So, About That One Punch Man…

So yeap, a little bit of a rant today.

I have seen a lot of people who complains non-stop about the visual design of season 2. I am here to give my 2 cents of the situation.

This Is J.C.Staff We Are Talking About Here.

They are never known to make amazing looking shows. They are never really known even though they made a shit ton of anime which you probably will never even expect.

Melody of Oblivion

Shakugan no Shana

And most recently…

Shokugeki no Souma

Shokugeki looks amazing, but I don’t see anyone praising that show.

They even made Utena, Flying Witch, Zero no Tsukaima, Maid-Sama and most importantly, Index, Railgun and upcoming Accelerator series.

They have always been under the radar with whatever they do. Which is a good thing for them, since no one will expect a lot from them.

Why am I being so defensive about them? This studio was my childhood. To be honest, they best looking work for me from them is probably Shakugan no Shana.

Like look at her hair, no other studio can really replicate that. They invested a lot on her hair, and neglected a lot on the other elements, like the other characters, combat scenes and backgrounds.

Madhouse has set a standard that not any studio can achieve. You have to thank J.C.Staff here for having the balls to pick up such a show.

If You Are Watching The Show Just For The Art, Why Bother Watching?

So the story holds zero value to you, why even pick it up in the first place.

Date A Live wasn’t really great visually, but story wise it’s pretty much on par with the previous seasons.

2 episodes in and the amount of people saying it’s “disappointing” is appalling.

I do take note that most of the people who are watching this are mainly casual viewers or people who only watch OPM as their only anime. But they are absolutely disgusting.

Only 2 episodes and you are already pretty much landing your stupid ass judgement.

Do take note that producers, series composers are retained, the only key staff that change is the animators and director.

Director may change the tone of the story, but series composition is controlling the plot itself.

I honestly encourage people who dropped OPM to stop watching anime in general. If OPM cannot satisfy you already, what will?

Rant over. But seriously, the anime community keeps disappointing me time and time again. This has honestly crossed the line in a lot of things.

My opinion on the art? It’s not THAT bad as it seems, but I think J.C.Staff got too paranoid about a lot of things, and they are now overdoing the animations. The color is overly dark and certain elements, too much depth of field.

It’s like watching a frantic worker panicking over a small piece of work.

But the keyframes looks amazing to watch, combat scenes probably the best they ever did. They achieved something which they should have done years ago. They have always been lagging behind with the animations, they rely a lot on Railgun and Index to possibly improve quality.

But with that said, let the haters hate, let the haters miss out on the good stuff.

I’m going to grab a drink now and go to sleep.

See you guys soon for my next post.

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