My Childhood Ruined: UItraman (Netflix)

Hihi, it’s me again. I know, I have been gone for quite awhile. My explaination will be out later when my next post comes out.

But now that I’m back, let’s get this blog post done.

So yeah, I have been taking some time watching this one. Was actually hyped about this one, but it turned out to be disappointing. This show was aired on Netflix on April Fool’s, I can proudly say this show is kind of a joke.

This one lasted for 13 episodes. But it feels like it takes forever. I dropped it after 10 episodes, I might continue at some point, but now, I just feel kinda weird about it now.


It does retain the existing vibe Ultraman supposed to have, despite its “smaller” package. But I wish the story writing side can be a lot more daring at certain things.

I feel that a lot of things are being lowballed when this show’s targeted audience is definitely not for kids.

Character development feels extremely slow and stagnant. There is a hint of romance but is constantly wiped off the picture to preserve some form of purity. (?)

The show is definitely building up to something, but I lost my patience before the climax so I don’t know who things developed after episode 10. This is my first time writing a review before completing a show and also a dropped show.

It reeks Shounen, but it’s just turned out to be a “play safe” show.


Who says Production I.G is invulnerable? This show’s most glaring and irritating flaw is choice of animation technique and quality. I personally thing Production I.G aimed too high.

Watching this show is like watching a video game cutscene when your PC cannot hit the bare minimum of the specification requirements. It is extremely bad. This is kind of my reason why I chose to drop this show.

Just the keyframe/frame rate alone is enough to pull this show down to its knees.

Certain scenes we get 10+fps or even lower, and certain light scenes we get the standard 24fps. 24fps isn’t a really huge number but if I.G cannot even keep it consistent means they are honestly punching over their weights.

Inconsistent framerate in a show is something I have never seen before. Sometimes I feel that the low framerate also slows down the show’s timing. I feels like a minor slow-mo. Everything feels extremely jerky too.

But quality-wise, they are actually looking good. Probably one of the best looking 3DCGI shows of our generation. Textures, sharpness, clarity looked extremely solid for 2019. Colors looked extremely vivid and stunning, I recommend you guys who want to watch the show, to watch it on a HDR TV/monitor.

I have a medical condition where low or inconsistent frame rate hurts my eyes and then triggers my migraine. For the sake of my own health and well-being, I had to drop the show.

At first I played the show using my PS4 Pro and I thought there was something wrong with my PS4 Pro so I used PC, then phone, then TV, all of them showed the same issue.

Animation is a hit and miss here, but inconsistent framerate is something I think is rather unacceptable. It’s like putting out an incomplete work. They could have opted for a simpler technique like how Toei or Sanzigen been doing for so long. Saves budget and also looks more polished too.


Music on the other hand though, is great. From the OP to the BGMs to the ED, it’s just fantastic stuff.

Probably one of the only things I liked so far.

Voice Cast

The cast is extremely solid, but I am not a fan of Kimura Ryohei’s voice here.

He sounds too much like Yonaga Tsubasa with the pretty wimpy high-pitched boy voice, I cannot stand that kind of voice.

Morohoshi Sumire really matured a lot throughout the years.

Everyone else did their jobs well. My favourite is probably Eguchi Takuya here.


Story: 7/10
Art: 4/10
Music: 8.5/10
VAs: 8/10

Recommend? I don’t know it is an extremely mixed bag show for me. People do miss out on the goods of this show if I don’t recommend, but the issues are so bad that I don’t want to recommend.

It is up to you, if you don’t mind the animation flaws. I will go back to this show eventually someday.

2nd post will be my Spring Mid-Season Thoughts so stay tuned, it will be out in a few hours!

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