Spring 2019: Third Week

Ah, finally, the third week. And to decide which shows to drop and to continue.

I have picked up additional shows after Twitter TL hyped a lot about them, but I didn’t really have the time to marathon the episodes, so I will be adding their reviews during the mid-season post.

Boku-tachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

This show is pretty great, I’m getting some 2014 harem-esque vibes here. In an era where isekai dominates, this show comes in clutch as a nice change of pace.

The show doesn’t really have an end goal in mind or visible at this point, but it’s still enjoyable for what it is right now.

If this show can continue like this, then it will last till the end of the season. The girls are strangely all equally lovable for me.

Not dropping, the harem is looking rather promising.

Fairy Gone

I’m not enjoying this show as much as others, but I also don’t hate it as much as the haters. I’m really sitting on the fence on this one.

P.A.Works pretty much likes to play it slow during the first half, before accelerating at the end of the first cour. So basically it’s a gamble, whether to keep watching to enjoy it or be disappointed, or dropping it to totally miss the experience.

The music is amazing, that is something I can confidently say about, but as for the plot, I really find it hard to get myself immerse with it.

Write your thoughts in the comments section below. I don’t think I will drop it since I don’t really have a convincing reason to. But if things change for the worse, then yeah, I will drop it.

Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu

Ah, the loner show of the season.

So far so good. I really love how certain gags are relatable, but overly exaggerated to boost the comedy.

This will be my weekend stress reliever show so no drop drop, too good to miss.

Isekai Quartet

Nothing to write home about. Just enjoy this mish mash of a chaotic isekai.


This show should have been better off being a silent flim instead.

I feel like the seiyuus here are just wasting their time to do distinctive sounds.

But either way, I still enjoy the show for what it is. So I’m not dropping this one.

Kenja no Mago

This show feels like Zero no Tsukaima with Isekai Smartphone.

Enjoying this? Not really. Hate? A little bit with how slow and generic the starting was.

But the latest episode did raise my eyebrows in interest. So now that this happened, I think I will hold off the dropping for now.

Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO

This show deserves way less hate that it gets. People needs to wait out a little more, it is 2 cours.

The latest episode was supposed to pull everyone back.

I am so hooked to this for what it is back then, and I am hooked by it now.

Not dropping, this show is giving some epic ending feels.

Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

I love this show too much to drop it. This week is the homewrecker episode, I love this.

Waki Azumi and Tsuda Kenjiro are just keeping me laughing all day. I can’t wait for more. Ao is too cute. NO DROP.

Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?

The forbidden romance show, I can’t drop this, it’s too great. A lot of R & D material around here.

One Punch Man 2

Putting the artwork aside, just enjoy the show for what it is.

Not dropping since things are finally picking up after so long.

Shoumetsu Toshi

I’m really confused with where the story is going. I really have no idea.

I don’t even know if I hate or love the show. But I think I will be patient with this one a little bit more.

Strike Witches 501 Butai Hasshin Shimasu!

This show only works with Strike Witches fans.

And as a fan, I love this.

Can’t drop this, another good stress reliever for the weekends.

So that’s pretty much it for my Spring 2019 impressions. I didn’t really have any show to hate, but I find it hard to enjoy certain shows.

So yeah, not dropping anything this season. Next Spring post will be mid-season in about 2 weeks time.

Do write your thoughts in the comments section below. I will see you guys then!

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