A Monthly Affair: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Hi hi, I’m back for a completed anime review. This one took a little longer as usual for me. Busy life really makes it difficult for me to push out posts and also completing shows. Which is why I currently rely on seasonal shows to keep myself afloat.

Manga is the source material. Anime lasted for 12 episodes with 6 BD specials.


The intro stage felt pretty enticing already. The comedy wastes no time to arrive. Just 10 mins in, and we are full swing with the comedy.

The romance is pretty much the focus of the show but the comedy do steal the show often. But the antics and gags are pretty spot on. But as the show progresses, I find that they are focusing a little too much on the side characters to the point that the main characters are no longer the main driving force that continues the plot.

They should really dedicate more time on Chiyo and Umetaro than overly focusing the side characters to the point they even have crossover arcs. I understand that the crossover arcs is to keep the character development alive and also triggering some form of romance with the side characters, but it does confuse people like who is the actual heroine.

If this show had 2 cours or 2 seasons, then maybe the 2nd half can be used as side character arcs. The story as of what we have, slowly felt more and more stale as I am waiting for some Chiyo developments, but the rest of the cast get immense amount of attention.

But the plot energy can be felt, it’s always cheerful, positive and bubbly. Character developments are aplenty, sometimes I think is a little too much, as it takes quite a bit of time to digest. Side character developments makes the Chiyo romance development very sidelined and extremely scaled down.

Plot pacing was fast at first, then as the show progresses, things slow down a bunch, and then it start to feel stale and boring. The ending felt very cliffhanging and empty. The wrap up is too abrupt, even though it is obvious that the show is ending. I am pretty unsatisfied with how the show ended.

But overall, I did enjoy the show for its comedy, but not for the romance. I was hoping this show will be a perfect blend of comedy and romance. I do like the shoujo manga premise, but I think I rather read what Umetaro did for his manga than their actual story.

But at least the bluray shorts does make up for the even higher level comedy.


I would love to do that to be honest.

Dogakobo is in-charge. I have to say, I love it.

Character designs are pretty darn solid and colours used are pretty vivid. I love pretty much everything about the animation department here. It’s like the start of their revamp in their animation production.

Backgrounds are pretty nicely done too.

But most importantly, I really love how Chiyo looks here.


I love then ED, but the OP feels like a mixed bag for me. The BGMs were pretty decent for what they are.

The amount of character songs this show has is a lot.

Voice Cast

There is another major flaw in this show. The casting could have a whole lot better.

Ozawa Ari, Nakamura Yuichi, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Sawashiro Miyuki, Nakahara Mai, Ono Yuki, Kimura Ryohei, Miyake Kenta, Ono Daisuke, Kawasumi Ayako, Miyake Marie, Miyano Mamoru.

I find that Ozawa Ari cannot fit her character well. Her voice varies way too much, and I’m talking about during normal conversations. Her voice is a little bit too high-pitched for Chiyo.

And also the overwhelmingly famous and talented side characters cast do overshadow Ari, by a huge margin.

I didn’t felt this currently as I’m watching Senko. Waki Azumi is so talented in her own right that even Uchida Maaya and Kitamura Eri can’t really do anything to make her look small.

You can say that the other characters can accomodate Ari by lowering standards so that Ari still have that sense of being a main character. But why should they? They are paid a lot to showcase their abilities.

Because of Ari’s lack of abilities, her chemistry with Yuichi is pretty much affected.

I didn’t really like Ari, to be honest, you can say that I’m biased, but the only show that I find that she actually performed well is in Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! And that’s it. That’s like the only show that I have a positive impression of.

I’m glad that I don’t need hear her voice much for the past 2 years as she is getting a little annoying at voicing cute characters. She really need to find her sweet spot in character voices.


Story: 8/10
Art: 8.5/10
Music: 7.5/10
VAs: 7.5/10

Recommended to watch. If you cannot find the flaws in the show, then you are in for a pretty nice ride. The flaws I mentioned earlier can be rather nitpicky, but it is pretty subjective.

That’s it for me. I am currently rewatching certain shows right now, so expect some rewatch reviews of shows in the coming weeks… or months, if I cannot find time to write them.

I hope you enjoyed the review, and I will see you guys soon!

One response to “A Monthly Affair: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

  1. Haha I loved the manga! It’s really funny… Romance? What romance?!
    There really isn’t any haha


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