Rebooting Doesn’t Really Save A Franchise: Sadako (2019)

Hi hi, sorry I took a week off, I really didn’t have much to write but now I do.

So I decided to watch something “new”, I watched the new Sadako reboot. Nakata Hideo, the guy who made the original Ring, is back to direct this film. Movie runtime is 99 minutes.

Not gonna lie, I actually want to watch this movie because of Ikeda Elaiza, otherwise I wouldn’t watch it. I haven’t watched horror movies for years because I don’t wanna watch alone.


This movie is… more narrative-based than horror now. A lot of buildup but with mediocre execution.

I appreciate the slightly deeper story than the old films, but the deeper narrative made the horror became a more of a cheap suspense.

You can tell that the movie has kind of changed it’s tone and message to adapt to the way 2019 works, but I wish they could have been more daring at certain elements. Making Sadako more lethal than The Ring is a start. Sadako in this movie feels pretty darn tamed, like she lost her killing aura after 2 decades.

The overall buildup was pretty nice, I was actually expecting something great in the end, but was horribly disappointed with the ending and the cheap jumpscare. All of the deaths in the movie were pretty unsatisfying too.

Character developments were pretty decent and the pacing is pretty okay for a 99 minute movie.

So About The Signature TV Scene

So, about that… I have to admit, it looks pretty darn amazing, but I wasn’t really all that scared.

It might be because that this scene has been overly embraced by the public or overly related to whenever someone mention Sadako. This scene didn’t really work well for me.

But after getting out of the TV and crawling to her victim did give me some chills as her speed of crawling is actually pretty bizzare. I was disappointed when Sadako ended up only causing the 2 victims faint without causing any dire consequences.

This scene has been modernized to fit into 2019 and I have to say, it has it’s modern thrill.

Overall, this movie has became so narrative-driven to the point that the movie lost all of its mojo. I wish Sadako could have taken out more victims, as a lot of people was actually cursed in the movie.

99minutes felt a little short, I wish it was another 30mins or so longer with more scenes of Sadako taking out people and also a little more context in-between the climax and ending. The sudden jump of scene made me kind of confused.

Personally, I felt like I wasted money and time to watch the movie, I was hoping a little too much, but I thought Nakata Hideo can work with his magic, but clearly he ran out of his powers. I don’t know if it’s because of how PC 2019 became to the point that it affected his style of directing. It could have been a great movie, but he is clearly throwing it. Like he is telling us that he want to stop directing this type of movies, so just ruin the box office.

Characters And Cast

The characters were pretty solid. Individual personalities here are pretty darn good too.

Dressing Ikeda Elaiza way over her age is kind of weird, sometimes even her in-movie little brother looks older than her. But she can totally rock that mature look.

Sadako pretty much looked exactly how she always looked like, but with some slight modifications.

Getting Sato Hitomi back from the OG Ring was actually a surprise to me. Her character here do kind of feel rather irritating, but without her, the main casts probably don’t even know who Sadako is, so at least she is a mentor, technically.

The most surprising thing is, despite how involved and exposed Tsukamoto Takashi’s role in the movie is to all of the Sadako stuff, he wasn’t cursed and walked out unscathed.

But the cast did an extremely great job at their respective roles, sometimes I feel like they are too damn good for the movie.


20 years on and she still looks pretty much the damn same.

I think this is another department that let me down in the movie. The amount of BGMs that are being played in the movie felt severely lacking.

Most of the time I hear nothing during critical suspense scenes, making the atmosphere felt very lacking.

I don’t mind if the loop the BGMs, but they really need to have more music playing, it’s pretty quiet most of the time it can get kind of boring.

Story: 7/10
Music: 7/10
Character Portrayal: 8/10
Casts: 8/10

Recommended? I think you guys should just stick to the 90s films and stop there. Even with Nakata Hideo returning to direct, he is unable to bring back his directing genius from the 90s.

It was a disappointing film for me to say the least.

This time round, I am more prepared and I have posts in the pipeline. I recently hit 365 Days on Anilist, so I will be prepping myself for a post on that.

E3 is upon us so I will be streaming myself watching AMD and Square Enix press conferences on Monday (NA/EU)/Tuesday (Asia/OC). I will watch it starting from 6pm ET. Do follow my Twitch here! Turn on your notifications too so they you will get notified whenever I go live!

I will see you guys then!

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