I Got Myself A Couple of Cat Ears: Razer Kraken (2019)

Hi hi, I’m still alive here… and flexing?

I was looking for a pair of gaming headphones I was finding my previous Logitech G233 headset kinda tight and not a big fan of the cloth mesh earcups, as they turn yellow after extensive use. They also tend to make my ears feel a bit hot after awhile.

I was thinking that my whole setup is kind of Razer-ed so might as well keep it consistent.

I looked up Razer’s website, and saw their signature Kraken line of headphones just got updated to 2019s, and they cost the same as the last gen, so I bought it, but I got the car ears with the headphones for free. Yes, for free. They sell the pair of ears for like another 20bucks, so it is kind of a steal? But the ears certainly don’t look like a 20 buck price tag to me.

The scary thing is, I ordered it on Wednesday, and they came on Friday… Well, I did add another few bucks for express shipping, but JEEZ THEY ARE FAST. FedEx did the shipping.

I have no comments here,

They shipped it when I was watching Godzilla in the cinemas so I opened it at 2am.

After opening, I went from being groggy and sleepy to full-on energetic.

I wore it, tested it out and I was amazed. It’s a really big upgrade from the Logitechs I used to have. I plugged it in with my Creative Super X-Fi Amp, and the sound got even better. Nice bass, a little bit too much treble and the mids kind of feels lacking.

The cushions are soft, so they don’t press my glasses into my sides of my head, which was what my previous Logitech did to me. The inner frame is aluminum, and the outer shell is premium plastic, so the headphones feels really really light on hand and my head.

Another way to wear the headphones.

The cushions are cool too, they are not really THAT cold, but they don’t heat up my ears like my previous headphones.

Pink headphones looks damn great, I have to say, Quartz Pink line from Razer is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me.

There are also some downsides, my head is still kind of big for this headphones even at longest length, the cat ears fits kind of a little too tight, and also looks fragile too.

The adjustability of the headphone directions are really limited. Putting the headphones on the center at the top of my head does hurt me after awhile, so I have to push the headphone bridge a little more to the front.

But with those flaws aside, I am still pretty damn satisfied with my purchase.

Honestly for the price I paid, it’s really worth it. The headphone physically feels like its price, but the audio side is the redeeming factor of the headphones.

I think these headphones will last for quite awhile on me, with my “tender and gentle” hands.

So yeah that’s it for the flex post. Now I have two pink items in my possession, I will probably expand the pink stuff eventually when the time comes.

Posts will come eventually, life is busy as it is so it can be hard for me to think of ideas on what to write.

So yeah, I will see you guys soon on my next post!

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