I Got A New Phone…: LG V40 ThinQ

Today is an unusual post…

After 2 gruelling years with my Sony Xperia XZ Premium, I finally got to change my phone. This time, I switched to LG.

My Sony made me visit the service center 5 times in a span of 6 months, with Sony extremely unwilling to give me a 1-for-1 exchange. Imagine travelling to the service center constantly after school. (I was still schooling back then.)

This is my 2nd LG pthone, my previous one was a G4 but I ruined it by dropping it down the toilet after 5 months getting the phone. Well that was ages ago.

I was actually impressed with LG phones after getting the G4, but lacking the waterproofing back then made me go back to Sony. But now that Sony shits on me, time to return to LG.

So its been a week plus since I got the phone.

I got it in Carmine Red. I have always been a fan of LG’s red color. So the back of the phone, you get 3 cameras, yes, 3. One wide angle, one normal and lastly a 2x telephoto.

I have been taking pictures every now and then, if you can see the pic spam from my Twitter. There is always a camera for every situation, every angle.

The back is a piece of sandblasted glass to give this phone a matte look, but the back is still smooth like gloss. I cannot confidently hold the phone without a cover.

The phone came with a fully transparent jelly case but still not feeling safe enough.

Now I feel safer.

This UAG was kinda costly, but still managed to get it on a discount. This phone still has a headphone jack by the way, so no need for dongles.

The screen is massive, 6.3″, a huge step up from my previous 5.5″, especially with the current aspect ratio of phones nowadays, it is kinda long. There is a notch for the 2 selfie cam, various sensors and earpiece. (Ironic since I hate taking selfies.)

Another thing to point out is that the speaker is amazingly loud and it can push out a decent amount of bass. Putting some water into the speaker grille looks rather funny, as the loud volume is pushing the water out of the resonance chamber.

The audio coming out from the headphone jack sounds great, amazing clarity and loud volume. Even wireless audio sounds different.

I personally think that LG is very underappreciated as a phone maker. They put in a lot of dedication, sometimes more than how Samsung makes their phones.

My dad has a Note 9 and I didn’t really like how the phone works, how the phone feels. This phone may not be as advanced as the Galaxy S10, but I feel pretty satisfied with what I have right now.

But yeah, that’s all for the day. I’m not trying to sell out my LG, but I wish people can appreciate their phones more, so the world won’t be all about Samsung and Apple, like how Nokia dominated during the candybar phone days.

More reviews are in the pipelines, I will see you guys soon.

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