. Everyone was going crazy for FFVIIR. I’m looking forward to the Avengers game but the characters design looked a bit iffy. I was expecting to at least imitate Spider-Man PS4 character design.


  3. I was surprised FFVIIR was shown at the beginning of SE’s conference. Although since Avengers didn’t impress, maybe it’s good it was after FFVIIR and didn’t set up the audience to be in a bad mood after such a lackluster reveal.

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